Sunday, 21 February 2010

White out, wipe out!!

Boo hoo and sob sob! Winge and moan! Instead of being in Birmingham at the Craft & Stitch show I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself and watching a blizzard through the window. We were up extra early to make a good start, only to find that heavy snow had fallen overnight. As I REALLY, really wanted to go it was hard to make a decision whether to go or not but DHs stomach isn't too good and the weather forecast down to Birmingham is bad, so that clinched it. 
I,... who doesn't have two 8 o'clocks in one day,... am not happy at getting up before 7am for nothing! 

Methinks I'll console myself with a day of crafting!


Neet said...

So sorry to hear you are missing the show Jo. Damn this weather!

Sherry said...

Oh Jo, that's such a shame - I've only just replied to you email wishing you a good time as well. Best to be safe anyway and I hope you OH feels better soon.

Artyjen said...

Oh no! How sounds as if the weather is at it again.....It is just too far for me to go for the day...I'd have to get up at 5am to get a good day out of it and overnight stay is out of the question because of the cost...that is if I could go at all as I think it is just trade. hey ho.

lisa said...

Oh what a shame. It was a real surprise to see the snow but it's no fun when you miss a real treat that you've been looking forward too.
Stay safe and warm.


cockney blonde said...

Oh Jo, know how you feel. We too woke up to inches of the stuff. So sorry you've had to miss the show but its better to stay safe and warm at home.
We've got a 21st to go to this evening, fortunately its local but I really would have preferred not to take my car out in this. However so many people have already cried off that we couldn't possibly let the girl down.
Like you though I've been crafting all day so think I deserve a break and some party food, lol, x

olive said...

sorry to read that Jo, I know you were looking forward to going.... keep warm.Ciao

Dotpat said...

Awe what a shame Jo, hope you are not too sad