Sunday, 26 November 2017

Christmas Fair at St Mary's West Derby.

It was a good day at the Christmas Fair despite the bad weather, wind and rain all day people, (and even Father Christmas) paid us a visit. We took hardly any items back home with us and a fair bit of cash has gone between a charity, our group and some to the church funds. Thanks to everyone who supported and helped us.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

A Couple More Makes for the Christmas Fair

Couldn't sleep. Up at 5am. Drinking Cocoa. Decided to add a post.
After making these little houses into hangings of three units, I had a few over so, I've made them into single residences as smaller items for the Christmas Fair on Saturday. 

This little hanging is for my Sister in Law who spotted one similar at our Summer Fair.
Kathy in my group kindly lent me the pattern which is in a Nancy Halvorsen, Art to Heart book called Happy Holidays to You. 
It is straight but sorry that the pic looks wonky.
Going back to bed for another little snooze........ I hope zzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Christmas Fair Makes

Christmas Fair to be held in the Millennium Centre at St Mary's Church, West Derby Village, Liverpool 12, on Saturday 25th November. 
Our quilt group has been invited to participate so I have been busy making small items for our table. Here's a quick post showing some of my results.

I loved making several of these decorations, an idea I found on pinterest.
An easy peasy make to hang on a wall with simple padded fabric houses attached to twigs. 
A little home spun style embroidery enhances the windows and doors.
  Back to making the wreaths again that I have also made in past years. 
5" fabric squares, stitched in half, and padded before tying tightly on to a wire ring with rustic string or ribbon. 
Easy to make but about 40 squares are needed for each wreath. It's a good idea to get together with a few other people to swap squares to gain more varity.

   Santa appliqued onto a cushion is quick and easy to make. Must add a bit of felt holly to the hat on the right. Don't know how I missed that!
I found 4 left over seasonal squares which soon transformed into this cushion above.

Scrap strips soon made this stocking
Couldn't go without making my old standby quickie.... more snowmen chocolate wraps but added a few penguins gnomes and Santas to the collection. 
My grandchildren make a good job of making these too.
Perfect sized quality chocolate bars are in a pack from Aldi at a reasonable price
These little snowbabies are made from toddlers socks filled with rice and the instructions are easy to find both on pinterest and youtube.
Left over panels made into wall hangings or table centres