Friday, 21 January 2011

Shackleton and the Scary ride

First of all I want to wish my lovely younger daughter a very Happy Birthday for Saturday 22nd. Sending love and wishes for only good things. I'm so pleased your card and parcel arrived on time!

This post should be titled "The Leaving of Liverpool" as it will be my last post before I leave for America, as so many thousands did in the past from the Liverpool Waterfront, pictured below. I'm glad I won't be going by sea! 
No crafting time at the moment, so it photos only, but I'll be posting news from CHA, whilst I'm away, so keep tuned in!
 Just over a week ago I posted photos of our ride on the Wheel of Liverpool and later we walked around the Albert Dock to the Tate Gallery of the North and then to the Shackleton Exhibition in the Maritime Museum. (That is Shackleton of Antarctic Exploration).
The anchor outside the entrance is from HMS Conway which sank in 1953
The Endurance was the ship on which the Shackleton team ventured forth on the futile race to the South Pole and here you can see how quite primitive it is with the sledge dogs on the deck. 
Here's Shackleton outside his tent with another member of the team skinning a penguin ready for the pot!

This spectacular new building below, next to the Pier Head and Albert Dock, is almost be complete and will soon be the New Museum of Liverpool.
We went on the Wheel of Liverpool but I certainly didn't fancy freezing high up in the open air on this thing! It's called the North Star ride and is the only one of it's kind in the UK. It spins really fast, high above the new shopping centre, Liverpool One.
Here it is illuminated at night!


Glennis said...

Have a great trip Jo

Cardarian said...

What a lovely post! First Happy birthday to your daughter! Second have a lovely and safe trip to CHA and back! I will be waiting for all your reports! And third - no I wouldn't go on that North Star if they paid me ha, ha!
Lots of hugs,

Sheilagh said...

Love your pictures Jo.

Have a wonderful time and bring back plenty of photo's and goodies. Have you packed an extra suitcase for the goodies?

Safe journey


sam21ski said...

Safe journey Jo, take loads of photos!!!!

cockney blonde said...

Fab photos and report Jo. Enjoy CHA and America. See you when you get back, x

Dotpat said...

Great photo's Jo, love your posts with all these photo's. Have a great time my dear

Carola Bartz said...

It sounds so magical - "my last post before I leave for America". This is how I felt when I left my country almost ten years ago to move to California, magic, a little anxious of the unknown but so excited. Almost ten years later the magic is gone, but not the love for the land. - Have a safe trip and enjoy CHA!

minnie_mac said...

Enjoyed the photos.

Have a great trip. Look forward to reading all about it.


sandra de said...

Wishing you a fab CHA. Can't wait for the pics.
Sandra xox

Debgem said...

Love the photos of Liverpool, not sure that I want to try that ride though!

You are so lucky to be visiting CHA - have a great time. Are you taking an empty trunk with you? :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Happy belated birthday to your daughter. Ferris wheel yes, scary ride, NO. Glad to see the photos of this lovely museum, though.