Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Japanese Folded Squares & Needle Case Prize

I haven't managed to blog very much of late, as I've been so busy. 
The Brighton wing of my family spent last week with us so I was out and about having fun with the Curly Girlies and I'm still helping out my friend who is ill. 

Here's a catch up of my latest makes before I fly off to Germany tomorrow to visit the rest of my family. I'll be leaving DH home alone to fend for himself and as much as, at first, he enjoys some chill out time on his own, he gets fed up after a couple of days and loves to have me home again. Aaaahh!

Here's my windmill bag, made after I spotted one on Carol's Alcoholinky Blog. Just like me, she has turned to fabric and is making some super stuff . Thanks to Carol who was kind enough to share the secrets of how to make this fun bag. Mine (below) is not yet finished as I haven't decided on details for the handles and fastener. I must say that I do love the zingy colours of the batik fabrics.
With being out and about so much my stitching has mainly been on the go and so I managed a few more hand stitched Japanese folded patchwork squares. 
I was inspired by Lorna, a member of  my quilting group, who made this beautiful black and white quilt using this technique.
The Front View of Lorna's finished quilt....
The back looks good too....
Such a super impressive result. It measures 12 x 19 squares.......228 in total so I still have to make quite a few before mine is finished!

When I posted on 25th March I had stitched 24 squares and by my post of 8th April it was up to 63........ 
so now can you guess my new total to date? 
For the nearest guess there will be a small handmade prize and this is open to all followers, just leave your guess in a comment.
For the prize....
 I will make a needle case for the winner in colours of their choice.
If you don't sew you can choose a note book with a fabric cover and pockets.

Here's the stash all squashed into the basket for you to study..... are there squares underneath or not? That's for me to know and you to GUESS!
Take a look at the earlier posts to see the previous totals.
I'm aiming to make these into a hand stitched double sized quilt and so they will all have to be stitched together. 
What a thrill it will be to finish it but I wonder how long it will take me?
I'll close the voting when I return from Germany and if more than one person guesses correctly I will draw from the correct ones for a winner.

I have already made some needle cases as gifts for my friends.
Tiny 2 1/2 inch squares of batik fabric here which were a bit intricate to finish quite as neatly as the 4 1/2 inch squares.

Triangles of Liberty Tana Lawn for this one.

A bit easier for this one made of recycled vintage dress fabrics.

You too could soon own one of these needle cases... just take a guess at the number of squares to date.

I custom made a small zip pouch to hold all I need to make more squares whilst on my travels so this will come with me to Germany tomorrow.

Bye for now!


sam21ski said...

Great to see you're enjoying your fabric Jo and lovely that you've had one set of family around and you are heading of to see the other side.

My guess is 102.

Have a fun time in Germany and hope Dave doesn't get too bored home alone.

Sam xxx

Hetty said...

Love all your quilting! I need more time in a day.

Helen said...

what beautiful stitching, just love the quilt! have a great trip and enjoy your time with the German littlies!

Annie said...

Gorgeous makes Jo....I'm guessing you've made 106 :-)
Have a great time with your family over in Germany.
Big hugs from me.
A x

fairy thoughts said...

hI jO
My but the black and white quilt is gorgeous, she must be very proud of it. Glad to see you are still able to sew while on your travels. I should thibk you have made about 110 by now.... almost .
half way.
Have a great time with the curly girlie and boy in Germany.. I have a new grandson now ... 10days old already.

tilly said...

you have been busy again, have a great time in Germany with your family
my guess is 92

cockney blonde said...

Ooo, the bag is looking good. I was lucky to see it IRl although not at the assembled stage.
Enjoy Germany and my guess is 98, x

Paul Browning said...

These are gorgeous projects Jo. Love the joyful colours. I have to admit to getting more into fabrics and sewing again, especially because of the bright colours you can play with :) And thanks for the tips on my blog - wish I'd known your idea for ink daubers!!!! I'll definitely not be buying anymore lol :) Enjoy your trip in Germany. I know just how your hubby feels. I love having the place to myself when Nick goes away but then after a day, I start to miss having him around lol. Pxx

Twiglet said...

Well I think you probably have 108! Your crafty makes are so lovely Jo. Enjoy every minute in Germany and give them all a hug from me! Glad the bags arrived in time and thanks for the lovely comment.x Jo #30

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Oh my ~ this technique is intriguing AND stunning! I may just have to add it to my list of (long, long, very long) things to do!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Hetty said...

Oh,yes, I forgot to gues. It must be about 95 and how fun you do this on the road. For a year and a half i try to make one for my grandson,but I am not even half way done.

Have a great time in Germany and if you want,you can stay with us and go to the Keukenhof!

Ann B said...

My guess is for a Nelson - 111.
Enjoy your time in Germany Jo hope to see you at done point over the summer - miss you at Vicky Stampers.
Ann B

Gill said...

I'm guessing you're up to 115.
Enjoy your trip to Germany!

Anonymous said...

Wow such beautiful work and gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics. Love everything you have made and that black and white quilt made by your friend is stunning. I think you have made 115 squares, lovely colours and I wish I could sew so neatly :)
Lynn x

Carol Q said...

wow Jo you have been busy. your bag looks just fab! isn't stitching fun lol

rachel addison said...

I am guessing 97 squares done! these look like a variation on the cathedral window.It will be impressive when you finish.


sandra de said...

Absolutely stunning array of colours on your quilt.

Lee said...

Oh my giddy aunt you are soooo talented,why don't you live near me lol.Have a lovely time with the grandees.Huggles xx

voodoo vixen said...

A complete assortment of gorgoeusness... the colours of your windmill thingymebob is stunning and the black and white quilt... wow, what a gem that is! You really do make some wonderful things Jo, I am in awe!!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

amazingly beautiful, Jo, your stitchery quite blows my mind away.. am guessing you are going to have to pick nearest to it..
My guess is 141 ... but guess it will depend when the candy ends wont it :D
oh and love that bag it is just superb .. enjoy it all, dear friend, as it is really "eye candy" just looking at it.
God bless you, love Shaz in Oz.x

carolann said...

Your work is awesome. Oh how much stuff you halve accumulated but what comes out of it. Is breath taking work.