Thursday, 13 September 2012

Erddig in Wales

Last week weekend the sun was shining so we seized the day and drove out to visit another National Trust property,
 Erddig Hall, 
near Wrexham, in North Wales
which is one of Britain's finest stately homes.
Built 1684-87 and extended in 1720

Such a beautiful warm day and this little cosy corner was a haven of shade. I loved the thoughtful gesture of a basket of beautiful wool blankets left there which could be borrowed to sit on the elegant lawns.

The lovely view of the folly and beyond, through this beautiful window, must have been such a distraction to the kitchen staff.
The playroom was my favourite stop

I wouldn't fancy a shower in this bathroom!
There were so many quirky artefacts to see 
This fascinating picture of Queen Victoria was created in totally writing and cleverly told the history of her life. 

Posters in the estate manager's office... quite a reward for those days.

It was a really good, interesting, day out on a beautiful, precious, sunny September day.
I wonder where we'll get to next on our history trail?


Paul Browning - The Artsider said...

Fantastic photos Jo. You certainly get the most out of your camera, such clear and beautifully composed shots. And you certainly picked the right time to go. The warm sunny days feel like a long ago memory, as I sit here in a pullover instead of the T shirt I was in this time last week. Pxx

(And yes next time Neil comes up north, we must definitely all get together, that'd be terrific) x

mamapez5 said...

I used to live near there and it was a regular place for school visits. The children all dressed up in period costume while they were there. I love the Noah's ark and that picture of Queen Victoria is amazing. Kate x

kimmie said...

What an amazing place! Queen Victoria looks a little bit like Lewis Carroll's Queen of Hearts :)

Neil said...

That looks to have been a fab visit. I love the National Trust here; it gives a fascinating insight into life and times. I also love the way they are changing; when we went to South Foreland lighthouse we flew a kite as they now have a selection for you to choose from, the kids (and adults!) loved it.
There's lots around here so next time you're down try to plan some in if you haven't already....

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh MY!!! I wish I could have tagged along. That Queen pic is just amazing!

Helen said...

You certainly had great weather for your trip, the grounds look delightful and I love the toy room too!!

Neet said...

What a fascinating place - thanks for sharing it with us Jo.
I have often mentioned it (when we had the caravan down in Wales) but it never happened - now HE will get shoewn the photos and we WILL go!
Hugs, Neet xx

Cath Wilson said...

Wonderful, Jo - thanks for sharing your visit and for making it look so interesting. One day, I'll get to places like that, lol - I so enjoy seeing some of our history. Love the blankets and the prayer on the landing. Isn't the playroom great? And the Wanted poster? Love all those little touches. Love, Cath xxx

Redanne said...

Erddig is such a wonderful place Jo and I have not visited it for many a year now. Seeing your photos has made me want to go back, I so love the playroom with the wonderful Noah's Ark and Dolls House. The grounds are so beautiful too. Thanks for the wonderful memories! Crafty hugs, Anne x

Angie said...

I did so enjoy the trip as I followed your day through the photos ...that is the sort of house I love to visit if I ever get the chance ...have you ever been to Osbourne house? ...I did when I lived in England so if you haven't and are anywhere near the 'I of W' I know you will love it. That jubilee poster was wonderful ...I think someone should do one for 'Lizzy'. The blanket idea was so good but I wonder how many they loose ....or am i just jaded by my previos life in the London area ... lol xx