Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Had a happy day yesterday as all the money that was spirited from our bank, via a scam, has safely been put back, the sun shone, and now I'm looking forward to some better luck to come. DH is doing really well since his emergency holiday on the Costa del NHS and was well enough to rescue me from darkness by installing a new fluorescent light fitting in my craft room. However before he'd start I had to clear some space on the table for his tools. Soooooooo...........tada!.........
Don't blink because you'll miss it... that's my work table cleared. I haven't had so much space to work on for ages and didn't know there are so many strawberries on that table cover!
I awarded myself a cuppa in my lovely star mug and a couple of bickies before I perused the wonderful sight and started crafting. As usual it didn't take long to get messy but I'm still not as bad as usual. I know, I've said it before but, there's my crowned letter L still waiting to be finished. At the RHS back, that mini chest has found it's own use as it proved to be so handy for storing spare stamped images. Then there is a new acquisition waiting to be altered ( I know... how many more can I get in that pipeline?).... 3 wooden mini albums in a display stand. Another great bargain find by my lovely friend Jayne.
Well this is the state of things now after I've almost finished a couple of step cards. 
If you are wondering what this is all about then pop over to the blog of our inspiration and instigator of WOYWW, Julia at Stamping Ground and share our wonderful Wednesday obsession of spying on the desks of so many willingly crazy crafters.
Last week I managed to visit every one for the first time as it was excellent therapy to keep my mind off all the problems life was chucking my way of late whilst DH was in hospital. Hope you read my sincere thanks in my previous post for all the love and support we received last week. I feel that the nightmare has ended now but it helped to get me through.
Sorry I couldn't manage to leave a comment on some WOYWWer's blogs I visited but some just wouldn't let me!! 
Right stand by your desks... I'm off to snoop!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Ruby Wedding Tag Card

We're getting back to near normal here as DH is home from hospital and feeling good, I'm pleased to report. He'll be monitored for some time but that's a good thing. He was overwhelmed at the number of get well comments left on my blog last week and has asked me to send you all his special thanks for your wishes and support to us.
I must say that I nearly cracked up on Friday, when, in the evening DH checked his bank account only to find that all our funds had been transferred to someone else's far off bank (no it wasn't me on a spending spree whilst he was in hospital)... it was a scam and it seems that DH's card had been cloned somewhere. We cancelled our cards, with great difficulty getting someone at the bank to help, but we are wiped out on the account with over a further couple of thousand pounds overdrawn. It is sooooo scary. The bank will, hopefully, pay back the money but can't do it until tomorrow due to the Bank Holiday. We wait with trepidation...
Just take care out there, but then again, we always take care and it's happened to us 3 times. Twice with Visa who were quicker to react but this is the first time with our current bank account. We do have special protection and keep our cards safe but what more can we do?
Back to crafting and hopefully I'll soon get my mojo back.
I made this card for some special friends as it is their Ruby Wedding next week. I wan't feeling up to doing anything, but had to, in fact wanted to, so I returned to an old favourite... the Flag/Tag book which is so easy to make and I didn't have to think too much.
She loves sewing and they both love gardening so I added a few details to link in with their interests.
I added two CraftyIndividuals little girl stamps for their grandees.
I'm really not mushy but I do love this quote.....
I added pockets for extra tags in the front and back of the card so I can write a personal message on the back and pop in details of their gift.
The front of the card
The swirl is my favourite one from Stampattack

Hope you've had a good time on this Bank Holiday, thanks for stopping by and I hope you've picked up some ideas.
Just thought I'd leave you with a chuckle at a photo I took of these "Nuns" waiting to parade in a carnival and the one on the left is having a quick fag!!! They looked hilarious.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

