Tuesday, 12 March 2013


My desk has spread to the floor this week as I prep for a dem day on Saturday. When I am prepping, I tend to put completed items in groups, as I make them, and then add the necessary materials to the piles before I check off my list.
I am not generally a very organised person but amazingly I can be extremely organised when I have to be. I use a master check list of all I could need, which I compiled years ago, then I check off all the items I do need for each event and occasionally have to add the odd special item.
As I put them in my trolley, I cross tick them so I can be sure I don't miss off an essential part of my class or dem. It has always worked well for me and my system may well help someone else who is as batty as me!

The dem day on Saturday will be at Cardio in Wigan and we will be having an Easter Egg-Stravaganza with lots of ideas, make & takes, decorations, Easter baskets and cards to share and chocolate eggs to pop in the make & takes too, if I don't eat them all before Saturday. It's always good fun there with such lovely friendly people so come along and join in the fun if you live close enough. I do believe I will be seeing WOYWWer Tilly there, woo hoo!
Here is the action zone with so much going on...

There on my desk you'll spy my treat that came this week from Neil Walker.
 Neil sent me this gorgeous card....
not only the card, but also, and very generously, he sent me two of his new stamps which he designed for The Artistic Stamper. I had hoped to have a play with them but I've really not managed to find time.
 I look forward to using them asap, so thanks so much Neil!
This expose of my desk and crafting is all due to our favourite blog boss, Mrs D, aka Julia of the stamping ground, and you can so easily see lots more and find out all about the "Whys" and "Wherefores" by popping over to her blog right HERE
Hope I manage to visit more of you this week but I'm meeting myself coming back at the moment.  I think I managed to reply to more than those who kindly left a message but I'll do my best to get around to even more of you this week. 


okienurse said...

Early bird! Love the organization going on on that desk. I would have problems staying out of the chocolates too! Awesome card from Neil and I love his new stamp line. I need to order a couple! Have a great week! Vickie

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo there Jo, looks liek a very organised time ahead.
Well done!!
Doesnt it make you feel good, when the wheels seem to be moving aright?

... love the wee card by Neil and the Holly Hobbie image makes me feel soooo nostalgic when see such ones!!

thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW no number yet, Shaz in Oz.x

Nikki said...

Jo you've got alot going on and the stamps and card from Neil are fantastic :)
hugs Nikki

Lunch Lady Jan said...

By the looks of your bits and pieces, the demo is going to be great fun on Saturday!! I hope you have a good time!
Love the pics of your granddaughters in their costumes in the previous post!! How delighted are they with their beautiful dresses!! Actually, I need an outfit for a certain wedding in June...um....Jo........... :)
Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

Redanne said...

Wow Jo, you are very organised but everything looks lovely and colourful. Hope the demo day goes well and really love Neil's new stamps, you will certainly have fun playing with those! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #23

Annie said...

Wow Jo. You say I'm always busy! You sound to have so much going on in your world at the mo and have so many fab spaces to snoop at. :-)
A x # 44

tilly said...

This all looks so exciting....... can't wait for saturday then I can pinch an egg lol...And what a really pretty card Neil sent you, I love those images....... stay organised!
ps. have a couple more quilts for you

lisa said...

There's lots of lovely Easter goodies there, Jo. Your day sounds a lot of fun. It's so hard to try and remember everything you need for classes isn't it. I'm new to all this but have endless lists around. So far so good. I think we are a nation of list makers aren't we.
What a lovely gift from Neil and a stunning card too.
Hugs Lisax #59

Ann B said...

I'm very much a list person, the only way I can do anything properly as my memory is poor. I have lists for holidays, to do lists, craft lists for Vicky Stampers etc, etc.
Hope the demo goes well, wish I could come but Andy's goes to his Mum's Saturday to do her shopping, and I may have to miss the next 2 VS workshops so won't see you for ages.
Ann B

Lynn Holland said...

My head has just burst with all your organising Jo. You are an absolute star
Lynn xx

Helen said...

I would have said you were organised, but now we know the truth, ha ha!! Your system obviously works for you.. welcome down to my world on the floor! Have a good time at Wigan, hope it goes well. Helen 11

Neet said...

What a lot of lovely stuff you have on your desk shots - a veritable Aladdin's Cave of wonder. Shame I am working at Harrogate Show or I would have popped along and sad to know that Cardio won't be at the show themselves. Give them my love.
Am sure you won't need it but Good Luck for Saturday and see you some time (seems ages since I saw you - it is ages - November?)
Hugs, Neet xx 16

Heather Alger said...

So much underway here, Good Luck with your event :)
Gorgeous card and stamps, bet you were thrilled <3
Have a Great week WOYWW Heather #46

Scrapcat 1 said...

It all looks organised to me Jo, love the posts about the girls, so glad your little one is finished her treatment now.

Sandy said...

Love the stamps you won they are such a lovely design clever Neil. You are very organised with all your bits and bobs that you are taking I am sure you would have to be. Hope it all goes well and you meet lots of WOYWW people. Have fun.
Sandy :) #4

Angie said...

