Friday, 31 July 2015

Celtic Braid (yet another) and Friday Smile

I've not completed much sewing lately but I have managed to finish yet another Celtic Braid table runner. This one is a gift for someone in Wales to go on the table in her new kitchen and it is made in her choice of colours. 

Each Friday, Annie, at, invites us to share something that has made us smile this week, and will hopefully make you smile too.
We've had our daughter and the Brighton Curly Girlies to stay for a week and we have had such fun. We went to a special Indian/ Sri Lankan restaurant, our favourite Yukti Art Kitchen, to celebrate our 49th wedding anniversary. We'll be going again soon when the rest of our family comes from Germany and it is certainly recommended both for the excellent food and the friendly service. They made a special meal for the girlies which was exactly to their needs and they ate every morsel.
The food is a work of art on the plate but the portions are generous and whilst I enjoy everything I have been served there I could kill for their kulfi dessert.... Rose flavoured. I love it so much I now ask for it to be reserved for me, when I book a table, incase they ever run out!

We visited Knowsley Safari Park and had an excellent day... or "awesome" day as the girlies said!
Here they are watching the sealions below water level. We also enjoyed a show by these wonderfully amusing creatures.
 We drove through the estate and saw, up close, so many beautiful animals living in excellent conditions just as they would in the wild. The lions and tigers were just amazing but then we arrived at the monkey enclosure and thank goodness we chose the "safe" route outside and free from the devastation within the compound. The monkeys pounced on every car and were so adept at wrenching windscreen wipers, mirrors and anything else available which could be parted from the cars. I must admit it was good fun to watch but we could see who had the higher intellect... the drivers must be stupid to venture inside to have their car parts removed!

It's an excellent day out for young and old alike, educational and good value too and at the end of the safari drive there are plenty of rides and activities for children of all ages. The bigger rides are chargeable but there are many free safe play areas. I feel happier that the animals have so much freedom and are so well cared for. Much better than zoos.

Got any sandwiches mate? No chance as we had to keep our windows closed and move on!


Annie said...

Lovely pics of a fun day out with your gorgeous family Jo. I can just imagine all the smiles shared by you all.
Your table runner is are so clever.
Annie x
ps your link isn't working :-(

Twiglet said...

That looks like a great day out - fab photos Jo. x Jo

Helen said...

the table runner looks beautiful!!
the safari park looks great fun - I remember going to Longleat as a child, and sitting in the car with the windows shut - boiling hot days of course, and no air con in cars back then... Dad would inch the window down a little... think we always made it intact through the monkey section! great memories - and don't your little ones look big girls now!!

Barb said...

Looks as if you had a great day out with your family. We've been those idiots several times at Woburn who have had bits ripped from the car by the pesky monkeys. That's a beautiful table runner. I'm so impressed by the beautiful work you quilters do. Have a lovely weekend. Barbxx

mammafairy said...

As long as no-one got left in the safari park by accident...
Lovely Celtic Braid again!

Hettie said...

That runner is gorgeous Jo. Love the colours.
Those photos of your day out are wonderful.

Neet said...

Sorry, the table runner didn't make me smile - it made me gasp in wonder. What a gorgeous piece of work Jo, and I love the inclusion of the apple fabric. Fabulous!
The girlies watching the swimming activities are great and hasn't O's hair grown. My goodness, it is long, bet it is beautiful to see. They both have such lovely curls.
Love the animal photos and had to smile at the ostrich especially. What a great day out.
Hugs, Neet xx
ps will miss you today

Diane-crewe said...

congratulations on your anniversary ... and your family time too .. looks like you had a wonderful visit x You have certainly got the hang of that runner .. it is beautiful x

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Jo, the runner is another work of art...just gorgeous, lucky friend. The photos of the safari park close, all would've enjoyed that day. Have a great weekend Robyn

mamapez5 said...

The animal photos are fun, but your table runner is beautiful. I love the mixture of fabrics, and all things Celtic, so this is right up my street. Have fun again when the rst of the family arrive. Kate x

Carola Bartz said...

Wow, the table runner is gorgeous! It looks like a lot of work. So very beautiful.
You sure had fun at the safari park - I agree, so much better than a zoo. The animals indeed look very well cared for. We have a safari place pretty close where you can also spend the night in lovely little cabins - quite expensive though.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love your table runner! We haven't been to Knowsley for a while. you, we always take the outside route! Chrisx