Friday, 17 June 2016

Friday Smile for Annie

I very nearly stepped upon these beautiful little pansies as I went to cross a road in a busy side road near home. 
It made me smile and I thought that if I took a quick photo, and posted it for Annie's Friday Smile, this gorgeous little treasure would be shared for a while even if it was trodden and lost within minutes of my passing by.

Pop over to Annie's blog where there will be more smiles to be had.
So many cruel, evil and horrendous things are happening all around the World so it is good to smile and think of the goodness, happiness and joy that still exists. Friday Smiles in it's own sweet way make the world a better place.... just as Annie does. 

Posted in deepest sympathy to the family of MP Jo Cox, a beautiful, valuable, young woman and mother of two young children, who was horrifically murdered yesterday and to many families in Orlando who lost loved ones in the massacre there.