Wednesday, 21 May 2014


I made this card on my work desk ready to send to my oldest grandee in Brighton who will be 7 at the weekend. It stood on the table to dry the glitter glue and when I went to retrieve it the peony had kindly shed it's petals over it. An amazing amount but the flower is still so full with lots more petals waiting to drop.

I'm just popping in late to warn everyone that I will be out of action for some time and this will be the last thing I make in my craft room for a while.
 I am in the process of emptying my stash into boxes, and trying to squeeze them into the garage, ready for the plumbers to take over......
such an onerous task.
I'm not the only one to be sharing my work space as there are many more to be spied upon over at Julia's place, the Stamping Ground.
I'm really sorry I cannot take part in the WOYWW 5th Birthday swap but I'll be around to help celebrate on the day amidst all my huge mess so spare a thought for me but please don't send me any ATCs.
Some of the cupboards will be have to be removed and where the freezer stands will soon be a downstairs shower and in the anti chamber behind the door there will be a toilet.
This will all go and may never return! What on earth will I do with the contents of all those boxes? I bet a few of you could tell me!!!
I will be AWOL for quite some time until the work is finished but it can't even start until I make space for the plumbers to work. 
So sorry if I don't get around too many desks but I'll do my best to visit as many of you as I can.


sam21ski said...

Oh no Jo, I look forward to being able to see what you've been up to and where you've been, you always find the most interesting of places to visit.

Hope the plumbing gets sorted real soon and you can have your stash back.

Sam xx

sam21ski said...

Oh no Jo, I look forward to being able to see what you've been up to and where you've been, you always find the most interesting of places to visit.

Hope the plumbing gets sorted real soon and you can have your stash back.

Sam xx

tilly said...

Oh dear Jo..........

you have a BIG task there in front of you, if you need me to store your boxes just give me a shout..... I will only take little peaks every now and then!!!! you don't need to count the boxes I'm sure they will all come back to you.... even if they are only half full heheheheh

Can't wait for my VIP tour when you have finished!

Helen said...

Oh my, that sounds a bit of a nightmare ahead... hope you get it all sorted soon and you can get back to crafting! I love the petal additions to the birthday card...
Helen 8

CraftygasheadZo said...

Wow good luck with the packing and with all the work. I'm currently having my bathroom ripped out and a wet room style one put back in and also having the boiler replaced at same time. So I fully know what an upheaval it can be. Thankfully my craft room isn't needed by the men so me and Baxter can hide away in here! Hope it goes well. Enjoy your day. Take care. Zo xx 50

Ali H said...

Good luck with all the upheaval of your building works !
Surely you can keep a suitcase of crafty stash handy so you don't get withdrawal symptoms !!
Ali #6

Annie said...

I'm only just doing my rounds to catch up with all my blogging's been a busy day with lots of extra cuddles needed by my little poorly munchkins.
Good luck with all the building work...and you're getting an ATC from me whether you want one or not [and I don't need one in return] just wouldn't be the same without you having one.
Annie x #27

Nan G said...

The petals are/were gorgeous. And the same color as your stamping on the card! Hope all goes well with reno and that you don't suffer crafty withdrawal symptoms. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #10

lisa said...

Sounds like you are just starting what we are just finishing, lol. I hope your plumber is as good as ours was, what a great job and a really nice bloke.
I don't envy you all the prep though, good luck with it all.
Hugs Lisax #47

fairy thoughts said...

Awe jo we will miss you. Such a lot of work I didn't realise when you mentioned it last week. Don't worry about the visit to be honest we have both had such a lot on this year it hadn't crossed my mind for ages. We have the wedding this weekend do I'm not going to the crop either
I hope all goes well with the re modelling and you do manage to find somewhere to put all that stash ( don't get rid of it, you know you'll need it later)!
Take care friend and keep in touch
Janet @24

Alison Wade said...

Happy WOYWW. You will certainly be packing for a while. Hope everything goes smoothly. Ali x. #34.

Paul Browning said...

Such a beautiful card Jo, that particular blue and red is one of my fave combos. Your Grandee I'm sure will love it :) As for the plumbing work, wow what a huge faff but I'm sure the end result will be worth the mighty hassle it's causing at the moment. Good luck with all your rearrangements and packing. I'll certainly miss your posts and will eagerly await the day when normal service resumes :) Pxx

Twiglet said...

Hi Jo. Bless you - what a mammoth task. Hope it all goes well and if we can help just shout up!! Think what Annie said about ATCs might be true cos we have posted ours together!! No worries - we have lots of your lovely crafty delights here we don't need more in return. x Jo

Neet said...

Hope it all goes without too much mess for you but what a boon it will be when finished.
Love the card for grandee no 1 (in age) - just perfect - I must find out where that stamps(s) came from as I can see a use for it coming up.
Going to cut some peonies myself or they will be demolished now it is raining.
Good Luck with the renovations
Hugs Neet xx 18
(you know where we are if you need a bolt hole at any time)

sandra de said...

Hope all goes smoothly with the plumbing work. Hard to keep the end in sight when you are covered in dust. We will miss you cheery posts and look forward to seeing you back on woyww. It was also lovely to see Doone in one of your earlier posts. She is also missed.
Sandra @12

Chrysalis said...

Just focus on how beautiful and practical it will be when finished - and you will get there, although the ride will be bumpy. Take it from one whose home was upside down for 5 months last year, as we made the house suitable for Mum (90) too - and she was living with us through it! Grin! Chris # 17 xx

Gita said...

Oh no...I hope you get things sorted and figure out spots for all your stash. Brigita #80

cockney blonde said...

Oh Goodness Jo, I don't envy you that upheaval. Hope to see you back crafting soon, x

Eliza said...

This is wrong you need the craft police to help you. If you need to send any supplies send them to me will look after them

Have a great week.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 26

Angela Radford said...

I dread anything like this. It was bad enough when we had workmen in doing the kitchen and bathroom, At least I didn't have to move my craft stuff.
Good luck, have a great week and happy crafting when you can manage some, Angela x 41

glitterandglue said...

Oh my word, Jo - what a lot of sorting you need to do. Keep the end in mind all along, and despite the dust - which does indeed even get into sandwiches!! - you'll get there.
Take care - and I'm afraid I'm not going to get to any shows, raft or quilting, with John as he is.... sorry to miss Cardarian.
Have a good week.
Margaret #42