Sunday, 5 September 2010

Pocket hanging

This is the hanging we made yesterday at Victoria Stampers workshop. A great relaxing day, as always, and good fun. The idea was an original one of mine which our tutor, my good friend Lynne, took and developed so well. She found lots of new ideas for it and even made an advent calendar from it with chockies (I'll think about making one of those nearer the D month!) 
These are my two original samples
I decorated my own card but printed scrapbook papers work well and are so quick to use.
It is a very useful pocket hanging which organises all those little cards, coupons, photos, notes etc., that you collect, and can never find when you want them. I added a pen and a post it note pad to mine, yesterday, and tiny pegs hold postage stamps.
 It can be made large or small and is a good vehicle for displaying ATCs or tags. 
It also makes a lovely quick and easy gift, a useful birthday card!........ add a tag with a greeting! 
This one is 8 x8 inches but some yesterday made their's 12 x 12 inch. 
My friend Caz was sitting next to me and made a fabulous  12 x12 one full of vintage tags and lots of steam punk hanging tags. Far nicer than mine here. You can see it on her blog .....
Addendum: since I first posted this project, and we did the workshop on Saturday, other ideas have come up for it's use.Thanks for some of these to my friend Ann B
 It can be themed for gifts, eg.,
 a floral one containing packets of seeds, 
 for a handyman/woman containing a small screwdriver, fuses, fusewire, pen, post its, tape measure, sandpaper etc.
It could be filled with a sewing kit.
A children's hanger could hold pencils, rubbers, mini toys, lollipops etc.,
A baby themed one with a voucher, tiny socks, bib, small flat packet of wipes etc.,
Filled with specialty tea bags and small packets of biscuits, it would make a nice gift,
For someone on hospital, small tissues, wet wipes, soap, postage stamps and thank you cards, sweets, etc.,
 Or for a chocoholic... filled with small specialty bars of chocolate,

Another Nun on the Run photo I just had to share.......
This guy was a hoot, scooting around at the Southport show, and played this mobile grand piano whilst dressed as a nun. Someone told me that he entered for the recent series of "Britain's Got Talent"......and got buzzed very quickly !!! 
I loved the candelabra on the piano and his yellow tights.
Thanks for popping by and hope you had a good weekend.


Raven B said...

This is so awesome.

Dotpat said...

Jo these are gorgeous, you clever thing. Like the Nun too

Heather x said...

Oh what a cool idea! I always misplace vouchers and receipts...maybe I should make one too :)
What a great photo of the nun...his seat must be a bit uncomfy.
*hugs* Heather x

Sheilagh said...

What a great idea:)
Love it.

Paul said...

Wonderful! Love the Pocket Hangings you've made, very colourful, cheery and arty. Lovely to see you on Saturday, you looked fab with the new hairstyle :) Thank you ever so much for my pressies. The Dark Mints are now in the car and both Nick & i have been devouring them on our trips out. Pxx

Doone said...

super work Jo - and that Nun - ahahahah,

like the third sample best...


Cath Wilson said...

Great samples, as always, Jo - it's a lovely project. Great idea to do it as an Advent Calendar, too. Great pics of the nun, lol.

lisa said...

Those yellow tights are soooo fetching, Jo, what brilliant photos.
Love your pocket hangings, it's always great to have somewhere nice to put all those bits and pieces rather than just stuffed into a drawer never to see the light of day again.
May have to have a go!!!!!
Hugs Lisax

dizzy said...

fabulous Jo was fun day and yours as always is terrific.

loving the nun he looks fun hugs jayne xxxx

Diane said...

Love your samples, Jo and sorry I missed the workshop!
Diane x

Ann B said...

Love what you did with your pocket piece Jo - and thanks for the inspiration. I inked and stamped my papers on Saturday so still haven't finished mine yet but I did a scrapbook paper one today and I whizzed through it. Have lots of ideas for presents - floral one filled with seed packets, sewing kits, baby one - could go one for ever LOL

olive said...

as always had a great day... Lynn certainly took your idea and did so much with it. i'm loving the yellow tights!!!!:) Yes you can publish the photo Jo, by all means.... thank you for your support. Ciao xxx

Michelle said...

These are so beautiful.
michelle rivera

Neet said...

Now your talking of this hanging being used for coupons etc really makes me want to do one - will follow Janes tute. So sorry I had to miss it but the sun was calling me LOL.
Love the stamped ones you did and I think the first is my favourite but that is probably due to the colours you have used as they are all lovely.