You are so busy ...and organized.
I have to say that although I have no mojo for anything I am tempted to get some of Neils amazing stamps...incase they trigger something.

We are are full blown Chicken Pox centre ...now DD had it ...3 out of 5 ...I wonder if I will miss it ...I really dont want to be as ill as Jay is.xx

Anonymous said...

Ah Easter, I keep forgetting it's coming up at the end of March! Sounds like you're meeting yourself coming backwards there Jo so I won't keep you! Lovely desk as usual, great stamps from Neil and I love the Curly Girlies in their dressing up costumes!

Brenda 88

Alison Wade said...

Happy WOYWW. So much going on - makes me feel dizzy! Those chocolate eggs look very tempting. Fab card from Neil - and I love his stamps. Ali x #34, with candy

Paul Browning - The Artsider said...

What a lovely gift to receive :) And boy you look busy in your prepping for Saturday but the various stash looks gorgeous. The people who come are in for a treat. Have a great time. :) Px

Twiglet said...

Ooo all that Easter eggy chocolatey fun! have a great time. x Jo

Ria Gall said...

my goodness you are so busy but as you say very organised and I can get why you have to use a tick list I would be in a mess without mine.
What a beautiful card and just look at those stamps, amazing
Ria 60

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab! I do the same, and often have many lists on the go. When I go anywhere I do the same, tick it off as it goes in and tick it off as it comes out! How lovely of Neil to send you his stamps, they do look great. My desk is bare, went to footy last night so very little will be done today and a bare desk is a bit boring! Take care Zo xx

Shazsilverwolf said...

You may get this twice- or not! Google playing the fool again. Seeing stuff on your desk, and thinking, I have one of those, lol. Love Neils stamps. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #121

Gibby Frogett said...

ooh so glad I didn't miss this post...so many lovely things to see.. Happy WOYWW Gill x #50

Regina Hamilton said...

Wow...You really have a lot going on. Your class looks as if it is going to be so much fun. That card is beautiful. I hope you can play with your new stamps soon. #114

Anonymous said...

You are ALWAYS so busy! I enjoyed the smile, BTW - aren't they just so sweet? Brings back memories of mine at that age. Neil's stamps are fab aren't they? And who doesn't love new stash? :)


MA (21)

Caro said...

Wow, you are so busy and what a busy room, desk and floor. I hope that the class goes well...wish I lived nearer and could attend! Thanks for sharing. Have a Happy WOYWW. Caro x #61

Laura said...

Super organised! Hope the demoing goes well

mamapez5 said...

Well you are one organised lady today. But if it works for you, then it's a good system! Have fun at your demo day.
I love the card from Neil. It could be a too sweet image for me,but the understated colour mix makes it just perfect.
i didn't make it to the Wednesday blog hop this week, but have finally grabbed an hour at my computer so I will comment on those I follow.
Have a great week. Kate x

cockney blonde said...

You busy little bee, and a fab card to share. Enjoy your demoing, I'll be North of the Border, x

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Jo
that is all looking very creative and organised. I hope you have a great time at the class... including all those choc eggs (I'm still on lent so quite jealous there)
janet #19

Anne said...

Gosh Jo you do have a lot happening. You are very well organised!!! Love the card from Neil. Hope all goes well with your event. Anne x #137

scrappymo! said...

What a very organized desk this week but agree you have to have it down to a science to be prepared for classes and demo'

The packed up items look like fun and I am looking forward to pictures of a the finished up items...especially that bunting!

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

famfa said...

Wow such a busy lady. So many things to see. And very organised too. Well done you. Those stamps look great. Happy playing when you get time
Famfa (89))

Marit said...

It sounds/looks indeed like organized prepping! LOVE the stamps you got from Neil! Happy belated woyww, Marit #79

MaggieC said...

I am another list maker. Everything has to be ticked off by me so I am certain everything is there. Oh yes, I cannot bear to be late either. Thank you for your visit this week, and have a great time at your demo day. I am sure it will go very well. xx Maggie #9

RosC said...

Great to see and read about your organising. I can tend to be scatty but when one needs everything in place, then check lists are the way to go. Lovely card and stamps from Neil too.
Hope you're fine, and the cold isn't getting at you.
Best to you,
Ros. #99

Eliza said...

You have mastered the organisational side of things by the look of it. Love those stamps of Neil's and a beautiful card as well lucky you

Belated WOYWW

peggy apl said...

wow, lots of things to check out in your desk today! Neil's card is gorgeous and in your next post, batgirl is so cute with her smudged mask!

Joynana said...

Wow Jo, so much crafty goodness in your room. I wish I could come to a class. We don't have very many around here. #70

butterfly said...

Wow, just look at all that preparation... I'm so late visiting that I can say: hope it all went brilliantly today!! And what a gorgeous card from Neil - and some of his fab stamps, wow!
Alison x

Robin Spitzer said...

hi Jo! I am also a list person, so I get this completely. I love the beautiful card you received...so very beautiful. I don't think Imwould make it to the event with the chocolate....It just would not make it....we me around!