Tuesday, 30 August 2011

WOYWW 117 Doone Woz Here!

A great, no! not just great....but an amazing time was had over the Bank holiday weekend when Doone and her OH, Niall, stayed with us. We shared so much ... good food, wine, chocky, laughs, trips out but most of all the guys were left to their own resources (read their books and snoozed) whilst Donna and I crafted as much as possible. Here she is helping to make the round table of the Making Room as creative messy as she can.
We shared ideas, skills and inspiration and Donna gave us so many generous gifts including a fabulous journal which she had made specially for me.
We played inky messes with shaving foam, spray starch and compressed air to make some amazing backgrounds which were turned into books.
That messy, messy mat is Donna's......well I told her she'd leave something behind from the huge suitcase of stash she brought.
All things considered my desk still has some strawberries exposed and you will see my new sign from "you know who" which quotes from the lyric "I get by with a little help from my friends". It was the Beatle Festival here and that's the closest we got to one of their songs!
We bravely, brazenly, honestly and openly share our crafty spaces each week courtesy of Julia at the Stamping Ground and if you pay her a visit any Wednesday you can nosey in on over 100 more from all over the globe.
We made wacky people recycled, alcohol inky, glazed, metal pendants. Mine has a half face, beads and dyed silk knots.
Here's Donna's Beautiful Dreamer with movable arms and legs.
 Close up of mine with it's spooky face
Some of the papers and books.....
Below is the fabulous journal I was so thrilled to receive and inside are lots of pockets and envelopes filled with beautiful treasures of charms, papers, tags and fabrics.

The Mystery Object
...still hasn't been correctly identified so here's a close up photo with a ruler next to the penguin because so many guesses completely mistook the scale. I thought the Ikea drawers would be a clue??!!
Guesses range from bangles and bowls to chamber pots and even a UFO!! Come on now, surely someone knows what it is?? The prize is still on offer and I'll draw for it if there are lots of correct answers.LOL! (BTW Donna is barred from entering!!)
I can't wait to hear the suggestions!!
This next photo is especially for you Liverpool Lou.... It is a dish I spotted it in an art shop and I do wish I could have afforded to buy it for you!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

WOYWW 116 & Mystery Object

I'm fearful of showing just how clear and empty my desk is this week, as Donna, aka Doone, will be doing her doings when she visits me at the weekend and I am sure it won't look anything like this by the time she arrives, or when she leaves. I don't want her to get a shock when she arrives expecting the same view as here.
Wondering why I'm showing it at all? If you pop over to the blog of the amazing Mrs Dunnit you'll find out more about the madness of craft desks exposed around the globe, to the globe.
It has been a hive of activity here in my newly named "Making Room". The title given to it by my 4 year old grandee as she rushed in there each day to make things (and a mess too) so I  had to keep it reasonably clear for her to create. I showed in previous posts some of what she had made and here below on my clear desk, with plenty of strawberries exposed, is her last project.... a peg dolly. The big doll was just joining us for company.
Sadly the Brighton Belles are going home tomorrow and I will miss them so much so it is great that I can look forward to Donna's visit which will keep me from getting sad as I usually do when they go home.

I'm in the process of filing my UMs into A5 plastic pockets into two drawers. Still a way to go but I'm making good progress and very soon I should be able to find anything I need. The plastic pockets are from Tesco, cost less than £1 for 5 and sometimes they are on offer even cheaper. I started off using Paperchase zip pockets which worked out quite expensive at £1 each. Staples have some for 35p each which means it's almost 3 for £1... not too bad... so there are the options for those who expressed an interest in using this method of storage.
Be sure to look at my previous posts to see if you can win a small blog candy prize. Just a bit of fun... can you identify the MYSTERY OBJECT??? It has been amazing seeing what has been suggested so far but as yet no one is correct.

A Closer Peek in the Making Room!

After the guesses to my question on my previous post I have had suggestions that the mystery item could be a bangle, a bowl or even (thanks for the laugh Paul) a CHEESE !!!Even a chamber pot thinks Alison CB!!! Nah!! All WRONG!
Here's a closer pic of the area including the item I want you to spot and identify. A small blog candy prize is waiting for someone lucky. 
 Now that I've given you a close up pic, if more than one person gets it correctly I will draw from the names.
This is the cheeky chappie that many couldn't even spot!
 During the Winter of 2009/2010 we had a penguin trail in Liverpool with big decorated penguins around the city centre streets. I bought a couple of little ones to paint and this little fella is a reject having been painted over 3 times and I still want to do him over again so he gets pushed around my craft room whilst he waits for a new top coat. Aaaah!
I've been enjoying a visit from the Brighton Belles... DD1 plus two of my three little grandees. Each morning the 4 year old want to go in to my craft room to play, as she calls it the Making Room so we made a sign to go on the door. My writing and her painting, stamping messing etc.
 The major project of the week.... a treasure box to contain special items that she can look at when she starts school soon. She decorated it entirely unaided other than my spoken assistance to suggest things she could do, each time offering choices such as the hand print. 
 We have already started adding items inside from places she has visited. She walked down Penny Lane and wanted to learn the song after her Mummy sang it to her. We stuck photos of our visit to Dinosaur World in Chester Zoo. She also learned the Worm song so the words are there and there is a blank album to add photos of family and friends when she goes home.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Altered Matchbox Swap

