Friday, 31 January 2014

Crochet Necklace/Collars & Friday Smile 54

I thought I'd experiment with this idea but I really don't know what to call them. 
They aren't really collars and they aren't necklaces but they will add interest to a plain sweater in the Winter or would look effective with a Summer Dress on a bare neckline.
I'd welcome any suggestions for naming them!
 Before Christmas I made lots and lots of   friendship bracelets for my grand daughters' school craft sale, which were a success, proving very popular  with children and adults and these neck decorations are simply a progression from that idea.
The neck "thingys" fasten with a button and I added two buttons or two loops to allow for size adjustment.

 They are quick to make and I managed 3 in an evening whilst watching TV.
 Still experimenting with stitch combinations, shapes and colours
 Zig Zags and points here....

It's Friday and time for a smile or two which Annie Wipso helps to provide each week courtesy of her Friday Smile Post.
 My friend in Australia sent me some funnies this week and the following two gave me such a chuckle but I really do think that this recipe holder made from a hanger is an excellent idea that I will use. 
It's such a good idea and with a sheet of acetate in front it would be wipe clean  or the recipe page could be slid into a clear file pocket.
 and this is just my kind of exercise ......
Have a great weekend and I hope it's not to wet or too cold.... Oh, well, and I suppose I'd better say, or too hot for those down under!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


This is my first post of the year, bringing me back into the fold and I hope our headmistress won't discipline me for being away so long without a note from a parent or guardian. Miss Julia makes us show and tell all about our desks each week and she shows the whole world whether we've been naughty or nice. 
For the full register of evidence you should go over to the Stamping Ground and you'll see for yourself.

I've been away visiting family in Brighton then shortly after my return the German branch of my family came to visit bringing our new 4 month old little grandson here for his first visit to England along with his lovely 4 year old sister. We had a lovely time with them all but now I'm back in blogland to show my work desk and something of what I've been up to.
We celebrated DD2's 40th birthday whilst she was here and instead of a card I made her this heart, which includes vintage fabrics and buttons and a tiny bit of lace from my wedding dress circa 1966. 
It certainly wasn't made on my workroom desk which hasn't been used for months.... here's how it looked after my last show and tell....
but I did tidy it up especially for the New Year for a fresh start and it has remained this way for a while, totally unused. Maybe I should rent it out!!!
I have totally moved away from paper, inks and stamps and I really enjoy using fabric and threads again.
A mass of dangling ribbons and charms
 There's room on the linen at the back to write a message.
I hope I can manage to visit as many of you as possible and look forward to catching up.