Friday, 29 May 2015

Black Sheep Event News & Friday Smile

Back once again from my travels and I managed to hand stitch quite a few more Liberty Tana Lawn 1 inch hexagons to add to may stash. I've now started linking together the random florets with a lighter background. I really like the vintage effect that I hoped for.
It's great to have something to show as a result of hanging around waiting for planes or sitting in a car. 
Many of you will not realise that it's allowed to take a needle or two on a plane, as long as they are not longer than 6 cms, but always check with your airline regulations in advance. 
I've stitched my way around the world and have never yet been stopped from carrying needles on to a plane. 
On the left of the photo, below, you can see my little box prepped and 
all precut ready to go, but my scissors have to go in my suitcase in the hold.
I had a wonderful time visiting the German branch of my family in their pretty little town. 
I didn't take many photos this visit but here's the Rathaus (town hall) with balloons all ready for a Balloon Blast event when they would all be released together. 
It was lovely to spend time with these special little people and luckily the sun shone, giving us some quality outdoor playtime. Cold breezes, mind!

Next trip to plan soon will be to see my other special girlies on the South Coast in Brighton. I always yearn to see the others when I am visiting half of my family.
A real mixed post this week as I am joining in with Annie's Friday Smile and, beside my little stars above who make me smile, I came across this pic below of my favourite "Free Range" chicken.
We take the children to visit a local urban farm and this little chicken has had such a long, happy, free life, scratching wherever it wants but it does look so funny with so many feathers missing. 
We'll miss her if she isn't there next visit! Aaaaahhh!

Here's another smile from me for this week!
The Secret is Out!
I took a little trip to visit Black Sheep Wools,one of my favourite shops in Culcheth, near Warrington.
Not just wools any more since they dedicated a room to fabulous fabrics. They sell top quality brands and designs such a Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler, Sandra Rhodes, Tim Holtz, amongst others. It's sewing heaven.
This time there was a special reason for me to visit to select some fabrics for a forthcoming event.
 The exciting news is that I have been invited, along with four other patchwork bloggers, to join in a Mini Patchwork Sewing Bee in Black Sheep's workshop. Save the date and come along for a fun day to see what each of us will make on the day....... I can't divulge too much yet but we'll all be doing something different but it's all under wraps until we get together for the Bee on......
 Wednesday June 10th
 So much to see and so much to tempt sewers, knitters and embroiderers in this Aladdin's cave of fabric and yarns and there is a lovely cafe too.
We'd love you to join us!         


Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Jo and happy Friday. Lovely post and lots to smile about...especially all that lovely fabric. Your hexagons quilt is looking fabulous too. Enjoy your weekend Robyn

Annie said...

Love the photos Jo. Your little German family are really growing up so's so lovely to see them. :-)
Would really love to pop over to see you at Black Sheep's workshop but being a Wednesday I'm usually rather hectic here.....we must catch up some time soon though Jo.
Annie x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I can't believe how much your grandchildren have grown!!! So glad you had a lovely time over there. I didn't know that about the needles on aeroplanes...useful tip.
Now WHY did you have to show me that shop?? I've gone all green eyed at all those gorgeous fabrics. I so wish I could come up for that day but simply can' day though :-)
LLJ xxxx

tilly said...

What lovely news, the children are growing and your hexies are gathering speed!
how could you visit black sheep and not call in to see me.....anyway, put the date in my diary

Helen said...

Wish I could come up and see you - will be hard at work though!! Love the pictures of your not so little grandees! As for that poor chicken...

Julia Dunnit said...

You are the perfect person to inspire and encourage people who come to the sewing Bee, I hope you have a fab day. Your hexes look gorgeous, it's already got that heirloom look! Can't quite believe how much growing up those babies have done, aren't they a heart squeeze!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love your photos! I would have loved another chance to visit Black Sheep again but we will be in France! Have a fun day! Hugs, Chrisx

Twiglet said...

Oh Jo - your little grandees are growing up so fast! So lovely that you can get to visit them and manage to make your lovely hexies too! Your workshops will be fab and if Annie was free we would pop over. Think she has the twins that day so doubt we can make it. We will get together again soon I am sure - especially now we are both in Shrewsbury! x Jo

mammafairy said...

And I am looking forward to seeing you there! ;-)

Hetty said...

Hello Jo, thank you for peeping into my blog and looking at my vacation scrapbook.
I love coming to your blog as wel and seeing all that you do in all different kinds of crafts. Your quilting is buitiful and i love reading your stories. I have taken up doing crochet lately. That is easy to do while on the road!

mamapez5 said...

I love the hexagon quilt. A friend at work hand stitched a cot size one for me when I fell pregnant 30+ years ago, and I still have it. (If that son ever gets around to giving me any grandchildren I shall pass it on to him).
I can´t believe how the little man has grown already.
The wool and fabric shop looks wonderful. I have just spent an hour browsing a wool shop on line and deciding just how much I can justify buying in one go!
Nice to bump into you again in blogland. Kate x