Tuesday, 4 February 2014

WOYWW 244 & Friendship Blocks

Our world famous leader, Julia, over at the Stamping Ground invites us all to show and tell about our crafty spaces and the things we are creating within them. Why not go round for a snoop, it's good fun and it is the 244th time it has happened.
Lots of friendships have evolved thanks to Julia's brainchild and so I am adding an invite to any WOYWWers to join those of us who will attend 
the Creative Crafts show at Event City in Manchester. 
It is open this week, Thurs 6th, 7th and 8th Feb and so far I know of 3 people already who will be there on Thursday. Email me if you too would like to meet up with some Northern WOYWWers and we can set a time for a cuppa and a chat ... I'll be wearing my badge!
This week I have been stitching, planning my "Block of the Month" for the friendship quilts we are making in my quilting group and here is my desk with it almost prepped ready to go tomorrow. 
I'm staying nice and warm working on the breakfast table and the good thing is that it then gets tidied away and left clear after I've finished crafting.
Each month, one of us demonstrates a patchwork block and selects the colours to be used. Then all of the others go off and make it and bring it back the next month. This month it is my turn and I chose a block, I have never before tried, called "Card Trick" so I've prepared packs of instruction sheets and the background fabric pieces and next month all the finished blocks will be amazingly given to ME to sew together as a friendship quilt! I'm so thrilled it's my turn at last. I have really enjoyed participating each month, learning new blocks and giving them to the other lovely quilters but this time they are mine all mine and I treasure the quilt I will soon make from them.
"Card Trick"
The colours are much nicer for real as the bottom left one is a pinky cerise not red.
Here you can see last month's block ready for me to take in.
The choice was Japanese folded patchwork in red fabrics (we were all given the white inserts) which I really enjoyed making. It is all hand stitched and is lightly padded so there is no need to use wadding or batting when the blocks are sewn  together and the quilt is made.
Japanese Folded Patchwork

Here's a post from a couple of Winters ago which I'd really love to try and this is my DD's creation, however, in our area we haven't had weather cold enough (YET) to freeze anything. I know many of you, especially in other countries, are experiencing severe cold and snow etc., so I thought maybe you'd like a reminder to try this frozen art.
My DD in Germany made this novel piece of ice art for her garden, from an idea she saw in pinterest. Simple to make, it is so effective. Greenery, berries, leaves and a string (for hanging it) were added to water in a large plant pot saucer. It was then just left to freeze before hanging it up in view from the window. No doubt it will last a long time as the temperature is consistently much colder there than it is has been here in England. 
Mind you from all reports it looks like we'll soon be having a spell cold enough for me to try this out!
Stay warm!


Annie said...

Oh wow Jo the latest quilting is really gorgeous. I will really look forward to seeing your finished quilt...do please share a pic.
Annie x # 45

lisa said...

What a great idea, Jo, you are all sharing ideas and making something beautiful at the same time. I love quilting but just never seem to get the time. We had a go at the Japanese patchwork at my craft club sometime ago, it looks great doesn't it?
Would love some cold bright weather instead of all this wind and rain...your DD's ice sculpture is beautiful.
Enjoy the show
Hugs Lisax #54

Neil said...

Hi Jo.
It looks like those quilts are fun to do (Not for me though!) I look forward to seeing how your finished piece comes together. Nice idea with the frozen art. Not sure if it will get cold enough to try it out down here though.
Hope you have a good week.
Neil #37

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Wish I could make the show as meeting up would be fun - not least because I so need to SEE you do a spray starch background demo. Mine were rubbish LOL! Next WOYWW crop for sure....

Funny I just mentioned crochet jewellry to Lunch Lady Jan!! OK so it was a post back, but still..... :)
Getting an early start for a change....
Happy WOYWW Day!
Mary Anne (4)

Redanne said...

Beautiful work Jo, you are such a clever quilter! Love the frozen art too. I have emailed you about tomorrow, hope to see you there - I will be the one hobbling around with a stick! Hugs, Anne x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Golly, your patchwork is beautiful...so neat and precise. Everything I'm not!! Lol! I'm on the look out for a local course on free machining. I know there are online tutorials but I learn much better from someone in t' flesh!
Love the frozen art too :-)
I hope you are keeping well, I wish I could have made the journey u north for the frat show, but its not to be this time.
Hugs, LLJ 33 xx

sandra de said...

Fabulous frozen art and your quilts parts are gorgeous.
Sandra @59

Anne said...

