Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Almost forgot it's Wednesday and WOYWW ... and here's the state of play on my desks today Boxing Day in England and those over the pond or in different parts of the world probably won't know what on earth is Boxing Day.
Tell you later but meanwhile here's my goings on ....
a page in my mini book where I jotted down this quote. I love it as I know I am often ridiculous... it's far more fun!
My work table in the cold zone where I have just dumped various bits and bobs to keep the main warm cosy part of the house tidy.
Oh no! not more sleighs!!!!
Believe it or not I made two more sleighs last night "MAN" versions as I suddenly realised they won't want the girly ones. I'm sick of looking at them now!
Hope everyone enjoyed Christmas Day. We spent it quietly at home, just we two. I may be able to get around to visit when I've chivvied around the house.
Pop over to Julia's at Stamping Ground if you are looking for a bit of fun and you'll see how we are all absolutely ridiculous by showing our desks each Wednesday. That's where I'll be going!

Boxing Day... 
various theories to the origins of this public holiday in England, the day after Christmas Day. It was said to be the time when alms boxes were opened and the contents given to the poor. In large houses, the servants were given Christmas Boxes, gifts, for their services over the year and Christmas. 
Now I think it remains as an excuse to have an extra day off work and a tradition we certainly are not going to relinquish.

Monday, 24 December 2012

It's Christmas!

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house was a mess everywhere cos I'm messing about!

I have been playing around making more tree boxes to hold treats as little gifts and they look good around the house as decorations. So quick and so simple, just print the free template from the sidebar on HERE onto printed paper, cut out, glue together the sides. That's all there is to it other than filling them with little treats and adding a star and few decorations to them if you want to bling them up.
These below were cut from plain or holographic card, then I added triangular panels of printed paper.
I also made some more sleighs with chocky characters at the reins (an idea from Roni of inkstainswithroni blog) and cotton sacks (an idea from my DD2) For my first ones which you can see on last Tuesday's post I used Aldi chocolate bars but here I've wrapped Kit Kats which are a bit wider and rest on the candy canes instead of being stuck to the sides, so they end up far more stable.
It's Christmas Eve and it was so wonderful to receive a parcel from Mike, our postman. 
It was like Christmas.. oops! IT IS CHRISTMAS! but how amazing that this wonderful work of art arrived from Carola Bartz over in California today of all days. 
This was beauty was made for me by Carola and sent in return for a little favour I did for her......just a little favour!
...but look at all these goodies that came too! What a lovely Christmas Gift to receive, I certainly did not expect so much. Thank you so much Carola, I am really thrilled and keep having another peek and fondle of everything.
Don't forget to take a look at Creative Jump Start...
I joined last year and found it so inspiring to try out hints, tips, inspiration and quick projects from a variety of creative people as a kick start to the New Year. 
It is a great idea from Natalie Kalbach link HERE
and I can't say this too often....

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Robin & Selene Just Flew In

Look who flew in...
Inspired by Attic 24 blog I decided, without a pattern, to have a go making some crochet robins for the Christmas tree. I think my first attempt is a bit skinny and the next one is going to have to be much plumper, as robins tend to be, especially in our garden where they get regular free meals. I might also make a tiny bough of holly for each to perch on.
Selene arrived ...
 the penultimate member of my heavenly host of angels swap.
She is so gorgeous and I especially love her fabulous hand painted wings. She was created by Morti, down in Wiltshire, whilst she was recuperating from an operation (that's Morti not Serena who was recuperating!). I do hope you are much improved Morti in time to enjoy Christmas with your lovely family and thank you so much for Serena.
Not only did I receive an angel but also a lovely card....
then there was another packet containing a superb two sided, tag, all glittery and beautifully coloured and created by Morti's little miss DD.
This has deservedly joined the rank of angels.
Only one more angel to land now and I had notification that she is en route from America.
It has been such a super swap which I and so many others have enjoyed. Thanks again to everyone who participated.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


My heart goes out to all in Newtown, Connecticut and I would like to pay my respects and express sincere sympathy to all involved in this tragic loss.
May it never happen again.