A few weeks ago I made an altered matchbox for a swap organised by Neil Walker and it was suggested that it contained something about yourself. I think Sarah, who should by now have received mine, has been away on holiday so I'm posting it in the hope that she will open the packet before she sees my post! I hope she likes it!
I really wasn't sure how to approach this swap and so I just made what I wanted to and the only other matchbox I have seen is so different but really exquisitely made by Neet of Hickydorums Blog. Take a look...it's on Neet's post last Wednesday, 17th August.

I also added lots of tiny embellishments for Sarah to use as she wishes.
Inside are little matchstick flags with words that are so important to me and my family.

I was thrilled to be featured by Debbie and Paula on their 2gypsygirls blog on Friday when their topic was inspiration boards. (Debbie is the chief designer for 7gypsies.) 
They included my cupboards in my MAD HOUSE craft room, which many of you will already have seen via WOYWW, and if you take a look at their blog you'll see lots of other stylish, amazing display systems, all so much prettier and tidier than mine. Some look like a works of art in their own right! Anyhow....I can honestly say that I didn't tidy a thing before I took my pic and it is a well used work area! So that's my excuse!
There are so many treasures to be spied there......that lovely face painted by Donna, my dressform with the metal boobs by Liverpool Lou (Annie), a henna painted hand, a black and white pic of me aged 16 (when I was around a quarter of my present age and probably half the weight!)... 
What can you spy? 
There's a small blog candy prize for the first to tell me what is the item behind the penguin, just to the right of him in the picture?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

WOYWW 115 & NOT a Configuration!

After all my clearing and reorganising my room, new blinds, throwing out so much useless stuff, etc., I am still sorting out boxes and boxes and, whilst it looks way better, it still isn't there. Still a long way to go but here's my desk and I'm pleased that there are lots of strawberries on view.
Once again it's WOYWW... What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday, once again joining in with the World wide viewing, spying, snooping, ogling, craft spaces round the globe courtesy of Julia at Stamping-Ground... why not pop over for an interesting nosey or join in and show us your desk too. Go on... you know you want to!!!
The Brighton Belles are here for a visit so I hope to get some crafting in with my eldest grandee, who is 4 years old. When she starts school, all the children have been asked to take in a "treasure box" so we plan to decorate one of these boxes, below, for her. The box will contain family photos and items of interest which are special to her so that if she feel sad or homesick she will be able to look inside for solace and comfort. It will also be an aid to telling other children and teachers about herself. It is a wonderful idea and will be as good making it as it will be using it.
Ages ago, long, long, before Mr T H started his Configuration Boxes I started to collect items to stow artistically in a printer's tray which I had decorated. When I saw Tim's I gave up, not just because they are excellent, but I thought everyone would think that I'd copied his idea.  I hadn't... I was just a little slow making mine! As I cleared out my room I found all this still waiting. I think it makes a rather interesting eclectic mess and who knows...maybe one day I will get round to doing something with it, but it's great browsing through the stuffed collection of bits and bobs, lying every which way, and waiting  patiently to be selected.
I found quite a few mini treasures around the place, amongst all the rubbish, including this paper flower that my fab friend Paul, of Artsiders Blog, made for me at the last Vicky Stampers workshop. He does them so beautifully and kindly gave us an excellent impromptu tutorial. Thanks Paul!
I love the little wooden bird stamp and the two black and white beads. The last two items nearly ended up in the bin!
This piece of paper was also rescued from the bin... a few priceless quotes I'd jotted down on a scrap which I now think are so worth sharing.
Shaz in Oz sent me this lovely thank you card, card topper and letter in return for sending her some Bakers Twine. Thanks so much Sharon it is really beautiful and much appreciated.
Ann B  won some blog candy from me a while ago but as she's been on holiday she only received it last week. Sooo today I received yet another lovely card ... Thanks Ann... beautiful colouring!
Thanks again for all your lovely comments last week.. all really appreciated.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

2nd Birthday Wishes

Yesterday our little grandee in Germany celebrated her 2nd Birthday and it was extra special as she had recently finished 6 months intensive chemotherapy. 
I made her a large 3D keepsake letter, with her name along the base, just as I made a couple of years ago for my eldest grandee. Lots of heavy embossing, crackle paint and a bit of glitter too.
 There are ribbons at the back where I have hung a No1 and No2 and we can add further numbers in years to come. there's a tiny cherub to take care of her, a star and angel wings as they are both well earned. The heart of course is because we all love her so much and the ladybird is for luck. Charms hang from the wings as a teaching, talking point. The script embossed on the wings tell all about love.
My flights are booked for a visit in September when I will take this with me. I am so excited.
I made and posted this card... I know... another star card, but I love making them and she is such a star!

