Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Giethoorn, Holland

A great adventure was had after the show in Zeist .
We made a detour before we headed to the return ferry in Rotterdam and Fred kindly drove us all for a lovely day out in the quaint village of Giethoorn. 
It is called the Venice of Holland as there are no roads for cars, just footpaths and canals.
We parked the car next to this row of little boats, all with electric power.....
We had to head across this lake to get to the one way system of canals so we could tour the village.
It was sunny, but bitterly cold with a strong wind making the lake really choppy so the water was washing over the sides and soaking us.
The hats came out and the guys had to turn the prow of the boat to the wind and take the long route by first sailing into the middle of this enormous lake to face into the wind as we were really being hit by the wash... it was just a wee bit scary as I cannot swim. 
The man who hired out the boat just told us to phone if there were any problems... never gave us a number, probably realising the phone wouldn't work anyhow if we capsized. No life jackets or safety instructions. Am I a wimp? Eeeeek!!! No one else to be seen pursuing this mad adventure. Well he did tell us that we were only the 3rd boat out this season due to the weather.!!!! 
Eventually, and thankfully, we arrived to the relative safety of the little canals and bridges and just a few people were strolling along the footpaths.
Soaked through we took refuge in a fabulously quaint Jazz Bar and had a welcome hot coffee (along with a jar of sweets which we were told is customary there) whilst Carol sat on a radiator to steam off her wet jeans!!
The cloakrooms were tiled floor to ceiling with blue and white Delft style tiles!
Lots of thatched rooves
Even more bridges in this duck's paradise.
The snowdrops were just coming out, even later than in England.
I think this little house has such a cute "face"!
The museum
Which way next? 
No traffic lights...
A beautiful place to visit, so peaceful and pretty. Lots of lovely little shops, cafes and bars and just under the bridge above there are floating restaurants too.


Helen said...

Beautiful place, if a little risky to get there (at this time of year!!) I did bump into Dolores at AP but missed a photo opportunity...

Redanne said...

It really is a gorgeous place, love the look of the Jazz bar too. Hugs, Anne x

Gill Edwards said...

what a stunning place to visit if a little scary. I would have been a bigger wimp than you Jo and not gone at all as i cant swim either and hate water.
Glad you made it safely though, thanks for sharing your adventure

Gill x

fairy thoughts said...

mad dogs and english men eh Jo! it may not be sunny but it still looks beautiful, what a fabulous place

tilly said...

what a stunning village,.... sorry but I could not have done the water bit, can't swim! lol

sam21ski said...

Looks a gorgeous place Jo, thanks for sharing your lovely photos as ever.

Sam xxx

cockney blonde said...

What a beautiful little place. Glad you persevered with the boat, x

Hetty said...

Great pictures and yes Giethoorn is such a lovely place to visit.