Thursday, 12 August 2010

UBoat534 visit

On Tuesday our friends Neet (of the fab Hickydorums Blog) & Chas drove over an hour from their home to take us out. A real treat and the first day out for DH since his operation! We were so well blessed with sunshine and my friend in Switzerland recently told me a lovely old German saying... "Wenn Engel reisen, lach der Himmel" (When angels travel, heaven is smiling) and it was true for our day out!

I chose to visit the UBoat story, which is next to Birkenhead Ferry terminal, as I thought it would interest the guys but we ALL enjoyed it!.
We were overwhelmed with all the interesting artifacts and personal possessions of the UBoat crew. It was really poignant and such an experience.  Here's a toy dog made in the sub which never reached the intended child. Playing cards, chequers, music and a gramophone record.
Can you just imagine playing 78 rpm records, on a wind up gramophone, so many fathoms below the ocean? 
Essential supplies!
I have great respect for anyone who went down in these vessels.
The submarine is the only one in the world which has been raised from the sea bed and put on exhibition and it was amazing to see the inside which was exactly as it was when raised, just cleaned out. It was artistically amazing to see all the rust, verdigris, piping and valves for Neet and me ... a real "Steampunk" experience which was an added attraction to us.
 I wish I could create backgrounds like this below!

The restricted space for long periods would be so hard to bear. 
Note the welly boot!!!
How well preserved everything is after over 50 years below the sea.
One of the signs in the U Boat/
A couple of the old signs at Woodside Ferry Terminal
After our UBoat experience we went to Bistro Franc in Hanover Street, Liverpool, where we had an amazingly wonderful meal and, at 3 courses for £7.99, it was a bargain lunch, on offer until 4pm weekdays. I'd recommend it (other restaurants are available!!) but I would advise booking as it was full... no wonder!
If you want to see more pics of the UBoat trip pop over to SuperlambananaNeet's blog.


Spyder said...

Fantastic story and some really great pictures, and thank you so much for my Mad House!! It will hang in my craft room! or...may on the front door!


Jan said...

wow! awesome photo's and i love your story!

Dotpat said...

Love your pictures Jo, you do get around and you always bring us back a lovely story and pictures, makes brill reading thanks

Cath Wilson said...

Great photos, Jo and interesting commentary. Thanks for sharing.

cockney blonde said...

Thanks for sharing your piccies Jo. Sounds like you had a great day out, x

sam21ski said...

Well it sure looks like you had a fab day Jo. I love the photos of the rustic interior, might give you inspiration for some stunning works of art. They've got me thinking already!!!!

lisa said...

Hi Jo. I'm so glad you've had such a wonderful day out, what kind and generous frinds you have. It certainly sounds a really interesting place, one we might have to have a trip too!!
Love the photos, you take such interesting shots.
Glad you are both doing ok, will catch up more when I've a bit more time, home thoughts from abroad at the minute if you get my drift!!
Hugs Lisax

Carola Bartz said...

Great pictures! My dad served on a U-boat in WWII and told me it was very much like in the movie "Das Boot".

Neet said...

Better photos than mine Jo - and who is that woman with the cheesey grin?