Thursday, 25 February 2010

Man Hanging About & Blog Award

Just had to share this photo. Today we went to Ormskirk, the little market town about 40 minutes away from home. We looked around the market and shops and enjoyed a great pub lunch and when we returned to our car I noticed this mural on the side of a house wall, adjacent to the bus station. 
Someone has a sense of humour and a set of long ladders!!!

I'm thrilled and honoured to receive this blog award from Amanda, a lovely crafter in South Africa. Thanks so much for selecting me! It was hard to answer the list of questions and some of them felt like a trip down memory lane. Some made me think how I am just not "up to the minute" but many made me realise just how important my family is to me. I'll be interested to read this again in the future and see if I change my mind about my choices! Here goes.........
This is the list of questions that comes with it:
Your cell phone? LG.  I only use it for photos and calls.
Your hair? Ash blonde, out of a bottle, but was originally blonde.
Your mother? Kind, helpful, Lily sadly left us in 1991
Your father? Sweet, generous, Bill sadly left us too early in 1969
Your favourite food ? Cinnamon Ice Cream and can only get it in Germany
Your dream last night? A craft idea just as I was drifting off and I made it today
Your favorite drink? If alcohol, Red wine. If non alcoholic, Yorkshire Brand Tea
Your dream/goal? To stay healthy and happy
What room are you in? The computer room/office or I couldn’t write this!
Your hobby? Stamping & Paper Crafting, Textiles, Knitting, Silversmithing etc., 
Your fear? Anything untoward happening to any of my family
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Nearer my far flung family
Where were you last night? Home
Something that you aren't? Tall or Mean 
Muffins? Keep them...Better treats available
Wish list item? Nothing I desperately need except to see my family babies more.
Where did you grow up? Liverpool
Last thing you did? Made a keepsake for my new grandee
What are you wearing? Black tracksuit bottoms, red jumper, 
Your TV? Love wildlife & travel programmes, cookery and historical dramas
Your Pets? Ziggy, Jack Russell 20, Miss Rogers Ginger cat 22 and Dunthorne Tabby Tom 22. all sadly gone and I miss them so much.
Friends? They know who they are and they are precious. A few really close and lots of good others.
Your life? Lucky, loved it and still loving it and living it to the full.
Your mood? Relaxed, happy, but wishing Winter would clear off once and for all
Missing someone? Always ..2 lovely daughters and their babes far away. 
Something you're not wearing? Any jewellery
Your favorite store? Anywhere I find treasures that I didn’t know I couldn’t live without until I see them!!! Usually craft shops.
Your favorite color? Any shades of Purple/Cerise, Turquoise/Jade 
When was the last time you laughed? Today at a video of a friend’s 2 year old relative trying to juggle. Hilarious!
Last time you cried? Two days ago when I got the news that my elder daughter safely had her 2nd baby girl. 
Your best friend? My husband
One place that you go to over and over? Brighton and Germany to see my family
Facebook? On it but rarely look at it, can’t be bothered.
Favorite place to eat? Waddington Arms, Clitheroe


cockney blonde said...

Congrats on the award Jo and love the photo, how funny, x
PS won't be at VS as we're going to Scotland to see the other grandee, x

Amanda said...

Love the photo! Had to giggle at it. Lovely to know a bit more about you now.

Cath Wilson said...

Fascinating facts there, Jo. Congratulations on the award! Love that mural - haven't been to Ormskirk for a year or so, it must be new, unless it's in a place I wouldn't pass. I used to love going there to the market and the little shops. We DO share favourite colours, BTW - I love those colours and call them 'rainbow' colours, lol.

Tinkertaylor said...

What a wonderful mural it made me smile and we share common likes (Yorkshire Tea) nothing comes near it and I always take it with me wherever I go even to crop!

paperscissors said...

i have an award for you, check my blog!

Neet said...

Must read your award writings later. Congratulations on the Award Jo!
Had to comment on the mural - of all the time we are spending in Ormskirk at the moment we have never seen this. Mind you I walk around with my eyes glued to the floor, you must tell me where exactly it is.
Hope you have a great weekend.