I didn't think I'd manage to post this week but I've received such super treats from all around the world over the last couple of days that I must send my thanks to so many of you. 
First here's my desk for the time being and, for lots of fun, try hopping across to Julia's desk at stamping ground then you'll understand the reason I'm showing mine here.
I'm still crafting in the warmth of the living room on a small breakfast table, the coffee table, sometimes a tray on my knee or even the floor. The good thing is that I DO have to clear up after myself as I try to keep the living room somewhere between a "reasonably tidy" to a "very tidy" state.

Lynne, one of my friends from Vicky Stampers, came round for lunch last week and brought me templates and instructions for one of the Make & Takes from the Christmas Party that unfortunately l missed whilst I was away. 
I decided to make some of these cute little trees, (which are nifty little gift boxes) and really enjoyed this simple crafting project, making something without having to think much and getting a good end product. Thanks Lynn for thinking of me!
Here's a close up of one finished and if you too would like to make some the full details and free printable templates are over on

First to arrive was this beautiful atc from Peggy Appleseed all the way from the Phillipines. A special one in purple just for me. What a mini treasure and isn't she lovely? Thanks so much Peggy!
My lovely special friend Dolores, who is familiar as Cardarian to WOYWWers, has sent me this lovely Angel Gabriele from Slovenia, such a pretty addition to my ever increasing heavenly host. If you pop over to her blog you can even see how to make this and also the one Dolores sent to Ann B. Thank you Dolores for my little treasure to add to my flock. She is gorgeous!

Ali at teddybobscrafts blog sent this super, contemporary, collaged Angel Shraosha with acetate wings. They worked very well to get her from Wales up North! Thanks so much Ali!
Such a great, unusual,idea and I love her.
Here's the lovely treat I received from Janet of fairythoughts blog in an unexpected return gesture for a little favour I did by sending a few die cuts for Erin, a special little girl. Thank you so much Janet, I am so thrilled to receive such a beautiful piece of festive beading. 
Just look at those tiny holly leaves.
Little Erin specially coloured in one of the gingerbread men for me too!!
Finally I'd like to express my thanks to everyone who sent me such lovely cards and amongst this collection of hand made gems there are beauties from WOYWWers...Wipso, Donna, Dolores, Ali, Twiglet, Neet, Tuire, Peggy and Janet. I don't make or send cards so I do feel an element of guilt at receiving so many. Thank you to everyone and I wish you all a Happy Christmas and Healthy, Peaceful 2013

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Liverpool City Lights Up & Home Too!

 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here and whilst I usually get stressed about it all, I have relaxed this year, because I know I will see my family just after the holiday so I've had a burst of enthusiasm for everything.  
My host of angels is increasing day by day and here's how they are gathering hovering above the fireplace.
Two more beauties arrived yesterday which I will save to show on Wednesday so all the WOYWWers can share them.
The Christmas tree is trimmed far earlier than usual and now it just needs me to wrap some gifts to go underneath.
I made this sweetie tree, below, by sticking wrapped chocolates onto a 12 inch high cone, made of card.
 It's a bit of a bodged job as, the double sided sticky tape I first used was an ancient roll and, within an hour sweets were dropping off onto the table. The trouble was that DH took this as an invitation to snaffle the ones that dropped off. 
I redid the tree using Red Line tape but ended up having to patch the gaps that had been devoured but I didn't have enough left of the right coloured sweets, so it is somewhat uneven. 
Sometimes it's good to show things which are imperfect and maybe it will inspire some of you to have a go making one because you know you can do better....and  no doubt far neater than mine!!!

A few pics I forgot to post.....
On a rainy November Day I wandered through the Liverpool One area of shops just as the lights went on for Christmas. 
It was so vibrant with special characters adding to the atmosphere and spectacular light and ice sculptures. 
I took these pics whilst the crowds were at the other end of the boulevard waiting for Father Christmas to arrive on his sleigh. No chance of a photo of him thanks to all his fans!
Ice sculptures here and there...
There is even an ice slide somewhere, which I have not yet seen, and an ice bar where even the glasses are sculpted from ice.
Two morel lit up ladies on stilts...
The John Lewis new HUGe store on the right and, in the middle, the dome provides and exciting the performance area for choirs of schoolchildren to sing their carols.
The tree in Church Street, the older part of town where the continental Christmas Market was being set up and is now open.

