Saturday, 15 June 2013

Uelzen with Flat Susan

For her last jaunt with us we took Flat Susan to Uelzen for a day trip by double decker train. We have been here before, but not for some years, so it was good to take a fresh look at the last project by one of my favourite artists, Hundertwasser from Austria. 
Whilst he painted and created textiles he had some extreme theories about the way people should live and that buildings should be ecologically sustainable and as naturalistic as possible to enhance the quality of life.
The project to revamp the station was commissioned for the Millennium but Hundertwasser died in 2000, not long before it was completed.
Trees and grass grow on the roof tops.
Here's Flat Susan admiring the multi coloured tiled pillars, everyone different.
 I think that I wore a rather appropriate dress that day!
Inside the building
One of several shops
The underground passageways between platforms showing how he contoured all the straight edges.
I quite forgot to photograph the toilets, which are amazing, and usually it is difficult to use them for the reason intended as people queue to just admire them!
From the station, we walked into the small town and were happy to discover a series of 21 painted rocks en route to the town centre.... Der Weg der Steine, which defined the route from the station to the town hall. 
They are the creations of a Swedish artist Dagmar Glemmes
Some were over 10 feet high and each one had a different subject... music, the elements, fish, aspects of love and luck, Nature etc. 
Although the town was otherwise quite uninteresting, it made our day special to find so much art around.
We shared a super huge ice cream with Flat Susan and had our last minutes together before she was popped in her suitcase and sealed into the envelope for her flight to "Schottland" (as the Germans call it!)
Bon Voyage and Farewell Flat Susan
Here's the parting of the ways, (boo hoo!) but you can see, below across the road, that it was such a lovely, big, modern, yellow post office that she was entrusted to (stifled sob) and I asked the nice man to take good care of her (sniff, sniff) as I handed her over (wiping away my tears) and paid my few euros in postage. It was still so hard to let her go all alone on her next adventure to Elizabeth but I know we'll meet again one day when she eventually comes back to England.
Here's the tag I made for her to take with her...
the front....
and the back
She arrived safely and so the saga continues now with Elizabeth so, pop over to join them in Scotland and, find out all about her latest escapades at Silverscrappers or at Hickydorums.
Thanks Flat Susan for all your company and good luck on your travels around the world. Over 30 people have offered to host her and soon she will travel to South Africa, America, Australia and Spain before she starts an extensive tour of the British Isles.
Thanks go to Neet for creating her and giving us this wonderful insight into life in so many countries.


Twiglet said...

She has certainly had a fantastic sight-seeing tour! Thanks for sharing. x Jo

fairy thoughts said...

Wow what a lot of fantastic art for flat susan to take in. Looks like you are having a great tiemt too

Neet said...

Don't know how I missed this post - I guess I just flit across to Scotland in my head.
Fantastic photos Jo, what a great place and no wonder you were thrilled with all the artwork.
Thank you so much for providing us with all these wonderful (and amusing) stories - it means a lot and I am sure there will be a lovely record eventually of her journey all over.
A truly wonderful beginning for her.
Hugs, Neet (off to check I have not missed any of the other stories.