Tuesday, 25 March 2014

WOYWW 251 with Birthday Patchwork

Nipping in for WOYWW, after two weeks absence, to share my "work desk" with the world thanks to the marvellous idea of Julia and all the participants who join in each Wednesday. All will be revealed in glorious detail over on the Stamping Ground.
I've been helping a friend who has been ill, and she has been in and out of hospital, so it has absorbed most of my spare time but I've still managed a bit of hand stitched patchwork during my travels, to and from her house or the hospital. As a result, I've been working on my knee with just a little box of tricks.
Here's the result of my car crafting, arranged in random order. I'll balance the colours out before I stitch them together, when I have made enough. 24 x 4 inch squares of Japanese folded patchwork made and only 246 to go! At the least and they'll all need stitching together!
Here's my little box of tricks I carry round to enable me to stitch on the go.....
Tuesday was the first time we could manage to meet up to celebrate Neet's birthday and we had a lovely Thai meal together at the Thai Kitchen in Hannigans pub and it was so good to catch up and have a good natter, a glass of wine and some excellent food. 
The pub restaurant, on the Bury Road, rates No 1 of over 200 Bolton eateries rated on Tripadvisor and I must admit that I can well recommend it. It also serves good English food.
I love this pic (below) of Neet, after our meal, looking so relaxed and mellow!
Belated Happy Birthday to a special friend and thanks for a lovely day together.
I can now show the gift I made for the birthday girl.
 I saw this scrap buster table runner on Missouri Star Quilters 
(Jenny does so many fabulous, easy to follow, video tutorials) 
and I had the idea to convert it to a seat cover for Neet to use in her craft room.
With elastic across the middle, at the back, this turned into......
this with the addition of some large flat beads to weight and decorate the front and back points. This seat has a low back but it would easily fit a higher one.
I sewed together all the offcuts of fabric quite haphazardly and made a handy tote for her craft shopping as an extra gift.
 A great way to use up scraps!
Front and back are quite different.
I've been following the travel and adventures of Flat Susan (check her moves and all the fun here)
When I took her with me to Germany on her maiden trip I bought this small globe for Neet to mark all her "Ports of Call" and today I was amazed to see how many places she had visited all over the world. I wonder how many miles she has travelled in less than a year?

Hello to all the lovely WOYWW bloggers I usually visit and I do hope time allows me to get around to lots of you for a nosey this week. 
I have been missing but I have missed you!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Triangles and Hexies

I've been awol for the last few weeks, having been down South helping my DD over half term and having lots of fun with my grandees. 
I came home just after a friend had an accident and she ended up in hospital so I've been helping her get back to independence. I stayed with her for a few days after she was allowed home and for the last few days I've been visiting day to day to help where I can. Life has been on hold for a while but stitching this patchwork has helped me through.
These are 1 1/2 inch hexagons which I first prepped then sewed by hand, mostly during my long trip to Brighton by coach.
After finishing enough of these tiny hexies to make a cushion I started on triangles. It is quite therapeutic to sit and hand stitch these beautiful tiny pieces of Liberty Tana Lawn which I've had in a drawer for possibly 30 years. They seem to be coming to life bit by bit. I purposely made them a random mix and I love the result.

I recently made this Native American Indian costume for my grandee in Germany.... she calls it an Indiana costume. All the children went to kindergarten in fancy dress last Monday and this is a tradition there every year before Shrove Tuesday.
I must send Best Wishes for a very Happy Birthday to my good friend Neet. Health and Happiness to you Neet and I hope to see you soon once you have finished all your birthday treats and trips!