Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Staffordshire Hoard

No WOYWW from me this week as I've been away and my desk is exactly as I showed last week so I'm not adding my name to Mr Linky. However my crochet ripple blanket has doubled in size thanks to the time I was in the passenger seat during our trip. 
Watch out though, as I'll be snooping on as many of YOUR desks as possible!

We arrived home last night after several really enjoyable days away at a reunion with DH's college friends. We packed in so much as well as enjoying the company of good friends who came from all around the country to meet up in a country hotel in the Staffordshire countryside.
On the way we stopped off to see some stunningly wonderful treasures which are just a small part of the ancient Anglo Saxon gold which was found in 2009 by Terry Herbert, a metal detector enthusiast, in a farmer's field.
Take a look here to find out more about this amazing collection http://www.stokemuseums.org.uk/pmag/hoard
Over 3,400 solid gold and silver items were discovered in the farm field in Lichfield, worth millions of pounds in bullion alone. 
Whilst only 80 items are exhibited in Staffordshire Potteries Museum, they are well worth seeing and this lovely modern museum has so much more to offer. 
There are more items on exhibition in the British Museum, Birmingham Museum and Tamworth Castle which we really hope to see one day.

It was extremely difficult to take photographs due to the glass cases but the following few are quite successful.

The treasure is predominately martial with many pieces such as sword pommels, armour fittings, and helmets but there are also crosses and other religious artefacts. 
A biblical inscription on this buckled clasp.
Exquisite detail by 7th century goldsmiths.
Whilst the original items are on display there were several reproductions available to touch and inspect more closely. These were created by modern technology methods so they were exact in detail and were so much easier to photograph.
More to come in the next few days if you are interested.
Happy Stampers North West Show
I must add an invite to anyone who is attending this show at Port Sunlight next Saturday, 29th September, to stop by Stampattack where I will be demonstrating with Carol. Say hello (wear your WOYWW badge if you have one)! We'd love to see you and we always have sweets!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Last week didn't end up as planned and, as a result of an upset system (enough said about that) I missed out on a weekend of fun and art. I'm fine now, thank goodness but, boo hoo! I had to cancel my trip with Donna to stay with her lovely friend Lizzie so we could attend Jennie's altered book workshop at her new shop. Instead, all I have done, each day until today, is crochet but my new ripple blanket has made great progress and kept me company and became warmer and warmer as it grew on my lap.
What's on Your Work desk Wednesday?
Each week, courtesy of our lovely Julia's hospitality we expose our crafty spaces to all who wish to share a peek ...HERE at her stamping ground blog
You'll no doubt be saying about my desk.... "I told you that tidy desk wouldn't stay neat for long" but this below is only the residue of my first arty play in a week and it was soon cleared away......So, ner, ner!
Here's the proof! It has been scoured clean but looks a wee bit messy as it hadn't dried before I snapped my photo. 
Yes! that's a medal on the table and I think that I deserve one for my sofa sitting and running to the loo marathon, but this medal is far from an Olympic one. 
It's Cadburys chocolate and if you are in England and have a Home Bargain store near you, you may be in time to snap them up at the bargain price of 19p instead of their original 99p. I also bought the £11.99 toy mascots at 49p! and coffee mugs filled with chocolates at 49p. All official Olympic souvenir products.
Today I played around with transferring magazine images to fabric...
and did a little more to this painted canvas and I think this image will fit in well in the centre when I decide how to set it there.
Finally my ripple blanket.....the results of my sofa sitting marathon just proves something good comes from almost everything.
Due to these circumstances beyond my control my blog candy prizes have been delayed so apologies to the winners concerned and I hope the items will be well worth the wait!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Erddig in Wales

Last week weekend the sun was shining so we seized the day and drove out to visit another National Trust property,
 Erddig Hall, 
near Wrexham, in North Wales
which is one of Britain's finest stately homes.
Built 1684-87 and extended in 1720

Such a beautiful warm day and this little cosy corner was a haven of shade. I loved the thoughtful gesture of a basket of beautiful wool blankets left there which could be borrowed to sit on the elegant lawns.

