Sunday, 20 December 2009

Black Forest Trifle Recipe

I have just been looking at Susie's fab blog and she has given her excellent detailed recipe for trifle. I cannot better it, but can recommend it, as it is just as I make it myself and is fabulous.
However, it gave me the idea to offer an alternative trifle I have made for many years that friends and family really enjoy..... Black Forest Trifle.
Every year I make a double sized trifle for some Chinese friends as a gift. They love both types so I alternate with traditional or Black Forest year by year.
No picture to show until I make them on Thursday.
My recipe is not as detailed as Susie's great recipe but... here goes....

A good quality chocolate Swiss roll I use Cadbury's)
A tin of cherry pie filling
Custard (I make mine with Bird's Custard Powder)
6 squares of good dark chocolate
Whipped Cream
Marachino (or Glace Cherries) and extra chocolate to decorate

Cut the Swiss roll into slices and lay them in the bottom of a Pyrex bowl bowl.
Sprinkle with Kirche (or another spirit or liqueur) as lavishly as desired. (You can be stingy and buy a miniature bottle of this if you don't have any at home but, needless to say, I like to add more than a miniature.) Just remember it's spirit and is stronger than sherry!!! Hic! so keep the children away from it, this is a trifle for grownups!!
Spread the cherry pie filling over this.
Make a pint of custard, not runny but not too thick, and whilst it is piping hot, break into it the 6 squares of dark chocolate, stirring whilst they melt.
Cover with cling film and leave a while to cool. The cling film will stop a skin forming.
When cool spread the chocky custard over the cherry pie filling.
At this stage this can be left refrigerated and the cream added just before the trifle is needed.
When completely cool, cover with whipped cream and decorate artistically with cherries and coarsely grated chocolate.

ENJOY but beware of the consequences!!!
Don't eat Trifle and Drive!!!


Cath Wilson said...

Ooh, wish I liked custard - that sounds scrummy. I really don't like chocolate cake but I do like a tiny piece of Black Forest Gateau as long as it's well soaked in Kirsch!!! Any liqueur soaked cake is okay by me. Hope your Chinese friends enjoy their trifle, though I'm sure they will.