Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Needle Cases & My Cornish Quilt

I have been busy enjoying a visit from my lovely Brighton grandees but last week I managed to make these needle cases as gifts for friends. 
Now they've arrived with their new owners I can show them here.
All completely hand stitched using my favourite Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics.
One in mixed colours for my special friend Dolores.......but the background had to be the bright pink that she loves so much.
One to help raise funds for a very worthwhile charity drive for Zoe.....
and one for another lovely friend, Lee in Cornwall.
Be sure to take a look at the new blog of my quilting group
Lots of ideas and quality makes from group members.
We'll have a followers button installed very soon!
A couple of weeks ago, Lee kindly sent me a pack of charm squares as a surprise gift and this is the little quilt I made with them. I love making it and I love the results and the colour palette.
Huge thanks to you Lee, it's a little treasure.
Super patterns on the fabric.
The backing.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Quilty Valentine, Swap & Challenge

I've started swapping blocks, thanks to Diane (the Cheshire Quilter) and I have also joined in with the challenge in her quilt group. One of the topics for Diane's blocks was this heart design so I thought it would be appropriate if this was my first choice to complete in time for Valentine's Day so it can serve as a greeting from me to you! 
Have a very special day and appreciate all the love you share.

The other day I showed this picture below of my start for the challenge. Diane sent me 12 charm squares and I could make anything I wished from them, for a swap. 
Before I continued I removed the few dark squares as I felt that they just didn't tone in and on this picture they stick out like a sore thumb.
Next stage I lined and edged the strips, sandwiching them with light batting.
Some super fabrics there and a lovely colour palette.
The four strips were joined at their bases like the spokes of a windmill.
Then when the sides were joined up, hey presto! it made a simplified version of the Windmill Bag.
I do hope that whoever gets it in the draw, likes it!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

How to Train Your Dragon, Astrid Costume

I wonder if you can guess what I've made? The title of this post is a huge clue!
These little lumps are component parts for the latest fancy dress costume request from one of my grandees. I couldn't find my paper clay so, I made blobs of plaster filler and when they had dried I sprayed them gold, then painted them silver with a Krylon pen.

I expected the costume to be floaty, pretty, and like a princess but when I received her request this is who she would like to be.... the character is Astrid from the film "How to Train Your Dragon". 
There's attitude for you, and so different from Ella and Anna of "Frozen", Merida of "Brave" or the other pretty costumes I've made for the girlies.

It took a bit of thinking to figure out how to get it all together but those studs worked well on the armour shoulder pieces. I bought a piece of grey synthetic leather cloth and the Krylon pen gave it the metallic look it needed.
I made cuffs with fake lacings
The fake fur collar hood looks so effective and the strap with brad studs is for the headband.
I couldn't risk real metal, pointed studs for a 5 year old so I gave the impression by gluing silver flexible tags for safety. I think we'll give the axe a miss too!
I can't wait to make the finishing touches at the weekend and to see her dress rehearsal. Watch this space.........