Here's the birthday girl playing with her fabulous new easel...... chalk on one side and paint on the other with trays to hold all she needs. She loves it!
This wonderful gift was bought with a gift from Vicky Stampers who had a sale of craft items on her behalf.  There is still enough to buy a little table and chairs too.
With thanks to everyone for this generous, unexpected, fabulous, surprise, from such a lovely group of my crafting friends.
The photograph isn't too good as it was taken of the screen as we Skyped yesterday. You can see us in the tiny pic in the corner!

My life long friend Beryl visited us from Gloucester last week and brought me a bunch of tight lily buds... not a flower to be seen... but just look at them now! It was so close to the 20th anniversary of losing my Mother... her name was Lily and I always seem to have some lilies in the house for her anniversary. This time thanks to Beryl! 

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

WOYWW 114 in Pandemonium

Last week's big clean up was all in vain as today we totally messed it up but.... it was to make it even better. Pandemonium! What a palaver! For ages I realised that I could be enjoying the view of the garden, whilst I crafted, but the old blinds were falling to pieces and I couldn't reach the cords to open and close them so they remained permanently closed and so I crafted in fluorescent light. This week DH treated me to new vertical blinds for the windows and a roller blind for the door but it meant that I had to empty all the shelves for the job to be done.
Here's the finished result and wasn't it worth it? I now have another good clear workspace, super daylight light, and a view of the changing seasons.
Here's the before picture
This is the view I can now enjoy, photo taken before the new blinds were fitted. Look at all those apples on the tree to the left! 

 Below is my central round desk, with plenty of strawberries on view,before we started clearing the shelves.
Now it's heaving with so much stash from the shelves and window ledges which I will, hopefully, clear tomorrow along with all the boxes I've shoved in the garage. Only one tiny bit of strawberry in the bottom RH corner.
Have I no shame... why do I expose my crafting space for all to spy on and criticise or praise, as preferred?
Hop over to Julia's blog at the Stamping Ground and all will be revealed..... by around a hundred other brave souls nutcases who do likewise, just for fun.

I've received some lovely treats this week, tickets and card from Sam, vintage lace plus a lovely ATC from Helen, in swaps for Baker's Twine!  I love the cards Helen used to present the lace. 
Lovely treats... big thanks to you both.  
Thanks also go to my good friend Neet for these giant beads (for me to alter, maybe alcohol inks and all that) and two gorgeous teeny weeny bird cages, complete with teenier weenier birds inside.
We are looking forward to the Brighton Belles visiting (DD1 and 2 grandees) next week to brighten our lives for a week, but this week brings a little relief to our family as my grandee in Germany has completed the first intensive phase of her chemotherapy. Still a way to go but it will be kinder for her over the next two years of her treatment and management. 
Check out my previous post to see her long awaited Bloomsy Bead on her Bravery Necklace and the Smiley Face Bead waiting to go on for her 2nd Birthday, 13th August. I'm so proud of her, and her parents too, for getting through this difficult time. 
Thanks to everyone who has already visited and for all your lovely, caring,  comments. 
At last I'm ready to book my long awaited flight to see them.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mini Slide Mount Book & the Bloomsy Bead

Had another great day yesterday at Vicky Stampers where Carol of stampattack took the workshop and we did a flag tag book and a mini slide mount book. 
As always we had great food thanks to the birthday girls Gill and Mandy and great company. Paul showed us how to make some yummy paper flowers too. 
As usual I never finished my projects in class but I did finish the mini book today.......
I added a 50p coin to the picture to give an idea of the size.
I added extra pages to the original sample.
We are having an Open House Fun Day on the first Saturday of September at Padgate Community Centre where we meet. There will be an exhibition of our last year's samples from our workshops, Make and Takes, Free Refreshments and a chance to meet the group and see what we do. If you are interested in coming along just email me for full details but I will mention it again nearer the time.

A Special Day for our Family
I just have to share the wonderful, joyous, news that today my little grandee has, at long last, finished the intensive phase of her chemotherapy successfully and will now move on to a gentler management programme of just tablets and fewer hospital trips over the next two years. She really has been the bravest star, and supported by her amazing parents and, of course, the hospital team, she has come through with lots of smiles despite it all.
Not forgetting that thanks must also go to the B team of Baxter and Baxter Mk2, Charlie & Lola, Pepper Pig, Shaun the Sheep, et al, who helped to keep her happy.
The final treasure... the Bloomsy Bead has been added to her long string of bravery beads... one for each procedure during this difficult period. You can also spot a yellow bead with a smiley face which will be added on 13th August for her 2nd birthday. 
I am so pleased, grateful and thankful that part is over at last.