Thursday, 24 December 2009

Alcohol Inks on Silver

After some discussion on one of my groups about using alcohol inks on metal, I've added these pics to show how well the AIs work on silver. One is coloured all with pink, the other is a rainbow riot of colour and I change it to suit my mood or my outfit. I wear this pendant every day and leave it on even in the shower and find that AIs stay on for a month or two, eventually wearing off. They have never come off on my skin or clothes but I wouldn't guarantee this to anyone. The inks come off easily with a wipe of blending fluid. If I demonstrate AIs at shows I change the colour of this pendant numerous times during my dems just for fun.


Von said...

That is just beautiful as is all the works on your blog lots of neat ideas :)
Thanks for sharing

Cath Wilson said...

Can't believe you AI real silver!! I always love that pendant but I wouldn't ruin it with AI... you're very brave :)

Anonymous said...

WOW your necklace is beautiful! I would have never thought of inking real silver! I have tried AI on sheets of silver metal sheeting and tins such as Tim's storage boxes but always have to add an opaque white base otherwise the colors won't pop. Thanks for sharing!