Monday, 23 April 2012

St George's Day & Walking With Giants

This weekend I've been walking with giants but first
Happy St George's Day
Proud to be English!
I'll wear my rose with pride today in honour of Saint George, the Patron Saint of England.
It might be a raggy old silk rose I've had for years but this period of cold weather means I cannot find a fresh one in the garden. 
I'm not Irish, Welsh or Scottish so I don't want to be classed as British.... I'm born and bred English!
Sea Odyssey
I'm also proud to be from Liverpool, especially after the amazing event which took place this weekend in honour of the centenary of the Titanic disaster. 
We walked with giants through the 3 day spectacle which brought hundreds of thousands into the city to experience Sea Odyssey created by the French street theatre company Royal de Luxe.
My photos aren't wonderful as, with the throngs of happy visitors, it was difficult to capture the best views so see lots more of the animation just google Sea Odyssey. I've added two press photos of the Uncle character but the rest are from my camera. 
Inspired by a letter from a little girl to her father on the Titanic (which is now in our museum) the story evolved of her search for him and how her uncle ( a deep sea diver) crossed the sea to help her.
The music was fantastic and it was stunning to see how the Lilliputian controllers in period frock coats absail the control wires, leaping and swinging around to give the giants expression, movement and character.
By the time I reached the front of the barriers the 35 foot giant little girl and 
Xolo her dog had stopped their antics and were taking a well earned rest near the River Mersey.
Xolo (pronounced Chollo) who became the star of the show, amused everyone with his antics including cocking his leg on many a lamp post!                      Here he'd had enough and took a well earned rest.

Below, the building to the right is known in Liverpool as the "Streaky Bacon Building"! It was the White Star Office Building, Headquarters of the shipping line who owned the Titanic and from their balconies the announcements were made of the survivors and victims of the famous ship's tragedy.
May, surrounded by her Lilliputian controllers, is very poignantly passing the building where her father must have signed onto the doomed vessel. 

Press photo taken as her Uncle passes through the crowds en route to the Pierhead in his search to find May.
A moving press photo of the 50 foot high Uncle reunited with May before sailing away down the river.
Said to be caused by the teutonic eruptions caused by the giants ... with a roar and rumble these spouts of water erupted, every few minutes to the delights of the crowds, high above the buildings.

Do take a look at some of the excellent coverage of Sea Odyssey on the net but make sure you
The full story of the three days to be broadcast in a special programme, Titanic Girl, on BBC1 on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm 
NB!!! Rescheduled to 8.30pm Mon 30th April 



Amazing photos Jo - thanks so much for sharing. I saw a news clip on the TV a few days ago, but I can only imagine how thrilling it must have been to see the Giants in real life.
I'm with you on the British/English thing Jo - if you're born and bred in England, then you're English - simples!
Have a great week - Sylvia x

Elizabeth said...

Hello Jo, saw these giants on the news programmes over the weekend and so wished I could be there to see them for real ... even suggested to the EM that we just got in the car and went down but, of course, it wasn't practical. They looked absolutely fabulous and to be there would be like taking part in history! Thanks for showing your photographs. Happy St George's Day. Elizabeth x

Ann B said...

Thought you might be there Jo, what a wonderful thing to see live, and thanks for the heads-up about the TV programme.
Love your rose covered with morning dew - or is it rain?

Paul Browning - The Artsider said...

Wonderful photos Jo :) Looking forward to seeing the programme about it on Wednesday. Happy St. George's Day to you. Pxx

Helen said...

Happy St Georges day to you too. I am roud to be English too. I loved seeing the photos of the Giants - I saw a bit on the BBC website and am delighted there's a programme covering them - I missed the notice of that, so thank you.

sam21ski said...

Wow how amazing Jo, you are so lucky to live so nearby to such wonderful displays. Thanks for the tv info, will have to try and remember to watch it.

Sam xxx

Angie said...

Amazing ...must have been a fantastic day.
Sorry i've not been around probs ... having to borrow daughters lap top when I can ..not the same. lol.
I am getting really into knitting at the moment ....all your fault xx

lisa said...

Oh this looks amazing, Jo. What brilliant things you get in Liverpool. We will definitely be watching the programme. I know a growing up too fast little girl who would have loved to see this!!
Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
hugs Lisax

Cath Wilson said...

It looked wonderful on the News, Jo and I was very tempted but not sure I'd have enjoyed the crowds, so I gave up on the idea. Thought I'd watch Gillian Kearney, instead - I like her. Sounds as if you had a wonderful time, though. Lovely photos and lots of info there. I'm proud to be English too - NOT British! Thanks for that x

Tinkertaylor said...

This looks amazing I saw a clip on the news, will definitely watch on tv.

Twiglet said...

The puppets look amazing - saw them on the One Show I think. Liverpool is such an exciting city and you certainly make the most of it don't you. have a good week. x Jo

Ann B said...

Thanks for the update Jo. Can't do the meet-up at Aintree , Andy works all day Thursday and I don't like to leave Sorrel in her crate for too long - a couple of hours is max until she, or I, start to feel uncomfortable. Will have to save all my pennies for Port Sunny - see you there???

millefeuilles said...

Dear Jo,

It was with great delight I saw your comment tonight after an unpleasant visit to the dentist :-) Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my ramblings.

I adore puppets; a combination of doll and theatre. One of the reasons I am passionate about Baroque opera is that it was, contrary to seventeenth-century classical theatre about enchantment and movement. Acrobats were often used to this effect. I can imagine how wonderful it would be to use such puppets as above in the Baroque opera context. Wow!

Insofar as my humble rabbits are concerned I concocted the pattern myself. I know there is a lovely Tilda spring or Easter book with a hare in it which is of the same ilk. I had to be mighty careful to make up my own design since I am selling them. One doesn't want to breach copyright rules, does one? :-)

See you soon Jo!


lisa said...

Thanks for that, Jo. I couldn't find it in the Radio Times and thought it must be a regional programme!!! We've all just been having another look at your great photos so will definitely be watching on Monday.
hugs Lisax

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Wow! You got to see them!! I am so envious. I live near Chester but just couldn't get away last weekend. Thank you so much for sharing you photos :D

peggy aplSEEDS said...

wow, amazing post! what a blessing to be able to see this wonderful event in person!

Craftgirl said...

Awesome photographs. I love puppets

C x