Friday, 9 August 2013

Fragrant Friday Smile

We recently visited Inglenook Farm to see the fields of lavender.                    (Note that the lavender was harvested a few days after our visit.)
 Be sure to check it out HERE, and it's worth a short visit if you are in the area.
We go occasionally just to look around the craft barns, to buy plants and to have our lunch in their excellent cafe but it's a must to go there before the lavender is harvested. It really brings a dose of happiness and contentment.

This week, after a dab of their excellent lavender oil,.... (bet you can smell it) is part of my Friday Smile, especially for Annie, and if you pop over to her blog, HERE, you'll be smiling for the weekend when you share several other smiles. 
Why not add your own bit of happiness too.

As the lavender oil produced is organic, all the fields have to be weeded by hand and there are plenty of huge thistles amongst the weeds.
I have a few of their plants in my garden and Hidcote is the variety I love the best.
The Peter Pan variety is darker in colour but not so rich in fragrance.
There are chucks roaming free around the outside area of the cafe and it's quite amusing to watch their antics.
What a treat to see some day old chicks.
 I'm also smiling this week because my two DD's and their families are all together in Germany. A rare treat and not long before this little fraulein, .....peeping over her Mama's bump with her special ted,... has a little brother.
A very special smile!


Annie said...

Thanks for joining in and for your lovely comments. I'm sure it's been a really good year for lavender cos ours has been stunning....covered with more bumble bees than I think I've ever seen but alas not one honey bee :-(
It's so good to see that developing bump...the midwife in me wanted to get my hands on it :-)
Have a great weekend. Hope to see you soon.
Annie x

Di said...

Brilliant Jo - I could almost smell the lavender, and Hidcote is my favourite variety too.

Smiled at Annie's comment - exciting times ahead for you!

Hugs, Di xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry I haven't been by sooner, but without an internet for nearly three days was SO painful. You know you're hooked when that happens.

I can't get lavender to grow. I've replaced it three times and after buying two more expensive plants in June, within two weeks, they were dead. I want to know the secret you and those lavender gardeners possess to get such gorgeous and sustainable plants.

Had to laugh at the chicks and the cluck. Really a fun way to smile on Friday.

And of course, it's good to know there will soon be another addition in your family.

Twiglet said...

Yes I am sure I can smell that lavender from here - nodding off as I type - lol. x Jo

fairy thoughts said...

Hi jo
Gosh that bump has grown quickly. The lavender looks lush, it's funny I don't really like the smell of lavender except on the bush there is a lot at the park where I walk my dog every day I just want to pick it and take it home to make some bags . Also excitingly my dd1 has just started growing her own bump a little cousin for Erin
Glad you liked the card

Lynne said...

Great lavender photos, Jo, looks like a fascinating place. And lucky you...another little one on the way for you to pop across and visit!! Soon, eh?

mamapez5 said...

It must be so lovely there. I love lavender. We use a very dilute lavender water spray to cool us down and it is supposed to scare the flies away. the jury's still out on that one...!
It seems like no time at all since you first told me about the bump. So exciting that the time will soon be here.
Kate x

rachel addison said...

This looks lovely- I followed your links to see where they are. Oh dear. They have a phone number- but I cannot see an address!
So, it may be quite close- or on the other side of the country, for all I know. I tried ' how to find us' but no clues there, and contact equally unhelpful.
Do tell, Jo, is it Northwest? or south east!

Only joking in the asking- I shall contact them, and enquire!

Looking forward to you being grandma again. Exciting.

Angie said...

I love lavender ...sadly I've always been the only one in the family who does and IF I'm allowed to plant one it has to be at the far far end of the garden. !!! I love how Friday smiles ends the week ...or starts the weekend on a happy note xx

Hettie said...

I do love lavender and I hav lots around ss my bees love it :-) after a slow start this year they are pretty busy now :-) phew!
Exciting to have a new addition to the family soon

Pat Beaumont said...

Thought I would follow your advice and took a trip there yesterday.....unfortunately too late to see the fields of lavender as they cut it last week!!! :(
maybe next year
...but it was an interesting venue

donnalouiserodgers said...

love that last image, quite a tear jerker, the lavender farm looks fabulous too, take care,


Carola Bartz said...

Beautiful lavender! I love Hidcote lavender, but unfortunately it doesn't do well here (I tried) - I guess it is just too hot, sunny and dry here. I have been having good success with "Provence" and the Mexican lavender, so I'm sticking to those.
When will the little Fräulein get her brother? Good luck to her mom.