Hello Jo love the quilting going on. The frozen art is beautiful. I'd like to think that we might get some weather to do it as I enjoy snow/cold - for a little while anyway. Anne x #63

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a fantastic idea - love the colours you have chosen! It looks very complicated to me as does the one you made for last month! Hope to see you tomorrow - will e-mail you later. Chrisx (no number - not posted yet!)

Mrs.D said...

What lovely patchwork. Oh dear I am getting overwhelmed with the desire to get out my parchwork materials now, surfing WOYWW makes me want to do so many things. But I don't think I could do anything as beautiful as you have.
Chris #55

Ann B said...

Love the quilts Jo and the ice art, very clever idea. You were missed on Saturday, hope you can make the next one.
Not sure about the craft show yet, will let you know if I can make it as I love to meet crafty friends.

Happy Wednesday.
Ann B

tilly said...

your quilting looks great, can't wait to see it made up..... I am in the middle of decorating so can't make the show!! have a good time

Julia Dunnit said...

Love the garden art - and the fact that there's daisies in amongst the winter plants! Amazing.
Your patchwork is beautiful, I like the playing cards block, a lovely way to show off colour - which lets face it, is a speciality of yours.
Will try to remember to include a shout out about the Creative Crafts show when I blog next.

Twiglet said...

Stunning quilting craft Jo - I just don't have the patience for it some how. The ice picture would be a fab idea to make with little ones - if only we get the weather. It is wild wet and windy again here today. I posted your little parcel yesterday.x Jo

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Ahhh … Lovely! You remind me of my unfinished quilts … and of the fabric stash *and* pieces I have cut for hand-piecing.

I *am* going through closets … and as I clean and clear and inventory, I believe I'll take at least one baby step to complete an aspect (or two) of some of those quilting projects. Thanks for the inspiration!

Eliza said...

Loving the quilts and a bonus for you this month yippee. I really have never seen anything like that frozen art, how beautiful and made from natures elements. I want to try it here but hey we are in summer and the winters never get that cold. I hope you have a wonderful crafting week.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 12

MaggieC said...

How good it must be to have a group to share ideas with. Sadly, we seem to be in a craft vacuum down here and even the local craft shops have closed down. Still, there are so many friends out there in internet land to chat to and pick up ideas from. I love that ice plate, so beautiful. I have almost finished cataloguing my stamps, so the next job is go to through my small stash of ink pads to make sure I do not duplicate those too much. I shall take my few duplicate stamps to the crop in May for anyone who would like them. I have also managed to get all my colouring things, paints and all, into one small cupboard, easy to get at. Hope you have a good week, Jo. xx Maggie #3

Helen said...

Gorgeous quilts - and ice sculpture - I really hope we don't get a real cold spell now!! Have a great time meeting up with other WOYWWers.. Helen 7

famfa said...

beautiful quilting, especially the japanese one. i am off to try that frozen art right now, if only it would stop snowing for five minutes!!!!
boys make their own hats? brilliant I will teach mine to crochet and see how they get on ha ha
famfa 5

Nikki C said...

That quilt looks wonderful and just draws you into it following the colours. Just finished shoveling the snow here 2nd time today most likely one one before the nite is over happy woyww hugs Nikki 29

cockney blonde said...

Love the quilting Jo. Enjoy the show, I had thought about going along but hey ho!, x

My name is Cindy said...

Love the quilting and what a great idea for the frozen art! However,pretty as it is, I would be perfectly happy not to have the opportunity to try it out!! Happy WOYWW Cindy #97

Neet said...

Love C's artwork, what a fabulous idea and such a great thing to do with children.
Fab patchwork squares, I have taken a couple of photos of things you might like to copy from a shop in Ventura run by Senior Citizens.
Have a great time at the show, say hello to the girls for me.
Hugs, Neet xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I realize I'm really late visiting, especially after your lovely comment on my blog. Wish I'd seen your DD's craft project about a week ago. I'd have gathered some fodder to make it. Clever and to the point, too.

I am impressed that your quilting group has such staying power. Knowing me, at least two players would have dropped out by the time it was my turn (GRIN).

Now I'm off to read about quilts in your next post. And yes, you already found me at #1.

Caro said...

Gorgeous quilting you have done and that ice art is stunning. I will remember it for next time it is cold enough. Thanks for sharing. Happy Belated WOYWW. Caro x (#57)