Sunday, 24 October 2010

Plant Pot & Palm House Sefton Park

I sent this potty plant pot of flowers to my lovely blogging buddy, Sam, who was 40 this week!! A special Happy Birthday Sam! It's a bit away from my style but I was inspired to experiment with an idea I saw in Craft Stampers and changed quite a bit. I made it a bit quirky and I added a base hinge so it would stand. The front flaps open to hold a message.
I think I'd like it better in other colours as I'm not a fan of yellows but I thought it would be cheery for Sam's special day.
We took a walk today in Sefton Park to enjoy the Autumn colours and sunshine and we were lucky to enjoy a free concert, in the Palm House, given by the Liverpool Male Voice Choir. It was superb and so warm inside out of the crisp Autumn cold! The programme was a balanced mix of modern and traditional songs, songs from the shows and films and choral. The performance by the choir was top notch with excellent interludes of solos by some members with such lovely voices. It was a magic afternoon for all ages in a beautiful venue and all for an optional donation to charity.
One of the excellent soloists from .... fancy joining? They welcome new members!!
Sefton Palm House was derelict for many years, and did not have one complete pane of glass, until some years ago when the public campaigned successfully and raised funds for it's renovation. Now it is one of the jewels in the crown of Liverpool's architecture.
It houses many community events and is a spectacular wedding venue. I know someone who's Christmas wedding there was candlelit by hundreds of glass votives from Ikea.... magic!
There are wonderful statues, of famous pioneers and scientists, around the perimeter of the building.... here are a few......
Captain Cook


sam21ski said...

And absolutely gorgeous it is too Jo, the photos really don't do it justice. It's so tactile and I love the wire with the flowers and butterfuly springing off them. I love the colour combo you're chosen xxxx

Tinkertaylor said...

That's one seriously gorgeous card you're so clever. Sefton Palm House looks lovely, nice to see a local lad (Capt.Cook was born about a mile from my house) standing guard.

olive said...

what a great day out...haven't been to the Palm House for a few years, looks great. A colleague got married there. I bet your friend loved your prezzie, I would. Ciao

Dotpat said...

Love your plant pot Jo and your photo's brill

peggy aplSEEDS said...

fantastic pot of flowers! i love it!!!

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

The plant pot is absolutely beautiful Jo :-)
Thanks for more magical pics, long long time since I've been to Sefton Park but it looks like I need to visit there now :-) A free concert, how fab! Do you think the choir will accept me - I'm sure there must be a few singles there for me to check out hahahahaha
Anne xxx

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hi Jo, If the pot of flowers isn't your style, you should make more of it- you did a more than great job! Patsy from