Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Tag card, ATC & more Irish oddities

I've been playing around making this card but I'm trying to do it from memory. A few years ago my friend Linda sent me a similar one and I have been trying to remember how it was made. Linda's was much better than mine so I think I'll have to keep playing to improve it, but you can get the idea from the photograph. I do like the shaded coloured swirls which were stamped with a Kaleidacolor ink pad, Caribbean Sea.
I'm also ahead of myself, for a change, as I have made my ATC for the June workshop of Vicky Stampers, and the theme is... "Childhood". I'm looking forward to it as we will have Liz Welch as tutor giving us her expert knowledge on Friendly Plastic.

When I was looking for the "Elephant in Ireland" photo a few days ago I also found these following pictures (and lots more) which reminded me of other Irish Oddities during that holiday. 
We drove from Dingle round the Sneem Peninsular and stopped off for a cuppa when we spotted a giant teapot sign on the roadside. There were ducks and chickens in the garden and when we went into the "cafe" we thought we had wandered into someone's living room by mistake. We HAD wandered into someone's living room but it wasn't a mistake... it WAS the cafe! We were about to tippy toe out when we received a lovely welcome from the friendly owner of the place who told us to sit down and make ourselves comfortable. There was a Robin flying round our heads, occasionally settling on the computer or the TV. That's it, not an ornament, looking so perky on the TV in the pic. We wondered if, oddly, it was a tamed pet one but, when I mentioned it, the lady saw it and panicked so I had to do a rescue job by throwing my silk scarf over the Robin  to catch it to get it out safely, in time to stop her swatting it!
There was no water to be seen or found anywhere near this road sign!!!

Phone box and The Pub in Clonakilty, or I should say one of the MANY pubs!

Cead Mile Failte
A hundred thousand welcomes, which is just what everyone gets in Ireland!


paperscissors said...

love to read your travel adventure tales! lovely colours in that tag card!

sam21ski said...

Lovely photos Jo and great card xxx

cockney blonde said...

More amazing pics Jo. BTW, love the card, x

Dotpat said...

Love your Atc's and photo's Jo, see you have been busy again

Neet said...

I've done that pocket fold Jo but I can't remember how just now - will have a look and see if I can find it for you.
Love how you have decorated it and the atc is fab - must make one and then I might have a chance to get yours in the "dip".

Artyjen said...

Thats Ireland! Lovely place.....lovely people.
xoxo Sioux

Amanda said...

Love your card! We made a similar one last year at stamp camp. You always seem to visit the most amazing places! Thanks for sharing it with us.
Have a great weekend!