Friday, 12 February 2010

Alphabets and Numbers

I've had a creative day making ATCs and pages for a Bookie joint which I've joined on KCUK group. Once I knew what I was making I started messing about playing with "Ollies", inks and paints, as I have recently been reminded of this technique by friends and on other blogs. I haven't done it for ages so I thought I'd have a play to produce backgrounds for my swaps.
It's great fun swirling the inked MARBLES on card laid in a box lid. In my area Marbles are called Ollies and down the road a few miles they are called Murps. As children, we also used Steelies as marbles, which were large ball bearings. I bet there are many more names for them in different counties of England and around the world!
My first two pages are ready to wing their way to my friend Nicki in Switzerland and her book topic is Alphabets so I hope she likes them. The ATC swap subject this month is Numbers so I added dandelion clocks which, as children, we used to blow and count the number of puffs before all the seeds had dispersed and the magic number would signify some wonderful prediction such as when you would meet that special person or how many children you would have. Did we really believe all that?


sam21ski said...

WOW Fantastic and just love those backgrounds xxx

cockney blonde said...

They are truly inspirational Jo. Nicki will love them. Hope I get one of your ATC's in the swap.
I've just done my first deco pages but will upload once they're received as Dot is a blogger...x

lisa said...

I love how you've made your backgrounds, they look great.
Your Alchol inks are gorgeous too from your last post. I had to giggle at the ink spots, my table cloth has the lovely addition of a pink AI splodge!!!!


Amanda said...

Hi Jo. Love your ATC's! Great background, will have to try that soon. The next letters in our stampers group Alphabet ATC swap is N,O&P and I've been toying with 'Numbers' for N.
Happy crafting!

Cath Wilson said...

Trip down Memory Lane or what, Jo? LOL, we called them murps in Haydock :) I still love dandelion clocks, though!

hazel said...

Lovely work Jo, I hope I get one of your ATCs in the swap. I must have a go with the marbles, think I've got some somewhere. When I was a little girl in Manchester we use to call them Allies. xxx Hazel.