Sunday, 7 February 2010

Back from Brighton

Back home from Brighton but it's not too long now that we'll have the new addition to the family and I'll be back down there to meet DD1 is booked in for a CS on the 22nd Feb. I find it amazing that we know the date and the sex of the baby and they even make a good estimation of the weight.
I had such fun with my 2.5 year old GD1 and miss her already. I'd almost forgotten what it was like to have doll's tea parties with mini cakes and sandwiches and to go to the swings in the park. 
I came home most of the way by coach, which cost just £20 (as the train would have cost £138 one way). I took the train to London then the coach for over 6 hours, a long but comfortable trip with a couple of rest stops and an on board loo, so I relaxed, read a mag and knitted half a jacket for one of my grandees.
On the coach there was a young man who made strange loud noises all through the journey and it was just like having the Road Runner on board. He was behind me in the queue waiting to get on the coach I think he must be unfortunate to have OCD or Tourettes. I sat near the front behind the co-driver and about 20 minutes into the journey I heard the driver mention that he thought there was something wrong with the coach as there were strange noises going on.... when I told them that the noises were coming from the guy half way down the bus they nearly collapsed laughing!!!

My DH missed me ...aaahh! and I arrived home to flowers, really cheery tulips, a nice bottle of wine and a lovely meal. I must go away more often! Must confess that I missed him too! Double aaaahh!

I've had a wander round the garden today and the snowdrops are the only flowers brave enough to show their heads.


fluffy said...

Our garden is still covered with at least a foot of snow, thus I can't see our usual snowdrop patch yet; will they be popped out underneath it all, or do they wait till the snow has gone??? Come and visit me next time if you want more lovely tulips and a bottle of wine ; )

JoZart said...

That's a must ! i'll take you up on it!
Joma x

cockney blonde said...

Lovely to have you home and lovely photos. Can you get your DH to communicate with my DH. I never get flowers, although I guess after all these years if I got them now I'd think he'd been up to something, lol, x

dizzy said...

how sweet of Dave must of made you feel very loved and the extra special person that you are glad he spoiled you you deserve it xxx