Thursday, 28 November 2013

Leeds, Ready for Christmas

After visitng the Twisted Threads Show in Harrogate we took a trip the next day into Leeds,
where the run up to Christmas is in full swing.
The  Beautiful dome of the Corn Exchange, once a hive of busy trading and now a haven for shoppers. There are individual shops upstairs and downstairs along the three levels of galleries, all selling crafts and an interesting range of handmade goods.

This is such a spectacular building.

The Victorian Market Hall exterior

The traditional  cast iron vaulted structure of the old Victorian market.
So many interesting market stalls
Here's our favourite, Cafe Moor and on this tiny stall
they prepared, cooked and served the most amazing food...
to eat on the spot....
and they also sold North African and Middle Eastern delicacies to take home.
Just around the corner from it was Spice Corner, jam packed with, I imagine, every spice and herb on the planet.
I loved the traditional fresh fishmongers, which are dying out in most towns and cities due to pre packed supermarket fish etc. The displays were fabulous and I wanted to buy some but we weren't going home for another day so I didn't fancy the drive home with it in the car!
The beautiful old arcades were all dripping with Christmas lights and looking as spectacular as in any London arcade.
The German Christmas Market seemed just like those I've visited over in Germany itself but not a word of the German language was to be heard. The stalls were all staffed by Polish and English people which seemed so odd.

Right next door to this Moose Head sign I entered a small chalet building which amazingly opened out to a HUGE, Ginormous, Unexpected....
  Bierkeller....with a full house of revellers at around 2. 15pm with all the appropriate steins of beer an loud oompah music. It was just like opening a Tardis when I opened the door.
Leeds proved to be an interesting city, with wonderful buildings old and new and so many unique features to see. The people were so mannerly and friendly and the city was quite affluent and vibrant. Good to see on all counts.
Loved it! Well done Yorkshire for colouring our visit so well.


Annie said...

What fab pics really looks a fab place to visit.
Thanks for your lovely comment today....don't forget to check out tomorrow's won't believe whet they have been up to now!!
Annie x

Heather, aka: Big Auntie said...

Wow - the Victorian Market Hall and the old Corn Exchange building are fantastic! I'm so envious; I wish I could be there! All those different markets look like so much fun. It would make my head spin by the end of the day!

mamapez5 said...

That all looks so much fun Jo. I love that sort of place. I prefer to save all the excitement for December, but one week early isn't too bad, and for all the work that goes into the stalls, they deserve enough time to make it worth their while. My son Jonathan is working his coffee stall at the Newbury Christmas market from this weekend. I'd love to pop in and surprise him, but I am afraid it is not going to happen. not this year anyway. Kate x

Helen said...

Stunning buildings, Jo - I love that style of architecture. The markets look fabulous too.

tilly said...

What a stunning city, must admit I have only passed through....wonderful and amazing old buildings, all built with elegance and great design

Lynne said...

Only been to Leeds once, Jo, to visit my brother-in-law, and we didn't get into the city centre. That market looks stupendous, well worth a visit I'd say!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Thanks Jo, loved the reminder of visiting my son when at uni in Leeds! He also had a Saturday job in Leeds Market so nice to see some photos of that too! Glad you had a good time! Chrisx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I went to Leeds Uni so it's lovely to see pics of the market which was my favourite haunt. Everything looks a lot smarter than in 1980 though!! I need to go back,I think :-)
LLJ xxxx

Eliza said...

I am so envious of you going, what an amazing place, I was in awe of the lot, everything the whole kit and caboodle, I think that covered it. Thank you so much it is like taking a mini holiday, I just couldn't smell and hear the delights.

Hugs Eliza

Twiglet said...

Thanks Jo - that brings back happy memories of shopping trips with Maxine in Leeds. Lovely photos. x Jo

Hettie said...

Gosh Jo! Leeds is somewhere I have never been but a Christmas trip is now on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing these piccies. That fishmonger looks great. I miss not having these any more. The town I grew up used to have three fishmongers and now there are none! So sad!

lisa said...

We are very lucky aren't we. I love wandering around Leeds at Christmas, especially the Victorian Arcade. It's lovely to see it through someone else's eyes, I worked in the city centre for 13 years and took much of it for granted but now it's a bit of an adventure to nip in on the train. My SIL and her hubby are off to the Christmas Market tonight, they had lunch with us and are having tea there, can't be bad!!
Hope all is good with you and your lovely family.
Hugs Lisax

Mrs.D said...

What a super day you had, lovely pics.
Blessings Chris

Erika said...

Thank you for all those wonderful pictures so full of Life and inspiration !