Friday, 29 March 2013

Friday Smile 11

After returning from a super trip where I had quality time with my family in the Arctic climes of Germany I was happy to know that the other two curly girlies would arrive last night. To put a damper on my smiling they had a dreadful journey with the two girls being sick all the way from London and subsequently through the night. 
Still lots to smile about....
In Germany we took a walk in the snow to see the houses and gardens decorated for Easter.....
The little fraulein had alternative use for her finger puppets which really made me smile.....
The Brighton Belles are recovering. Slowly for one, still cuddled up on the sofa with a throw over her.
It may not be a smile but it's definitely and Aaawwwhhhh!!
The little'un wasn't as sick and asked for food this morning so I cautiously gave her a small piece of toast and honey which was devoured and then the plate was licked!
Yesterday afternoon a delivery van brought a basket of smiles from Annie... not only 3 quilts for the LillyBo Project but a whole bundle of mini comfort teds to do with as I wish!!!! You'll see £10 there already as my neighbour bought some to give with mini eggs for Easter treats and the money will go to CHICS. I'm buying some for my grandees and the rest will go on the counter at the hospital unit where I know they will sell in a shot to raise funds for them.
Annie sent in a gorgeous quilt along with 2 from Jo Twiglet and the day before a super one came in from Janet Fairythoughts so there'll be lots to see soon on LillyBo Blog.
For more instant smiles, much needed this weather, pop over to Annie Wipso's blog for her Friday Smiles and if you too have something to smile about... share it too.


Annie said...

There is an awful lot of this nasty tummy bug around at the mo Jo. Our lot have all had it and Shell's hubby is only just getting over it. Really hope your family soon recover so you can all enjoy your special time together. So lovely to see you're already making good use of my little bears. Take note that only one of the quilts was mine Jo. :-) I don't want to take credit for all Jo's hard work :-)
Have a wonderful Easter.
Annie x

lisa said...

It's a pity we don't decorate more for Easter isn't it. i love the eggs hanging on trees.
Sorry to hear the Brighton Belles were poorly for their trip. It's definitely an Ahhh for one but plate licking definitely makes things better.
Hope you all have a great Easter and the Easter Bunny brings choccy to help poorly tums.
Hugs Lisax

tilly said...

wow, no wonder you are smiling, hope the girls are soon better and the new quilts and teddies look Fab, well done Annie
(must get mine in the post)

Angie said...

That shot of the plate licking really made me smile. The bears and quilts that annie sent you are so gorgeous too ...Happy Easter. xx

Cath Wilson said...

Gosh, Jo - they're really growing up fast. No wonder you want to be able to see them more or you're going to miss a few inches! They're so beautiful. Love those teddies, too - what a great idea! Have a lovely Easter x

Twiglet said...

What a lovely post Jo. So glad those little ones are on the mend. The tummy bug going round has been a nasty one. Those teds should raise a few pennies - especially with that poem created by the Churchstoke poet laureate! lol. x Jo

Gill Edwards said...

i love the idea of hanging eggs on trees for Easter.

Gill x

Lynne said...

Ah, poor little ones, hope it was really short lived and they could get on with enjoying being with you. Love the 'finger' puppets on your little fraulein.

I wonder was it as cold in Germany, or did it just feel less traumatic! We just don't do 'weather' very well here, do we, despite the fact we get plenty of it! Lxx

Ann B said...

Lovely photos Jo, definitely an 'Aw' moment. Hope they are soon on the mend and that they haven't passed it on to you and Dave. Our lot were all ill last week, no tummy bugs but coughs, sore throats and ear infections and now Andy's is on antibiotics for a chest infection. Keep warm and safe and enjoy the girls while they are up here.

Ann B

Carol said...

I only started Easter decorating after seeing the lovely displays in blogland last year.
The German decorations looks brilliant, sure to bring a smile to the face of all who see them.
Hope the girls have recovered from their tummy bug - love the plate licking photo.
Beautiful quilting, I'm sure the teds will soon be snapped up.
Have a lovely Easter.
Carol xx

Caro said...

These are all gorgeous! I admired the teds on Wednesday and am glad to know that they have arrived safely. The decorated tree is gorgeous and I just love the little toe puppets! Thanks for the smile. Happy Easter! Caro x (#7)

Lynn Holland said...

Lots do awhs, oohs and smiles today Jo.
I hope everyone is better soon.
Have a lovely Easter
Lynn xx

MaggieC said...

You do have a lot to smile about this week, Jo, with all those beautiful goodies to hand over. The more I read your blog and your comments, I am beginning to wonder if we have met in a previous life. I was lucky enough to see the Spinners in the late 60's when they used to come to our college folk club very frequently, and stay overnight in the Halls of Residence. Then I caught up with them at the end of their career when they did Christmas gigs at Symphony Hall in Birmingham and got to meet them again backstage. It is sad to know that Cliff is no longer with us. I only realised yesterday that Ian Campbell also died, in December. All the good ones are vanishing. Still, we still have the good memories to make us smile. xx Maggie

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

What fun photos. Wish I could be in Germany celebrating Easter with my son and family. Hope the little ones are much better and you enjoy a fun and HOPPY Easter.

cockney blonde said...

Hope the girlies are feeling better today Jo. Happy Easter, x