WOYWW 64 & "G" for Geisha

I must thank everyone who sent such kind messages last week, whilst I was in Brighton helping my family whilst my DD1's other half was in and out of hospital. Things went from bad to worse, and I was torn in all directions, as I had to rush back up North to my DH who was whizzed into the hospital A&E. What a nightmare, but things are getting better all round. He had pneumonia and a clot on his lung, linked to his recent hip replacement operation but with all the good care and treatment he is getting he should be home next weekend.
Here's my usual messy mix and you can spy my geisha page in progress and under my scissors are all the embellishments for my letter L which I had to leave so it is much as I left it when I rushed off down South. 
Must mention after reading Chrissie's solution to storing her JCB of the adhesive world... the ATG gun. I drilled holes in the handles of mine and added hanging cords. I dreaded cracking them but the plastic drilled no problem on both.
I really missed getting round to visiting all the WOYWWers last week as the computer I borrowed in Brighton was so slow and dodgy that I only managed to spy on a couple of you. 
Take a peek at the blog of the Queen of the Crafting Desks, the inspiration of we mad minions who dare to bare our souls via our craft desks, every Wednesday, drum roll................ that is.... tad dah!..... Julia at Stamping Ground!!!  
I sent scans of my MAD HOUSE sign to quite a few people recently, just for fun as there were so many comments about it, so if anyone else wants one just let me know. 
It's the first time I've managed any crafting for a fortnight, and I have missed it so much, but today I found some "ME" time and it was really therapeutic. I made this easel card as an entry for the Stampman fortnightly challenge. The image is one of my Asian designs which I did for Stampattack and the Geisha is great if you like to colour, especially this one which is the bigger size. The top and the borders are cut with my new Tim Holtz die.
The Geishas also come in ATC size so I used that to make G for Geisha as my next page of the KCUK alphabet swap. Maybe I should add a G somewhere on it?
Well I'm off now to catch up and peek at your's so thanks if you pop by mine!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

WOYWW Beside the Seaside

Well I'm still marooned here in Brighton helping my DD1 by looking after my two lovely grandees, 6 months and 3 years, whilst she looks after her DH who has been in and out of hospital. Every cloud has a silver lining and whilst I'm shattered, I've been the lucky one here as I really have managed to spend quality time with ALL my grandees and family but my DH has been left looking after his little self up North.
My DD2  has been staying in nearby Lewes, visiting from Germany with her DH and my gorgeous 1 year old grandee, so we spent a sunny yesterday at the beach... fish and chips, carousel, sun and sand (well pebbles.. it is Brighton) just one or two key members of the family conspicuously absent and well missed!
WOYWW is nothing..zilch.. nada, nowt... infact .no work desk to show but I must thank everyone who sent good wishes over last week and I hope to get back to you ASAP when I return.
This computer leaves a lot to be desired and it has taken me ages to type this so have fun and I  will be spying but I'm sorry that I won't be able to comment this week. Hope I get my own back next week!!!

Friday, 13 August 2010

F is for Fantastic, Fluffy, Feathered Fan!

I made this one for fun as my F page for the KCUK alphabet swap as I had this pic ready in the file. 
I'm sending it from Brighton where I  came hotfoot by train today to help out my DD1 and family.  DD1's partner is ill and has been in hospital so things are a bit difficult. DD2 and family are here from Germany, staying near by, but can't help out as  they have their own babe to care for. I don't know when I'll be back home again but family comes first. Mind you I've had to leave my  DH at home fending for himself, post op and not yet 100% but getting there.
The freezer is well stocked with home cooked meals and he is now, at last, allowed to start to drive again. It's a shame I can't split myself in two! At least the bonus is that I will see all my family including my 3 grandees all together... all bar DH!! Aaaahh!
I'll post a couple of messages whilst I'm here but sadly no time for crafting and nothing with which to craft. 

Thursday, 12 August 2010

UBoat534 visit

On Tuesday our friends Neet (of the fab Hickydorums Blog) & Chas drove over an hour from their home to take us out. A real treat and the first day out for DH since his operation! We were so well blessed with sunshine and my friend in Switzerland recently told me a lovely old German saying... "Wenn Engel reisen, lach der Himmel" (When angels travel, heaven is smiling) and it was true for our day out!

I chose to visit the UBoat story, which is next to Birkenhead Ferry terminal, as I thought it would interest the guys but we ALL enjoyed it!.
We were overwhelmed with all the interesting artifacts and personal possessions of the UBoat crew. It was really poignant and such an experience.  Here's a toy dog made in the sub which never reached the intended child. Playing cards, chequers, music and a gramophone record.
Can you just imagine playing 78 rpm records, on a wind up gramophone, so many fathoms below the ocean? 
Essential supplies!
I have great respect for anyone who went down in these vessels.
The submarine is the only one in the world which has been raised from the sea bed and put on exhibition and it was amazing to see the inside which was exactly as it was when raised, just cleaned out. It was artistically amazing to see all the rust, verdigris, piping and valves for Neet and me ... a real "Steampunk" experience which was an added attraction to us.
 I wish I could create backgrounds like this below!