The lovely view of the folly and beyond, through this beautiful window, must have been such a distraction to the kitchen staff.
The playroom was my favourite stop

I wouldn't fancy a shower in this bathroom!
There were so many quirky artefacts to see 
This fascinating picture of Queen Victoria was created in totally writing and cleverly told the history of her life. 

Posters in the estate manager's office... quite a reward for those days.

It was a really good, interesting, day out on a beautiful, precious, sunny September day.
I wonder where we'll get to next on our history trail?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Plenty of space still on my desk but also quite a bit of mess as I have been splashing about with inks and paints whilst working on my altered book. 
Wondering why I'm showing my crafty desk, mystified, confused, curious or just plain nosey???... then......
Julia will open the gates of the Stamping Ground if you click HERE and all will be revealed.
A couple of my prepped pages of the book on my desk....
they still need some images or words...
The one open on my desk is nearly finished...
I decided to fill the niches with seed heads, beads, bits and bobs.

Another WOYWW meet up!
Yesterday Neil, of Neilz Expressionz who was up North to relocate his student daughter on the next phase of her degree in Preston, drove out of his way, through rush hour traffic, to meet up with lil ol' me in Liverpool City Centre.  It was a fairly short get together with coffee and as much gabbing as we could cram in before Neil had to rush off on his 5 hours journey down South to Kent. 
It was so lovely to meet such a talented guy and even lovelier that he really took so much trouble to make it happen. 
Thanks so much Neil and thanks too for my super card and generous pack of fabulous goodies which includes some  superfine detailed woodcuts of Neil's own designs.
This week the power of WOYWW works it's magic again as I'll be heading South with Donna to visit Jennie at the Artistic Stamper for a workshop! Woo hoo, can't wait!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


 A phenomena which occurs each Wednesday. 
The brainchild of Julia of Stamping Ground providing an opportunity for the crafters of the world to own up to the state of their crafting work desks...... tidy or mess it's all there. It's also a chance for the rest of the world to enjoy a snoop. Join in if you dare!
My work room is staying reasonably tidy considering all that I've been doing. Just a few leftovers waiting to be tidied away from the workshop I gave at Vicky Stampers on Saturday. It was a lovely day with the members of this fab group and below you will see a close up of few of my examples from the box of my samples which are on the desk. the cards. A secret message fold and a camera lens amongst them. I'll show them in detail in another post. I was so busy that I forgot to take pictures of the lovely ones made by the group on the day.
My other work desk has been the floor as I am making a copy of a crochet waistcoat for my nephew's wife. The old one she's had for 20 plus years is falling to bits and here you can see the new sections laid out ready to be linked up.
This below was a chance encounter, a magic moment I must share. I came across this wonderful sight as I passed through our city centre. The man was there to promote a special educational centre and uses this beautiful owl, which he bred himself, to help give people confidence.
This is Pippin and I was so thrilled to see him up close and to also be allowed to stroke him. 
I hope to call in on more WOYWW blogs this week now that the Brighton Belles have returned home to the South Coast. It was a busy, hectic but lovely time and I really miss them.
Results for my blog candy draw are on the previous post .....still waiting to hear from 4 winners......is your name there?

Monday, 3 September 2012

Blog Candy Winners!

What an amazing response to my blog candy! Thanks to all who entered and joined in the fun which has given me, and lots of others, such a good laugh to read all the fantastic lap dancer names you entered.  
I made entry slips for each real name and also for the names of your alter egos so here are the winners.... 
                    3 drawn at random.........
      Brenda of Butlers Abroad
    Mingo Jahn (Claimed by Gabi Bee of Colorful Adventures)
      Dixie Bolitho
 My family chose from the list of lap dancers and selected their favourite names so extra gifts are going to 
         Fluffy Koekemoer (Claimed by Tertia Crafting Gran)
         and Sikkhi Von Flotwell
I'm just going to send an equal crafty share to all 5 and also make each one a handmade item which we can decide on via email.

Contact me via email or send me your email addy and we can make arrangements for your prizes.
I do know Brenda but I certainly don't recall the real names of the other 4 winners so please write soon so I don't have to search through all the comments to find you!!
Some options of what you could choose?

 A perfume phial pendant?
A mini book?

A beaded pendantA crochet key fob pocket

More perfume phials


A personalised apron
 a dress form
 Bag bling