Monday, 30 August 2010

Ruby Wedding Tag Card

We're getting back to near normal here as DH is home from hospital and feeling good, I'm pleased to report. He'll be monitored for some time but that's a good thing. He was overwhelmed at the number of get well comments left on my blog last week and has asked me to send you all his special thanks for your wishes and support to us.
I must say that I nearly cracked up on Friday, when, in the evening DH checked his bank account only to find that all our funds had been transferred to someone else's far off bank (no it wasn't me on a spending spree whilst he was in hospital)... it was a scam and it seems that DH's card had been cloned somewhere. We cancelled our cards, with great difficulty getting someone at the bank to help, but we are wiped out on the account with over a further couple of thousand pounds overdrawn. It is sooooo scary. The bank will, hopefully, pay back the money but can't do it until tomorrow due to the Bank Holiday. We wait with trepidation...
Just take care out there, but then again, we always take care and it's happened to us 3 times. Twice with Visa who were quicker to react but this is the first time with our current bank account. We do have special protection and keep our cards safe but what more can we do?
Back to crafting and hopefully I'll soon get my mojo back.
I made this card for some special friends as it is their Ruby Wedding next week. I wan't feeling up to doing anything, but had to, in fact wanted to, so I returned to an old favourite... the Flag/Tag book which is so easy to make and I didn't have to think too much.
She loves sewing and they both love gardening so I added a few details to link in with their interests.
I added two CraftyIndividuals little girl stamps for their grandees.
I'm really not mushy but I do love this quote.....
I added pockets for extra tags in the front and back of the card so I can write a personal message on the back and pop in details of their gift.
The front of the card
The swirl is my favourite one from Stampattack

Hope you've had a good time on this Bank Holiday, thanks for stopping by and I hope you've picked up some ideas.
Just thought I'd leave you with a chuckle at a photo I took of these "Nuns" waiting to parade in a carnival and the one on the left is having a quick fag!!! They looked hilarious.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Happy Bank Holiday. You really gave me a chuckle with that photo of the nuns. I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. I was busy looking at their faces.

That's a really nice flag/tag book. I've made flag books, but never added tags to them. Lovely concepts.

Wanted you to know, now that I KNOW you are home (and hope your DH is better), you are my blog pick of the day on Wednesday (Sept. 1). Thanks for always stopping by and being so supportive of my Wednesday posts.

Cath Wilson said...

Perfect Anniversary card/gift card, Jo - love it. Bet it did you good, too. Glad to hear things are settling for you both and that Dave is doing so well - phew, what a relief! Hope your money's sorted okay - it really is VERY scary what can happen these days, even if you ARE careful!

Heather x said...

Oh what an horrible thing to happen! I hope you get it sorted out ok babe....last thing you need when your DH has been so ill, its not as if you haven't had enough to worry about...there's some artless b's out there, they don't think about the stress they put you through.
Beautiful artwork babe :)
*hugs* Heather x

sam21ski said...

Glad you found something to make to get you back into the swing of things. It's fab by the way and looks stunning but complicated, I know you say it's easy but then it is for you!!!

Glad hubby is on the mend and getting there. But you can surely both do without this added stress of your bank account - hope you manage to get somewhere with it tomorrow xxxxx

mckinkle said...

What an awful time youve had of it lately Jo, I do hope the bank situation is sorted asap but more importantly I wish your hubby a speedy and thorough recovery this time round.

What a great arty piece for your friends, the colour is stunning and the images and sentiments are so great I'm sure it will be treasured!

Keryn x

Tinkertaylor said...

Love your flag book. Why is it that everything grinds to a halt over Bank Holiday except shopping in Tescos! Hope you get your dosh back soon.

Dotpat said...

That is a fab card Jo bet they will be thrilled with it, you will have to show me how to make one

lisa said...

I can understand why this was the straw that broke the camels back Jo, just the last thing you needed. I hope it all gets sorted out quickly. Just concentrate on the good stuff now that you have Hubby home safe and sound. Fingers crossed that everything goes well from here on in.
Your flag book is just a work of art and what a lovely touch to include their interests, it'll be treasured I'm sure.
Take care of yourselves.
Hugs Lisax

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Those nuns certainly do look hilarious- and I've never seen such a bright "look at me" color on nuns before! Patsy from

Neet said...

What a terrific job you have made of the card Jo. Much nicer than you described it to me and I love that there are not loads of tags - just right!
Thanks for the chuckle.