The restricted space for long periods would be so hard to bear. 
Note the welly boot!!!
How well preserved everything is after over 50 years below the sea.
One of the signs in the U Boat/
A couple of the old signs at Woodside Ferry Terminal
After our UBoat experience we went to Bistro Franc in Hanover Street, Liverpool, where we had an amazingly wonderful meal and, at 3 courses for £7.99, it was a bargain lunch, on offer until 4pm weekdays. I'd recommend it (other restaurants are available!!) but I would advise booking as it was full... no wonder!
If you want to see more pics of the UBoat trip pop over to SuperlambananaNeet's blog.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

WOYWW 62/ Red Drawers

I was overwhelmed last week to get so many comments, funny ones, such kind ones and some where WOYWWers were so relieved to see mine they now don't feel so bad about their creative chaos. I therefore think I've found my purpose in life and it's so good to know I help others feel good about themselves!!
Thank you one and all!
If you are new to this mayhem, and read this message wondering what on earth I'm drivelling on about, then go to visit the source of our inspiration and motivation.....Julia's Stamping Ground where you'll find lots of others baring their souls...nay, desks, craft rooms, places where they create wonders to delight, all which  make a melange of residue, which is the aftermath of all that happens in our creativities, otherwise identified as WOYWW.
Here's my current state of affairs and you can see that I am in the middle of altering the letter L for the 1st birthday of one of my lovely grandees. I've made so much mess doing it and now I'll have to leave it a while to set and dry the crackle paint to full effect. I've prepared several elements in grunge card to add to it... swirls, a star, a heart, keys etc., but I'll have to wait till it is dry to see which pieces will be suitable. The colours are chosen to co-ordinate with her nursery accents. I'll post the finished article ASAP!
You'll spot my new Tim Holtz die and 4 new colours of Promarker pens.
No comment about the MAD HOUSE SIGN.. but it fell off the wall in shock when
I did, at last, move my paper bin into the perfect spot to catch waste perfectly. That's my effort this week for a big tidy, one hand and two seconds worth!
Below are my 6 red Ikea cabinets which store my paper and ribbons and other various things I can't live without knowing they are there (with Johnny Depp keeping a red beady eye on them).
My work room, originally the utility room, has 4 doors wasting space, one to the garden, one to the kitchen and one to the garage. The 4th leads to the front of our house, and is hiding behind these red cabinets, so it is ideal that the cabinets have wheels in case I ever need to have access.
Here's a peek inside a few drawers showing some of my stash of ribbons and fibres. Not too tidy but hey are reasonably sorted into colours for the ribbons but the fibres are mixed over 2 drawers.
Thanks again to all who pop by and I'll do my best to spy on as many of you as time allows. If I had a 7 day week like some people I'd be OK but my weeks morph into 3 days max... don't know how on earth it happens or who gets my other days!!! If you find any ... Give them back!!  

Monday, 9 August 2010

Concertina File

This is the fab, and really useful, project Gill showed us how to make on Saturday at Victoria Stampers workshop and she tells us that it is adapted from an Art Specially book. It was a great day, as ever, full of fun and laughs, chocolate (thanks to the birthday girl Mandy) and a good bit of serious crafting.

I made file card inserts with tabs and ribbon accents to pop in each slot.
I decorated 3, 12 x 12 inch peces of light card to use as the covers and trims. I smudged over various stencils with Distress Inks in Mustard Seed, Crushed Olive and Pine Needles.
The first pic shows the layers, first over the floral stencil and sequin waste ( shown on the card).
I then used two different sizes of sequin waste
Next I stamped a script image and a starburst over everything to link together all the elements. I had to make sure that the images were multi directional so I could use the paper on all parts of the project.
I really enjoy messing about making these backgrounds as they always come together so easily and effectively. Have a go and if you do please let us see what you produce and don't hesitate to shout if you need any more information!
Thanks go to our tutor and friend, Gill, who gave us such a good day. 

Sunday, 8 August 2010


This is my first challenge entry for DCM ...daringcardmakers and their theme this month is the colour of Peridot which is the birthstone for August. This month, Julia of the Stamping Ground and WOYWW fame, is guest designer which led me to enter in her honour!!
I'll post details tomorrow, when I've more time, of how to make the background. I made a few sheets ready to use on the project we made yesterday at the Victoria Stampers workshop, given by our guest tutor and friend Gill. I especially did the colours of the background of this piece to fit the challenge.
The stamp is one of my favourite quotes and it is by Stampendous but I don't think they make it any more.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Eyes and Eyelets

