Friday, 22 October 2010

Geisha, Harlequin, Ink & the Singing Ringing Tree

I've had to catch up a bit on swaps so I've just finished the next three pages of the alphabet swap for KCUK. 
H for Harlequin
This is a stamp I wanted for years and found in a bargain bin for £2 at the Harrogate show.
It's made by JudiKins. The background is alcohol inks blown with an air can onto glossy card.
I for Ink
Stamps from mixed sources including Lost Coast Design
The background is sponged with Distress Inks
G for Geisha
This image is one of my own designs for Stampattack.
The background is sponged with Distress Inks on the front with Washi paper layered behind.
The Singing Ringing Tree
High up on the Burnley moors, in Lancashire, is a wonderful, huge, art experience called The Singing Ringing Tree. It is open to all the elements and has amazing views across the moors and to Pendle Hill. It was designed by Japanese architects Tonkin-Liu and it is a sensory treat, well worth visiting.
The metal pipes "sing"as the wind passes over the ends of the tubes and change as the wind alters direction to create beautiful relaxing, haunting sounds.
It fascinated me to see how such a solid object could flow visually
There's a video on Burnley Council's website if you'd like to hear it too.


Dotpat said...

Fab pages Jo and fab photo's too, always enjoy your posts

Sarah said...

oh my goodness that singing sculpture looks amazing!

love your alcohol ink background on the harlequin stamp too

Artyjen said...

Must go and have a look at the Singing Ringing Tree when I get the chance!!! It was one of my all time favourite stories that the BBC broadcast in the 60's I think but repeated a lot back & white East German programmes Fab
Great artwork for your alphabets.....will be sending you something soon....sorry for delay have not been tickety boo recently ;(
xoxo Sioux

Paul said...

Know it well Jo :D There's a couple of other Panopticans nearby too. One in Rawtenstall & one in Colne which are both interesting to see. We saw the tree on a windy day (rare to find a day when it isn't there) and heard it play it's haunting notes. The website for the others is here...

Sorry I missed you last week, both of us have been afflicted with the current bug that's doing the rounds. Feeling okay but not wanting to spread it around.

BTW I'll see if I can find the name of the place where my brother bought the tea bombs. Take care. Paul xx

Diane said...

Wonderful pages, Jo! Have a great weekend!
Diane x

sam21ski said...

Another set of fab pages Jo. Loving the background of the harlequin one.

WOW what a fab photo of the singing tree xxxx

Darlene said...

like your harliquin !

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Three fantastic pieces for the swap Jo, love them all and love the colours. The harlequin stamp is fab, never seen it before :-)
Thanks for showing the Singing Ringing Tree, I've never heard of it!
Anne xx

Dana C (KyStamper) said...

Great pages, and really interesting about the Singing Ringing Tree.

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh I love harlequin, great idea for H! I dunno how you keep up with swaps when you're so busy designing and show-ing. Loved your tip about the ironing water - genius idea.
The singing ringing tree is a well kept secret don't you think - I would say it akes as interesting a piece as the Angel any day!

Susie Jefferson said...

Anyone remember the Singing Ringing Tree series on BBC1 many years ago? Very creepy... I'm pretty sure that's what this one was based on. Very effective!

Also love your harlequin - the background is definitley one of your fabulous ones, could tell it anywhere!

Pat said...

Jo, the pictures are wonderful! I am so happy that you post things in the area, since I am 1/2 English, and never been to England. The pipes are fascinating.

Your Geisha is lovely, & the Harlequin is great. I gave away (I think) my Harlequin because I could never do a good job with it!

Thanks again, and as always, your work is lovely!
Hugs, Pat

Doone said...

shall we meet at the tree at Easter 2011 and swap an Atc?


hazel said...

Fantastic pages Jo, love all the colours in the harlequin one.

I use to live not so far away from Burnley many moons ago, what a shame the Singing Ringing Tree wasn't there then, I'd love to see it.

xxx Hazel.

lisa said...

Hi Jo
I'm just catching up with you and there are so many interesting things I'm going to comment on each post otherwise I'll write a novel!!
Your artwork is beautiful as always and I'm intrigued by the Singing Tree. Burnley isn't too far away so I've added it to out list of places to visit. We love things like this. Have a nosey at my blog for the one we visited this week on the moors near us!!
Hugs Lisax