Wednesday, 11 June 2014


I was so thrilled last week to receive all these super ATCs  all in one packet.
They had been given to Julia for me at the crop by all the wonderful WOYWWers, who know me, and I feel so guilty as I have not yet even posted my ONE to Shaz Silverwolf....... (not long now Shaz!)
Thanks go out to Maggie (Silvercrafter) Tatteredrocks, Kyla (Lilpidge)
 LLJ, Minxy
Sorry Jan that your's is upside down...I'll fix it later....
no wonder Cindy's little character looks like she is saying "Oops!"
 Shaz (Silverwolf), Cindy (Ashplant "Cash), Alison
Julia & Robyn

It says on Shaz's ATC "A friend is someone who reaches out for your hand and touches your heart".
 A fabulous quote and a perfect comment for the kindness of WOYWWers!
Thanks so much!
I won't manage to reply to people this week but I'm linking in to show off all these treasures.


Annie said...

Fab ATCs Jo :-) isn't this blogging lark just wonderful? :-) Hope all is going well with you.
Annie x

Eliza said...

Hi Jo,

Happy WOYWW what a fantastic collection of ATC's you have and it doesn't surprise me the kindness that happens around the deskers. I didn't join in last year for many reasons and I got ATC's sent to me anyway. This year I have joined in and have enjoyed every bit of the creation and giving receiving process.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda
no linky yet

cockney blonde said...

What a fabulous collection Jo, you must be chuffed to bits, x

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

No Linky yet, but bet Julia's on a holiday...Thanks for sharing your lovely ATC's. I loved the surprise of a group of them. No Time for inside creating, weather is just to perfect and the events are mounting up. Enjoy a fun week.

Twiglet said...

A fab selection Jo - what a clever crafty bunch they are!!x JO

Nikki C said...

They are fantastic it's so sweet to enjoy the ATC's that where traded at the crop :) Lucky Girl.
hugs Nikki
My Desk

Lunch Lady Jan said...

We loves ya :-). The giving was completely spontaneous!
Julia is not well at the moment, see the edited message on my blog...
Hugs,LLJ xxxx

CraftygasheadZo said...

Fab ATCs, am gutted because I didn't have enough to put into envelopes while there. Sorry you don't have one from me. Take care Zo xx

Helen said...

Sorry I was sure I put one of mine in the bag for you too...! Lovely collection, Jo. Hope the work is going ok and not too messy. Helen xx

okienurse said...

great atc's! Love how each person shows their individuality in mini art pieces. I haven't been able to post for a while so I looked back through your postings and girl you have been busy creating. Love the chicks! Have a great week. Sorry to hear about julia! Vickie

butterfly said...

What a wonderful array of ATCs... such a lot of WOYWW love!

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment - I hope your grandchildren enjoy the post as much as you did! There's a more up to date house due on Tuesday, and then a round-up of the other stuff I got up to.... so there'll be plenty more where that came from over the next few days!!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend,
Alison xx

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Jo
I seem to be having connection problem this evening.... Works on my phone only! comment on your owl post may not have worked if not they are lovely and yes please please may I have the recipe for the chickens Erin loves them.
Anyway back to WOYWW and some fab ATC ... I didn't think you were playing otherwise I would have sent you one things have been a bit crazy down in Fairythoughts grotto. Hopefully on the up now.
A little bird tells me it's your birthday today so I hope you did as you were told and had a good day and ate cake :-)).
Have a great week
Janet @17

Darnell J Knauss said...

I came over from Dolores's to wish you a Happy Birthday, Jo!! I hope you see this on your post from last week. I missed your place then and am glad to see all these awesome ARCS now!! Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful special day and week! Hugs, Darnell #14