This month's KCUK Challenge is to use scraps and eyelets.
 I was emptying my waste paper bin (Yes! amazingly I do it now and then and usually when it's refuse collection day as I recycle everything I possibly can) when I spotted the scrap of card on which I tried out all the eye stamps I own, before I made my E for Eyes page for the alphabet swap.
It looked just right for the challenge after masking the eyes and adding script to the voids. With a few co-ordinating eyelets down one side, it fitted the bill. If I had set out to make this card I probably would have pondered long and hard in deciding where to place them but these eyes arrived there by accident and were subsequently salvaged from the bin!! 
Don't miss the tiny green gem as the dot over the letter i in the word "bright" as I had to really fiddle to apply it!. 
Thanks to everyone who popped by from WOYWW to view my creative chaos on Wednesday and for all the lovely, friendly, constructive, supportive, understanding, fun, etc., etc., comments! I really enjoy doing the same to as many, (as time allows) of you and there's still plenty of you for me to spy on.........
Have a great weekend......... I'm excited to be going to Victoria Stampers tomorrow, for a great crafting day with so many friends.  

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Purple & Olive Flag Card

I made this card for the Stampman Fortnightly Challenge, which this month is "Take 2 Colours", so I've used Purple and Olive Green which I love as a combo.
Some years ago I took a great workshop, given by my talented friends Cath and Lynn, where they showed me how to make my first flag book and since then I have made lots in different styles, large and small.  There are plenty of them now on the web if you want instructions or other ideas but my thanks go especially to Cath and Lynne for their initial inspiration.
Addendum: I have just spied some great info about tag and flag books and an excellent video on Yvonne's blog (thanks Yvonne)...Take a look at paperflourish. It also noted the front page article in last month's Craft Stamper where a tag book is featured. I must look as I completely missed that.
I love cards that "DO" things and this is one of my favourites, that I had forgotten for some time, so I thought I'd try to make it a bit different by grading the sizes of the flag tabs.Sometimes I tear the edges, sometimes I make three rows of flags, etc.
The front of the card
Inside detail

I love this quote!

Thanks for popping in and why not have a go at the Stampman Monthly Challenge yourself?

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Here we are again, proving chaos exists but does not rule our lives, by sharing the evidence at WOYWW.
This great idea is the inspiration of Julia at Stamping Ground so if you are as nosey as me, pop on over to spy on more desks.
I'm in the middle of so much here.... the purple card is almost ready for the Stampman fortnightly challenge.
My letter L still isn't finished. there is a spare image from the Asian landscape card I made for the Lots to Do challenge. It's more of a mess this week because I have not yet finished the cards.
The wooden box in the centre is another car boot sale find but I haven't decided what it should store. It is great as it rotates!
Below you will see a close up of the holder for my Promarkers, made from 2 plastic grids from a hardware shop, screwed together. It was given to me by my friend Jayne and her fella had the great idea to make them. 
I promised to show the floor under my desk... shame shame!! Well here it is in full need of a clean up. The red box is the bin, but I keep missing it ... think I should move it??? That's too easy!
The tote bag on the left was signed by Suze Weinberg at the last workshop I took with her.
 I love her signature quote.. "Leap and the net will appear" It often spurs me on to try things.
I have lots of crocs around the house as slippers and that pair has just been in the washing machine. They have pop in warm liners for the Winter and cost me all of 4 euros in Germany.
The window side, below, which I tidied last week, has soon gone to pot!!! Why doesn't TIDY last long?
Well I hope that's given you the courage to show your desk as I'll be round snooping pretty soon!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Bumble Bees and Landscape Challenge

I've had a really good afternoon crafting and generally messing up my workroom and you can see the evidence of that tomorrow on WOYWW.

 I started F for ??? ... the next page of KCUK alphabet swap and made an Asian landscape card (below) for the Lots to Do challenge and I've also made a start on the next challenge for the Stampman.
I've not managed much paper crafting this week, due to making dresses for my grandees.
 DD2 and co., will be visiting DD1 in Brighton, next week, and they will be having a Bumble Bee 1st Birthday Bash for grandee 2, so I was enlisted to make their outfits. They all have stripey dresses (which made me dizzy) with soft tulle underskirts and the black hats with antennae that I crocheted last week. 
I am somewhat unsure of sizings so I ended up making 4 dresses instead of 3 to make sure each gets one near enough to their size. Let's hope! 
I love these buttons that I managed to find and they finish off the dresses perfectly.
We can't manage to see them on the day, so it will be lovely getting photographs of them all together dressed in their outfits!
Next week's project for the mini fashion queens will be red dresses with black spots.... Ladybirds!!.