Have you ever seen fairies like these before?
Since Capital of Culture 2008 in Liverpool the city has benefited from major redevelopment and it is vibrant and buzzing. With 9 wonderful (and free) museums and galleries it is well worth a visit.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Angels Priscilla & Charmeine & St George's Hall

I realised that I haven't shown the angels I made and sent winging around the world in return for all the wonders I received in my swap. 
Now they have all been received I can show them here.
Here's Priscilla, (named by my DD as she looks like the Queen of the Desert!)
She is now living at Neil's.
and here is Charmeine, Angel of Harmony.... who landed at Ann B's
I'll start adding the rest to each post up until Christmas.
St George's Hall is one of Liverpool's iconic Victorian masterpieces of architecture which, it is said, is Prince Charles favourite building. 
Designed by Harvey Lonsdale Elmes and opened in 1854, it has a great organ, a beautiful Minton floor, a concert hall, a court room and the vast main hall which is used for many major events. Charles Dickens performed readings of his books there and later this month his great, great, great grandson will read from A Christmas Carol. 
At the weekend I visited the Winter Craft event where over 150 stall sold their quality hand crafted creations.

 My friend Hazel and her daughter Sarah on their stand, Vintage FAIRYTALE, selling their lovely cake stands and candles made from antique china.
 Sarah of Twigtwisters makes the most amazing animal sculptures from willow. I bought a lovely heart from her and discovered she gives courses on this traditional craft so guess who plans to join her next year?!? ME!

 This was one of the best craft shows I have attended, so many unusual crafts of high standard and I could have spent a fortune, if I had had one to spend! I did empty my purse then also spent euros which one stallholder was willing to take! This ring is what I bought with my euros.... a really wacky ring which is made from Derwent coloured pencil crayons which have been fused before they were cut and formed into an amazing range of jewellery.
Check out more jewellery by the creators at zincwhite 
 Marbled columns and statues set a beautiful venue and besides this vast hall space there were many stalls in the side rooms.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

WOYWW 184 & Angel Ariella

Here is the evidence of what's hanging around my breakfast table where I have settled to craft due to the cold weather. 
WOYWW is the result of Super Girl Julia's amazing brainwave to invite the crafters of the world to own up to what they are doing, where and also to confess to the messes (or occasionally tidy spaces) where they create.
There was another fluttering through my letterbox this week as Ariella landed, very elegantly to claim her rightful place amongst my host of angels. I was thinking of putting a sign outside my house "ANGEL LANDINGS" but they have almost all arrived. A couple of them have gone missing in action but I'm hopeful they will arrive in time to take their starring roles on Christmas trees around the World.
Thanks so much to Shaz of silverwolfcards blog who created Ariella for me from a riot of purple and black feathers with bejewelled acetate wings. So beautiful and such a treasure!
 I've been amusing myself in short bursts decorating the pages of a tiny blank "meander fold" book I made some time ago. I just do a page at  a time with no thought of a subject until I begin and there isn't an overall topic. Free spirit crafting! 
There's a clock themed acetate page here which inspired the addition of the words which were written with my lovely new Letraset Metallic Markers.
 On this page I added strips of washi tape, a simple addition, which I think works well.
 I'm enjoying this little exercise of nipping in and out of this tiny book and adding a little bit more each day without knowing what I will add to it each time.

 My super prize of this set of Metallic Markers, in a lovely colour palette, from Letraset arrived really quickly after I won them via Darcy's blog candy draw.
Thanks to Darcy for hosting it and to Letraset for supplying such a generous prize. If you pop over to Darcy's blog here there is another set on offer along with her fab table tree project.
I have only had a little play with the markers but they work really well on most surfaces and the bonus is that they will blend well with water. I love that they don't make me cough as most marker pens do.
 My in car crafting has been crochet hats and I've been experimenting with beret shapes which are great to wear and can be pulled down to keep the little ears warm when it is really cold... LIKE NOW!

Last night we went to see Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. 
Each Christmas they tour the country with their seasonal show of Carols & Capers. 
Usually we have to travel quite a distance to see them but luckily this year there was a date in Liverpool.
This one is especially for LLJ who has provided us with some lovely carols recently! Here's a lovely one for you Jan!
The highlight of the show this year for me was when they sang Poor Little Jesus. Beautiful harmonies so take a listen to the YouTube link below.