Sunday, 30 May 2010

Vintage & Modern Art

I've been missing from blogland this past week or so but I've posted some bits and bobs I prepped and saved in advance. Last week I went to Yorkshire for the jewellery course which I was lucky to have won and it was a fantastic few days. Since then I've had my DD2 and lovely grandee visiting from Germany..... precious time, so blogging has taken a rest for a while. Will be back in a couple of days with all that happened in the interim but here's another I prepared earlier, "Blue Peter" style blog post...........

I've just finished these two Deco pages for one of my group swaps (KCUK) and the theme is "Vintage".
I hope Linda likes them and that they aptly fit into her book. I'm puzzled that one of the cameos cracked more than the other, despite being the same card and despite my using the same amount of Crackle Glaze.

When I went into the city centre the other day I was surprised to see this piece of public art had been removed then I remembered that it was only on loan to the city. Luckily I had photographed it and I will really miss having another look at the detail each time I walk from the car or bus into town. 
The Pillar of Friendship
 A collaboration of Master Blacksmiths, from all over the world, brought together by the British Artist Blacksmiths Association. Each unit designed and made by a different artist blacksmith and represents their interpretation of friendship. I photographed the information but unfortunately missed a couple of artist's names and sadly cannot find them on the net to give them credit. 
1) Adrain Wood UK           2) Helen Roberts UK             
3) Heiner Zimmermann     4) Kheir Aker Palestine
5) Sergiy Pulubotko Ukraine 6) Martin Briedenbach Germany 

7) Rick Smith USA        8) ???
9) Jim Horrobin UK        10) Abed Abdi Palestine

11) Bethan Griffiths UK     12) ???
13) Uri Hofi Israel    14) Igor Andruchin Russia

I just love so many elements in the pieces and keep seeing more gems of detail each time I look.
I especially love these figures below, reminiscent of Giacometti's art, and today I noticed that the right hand figure is pregnant and they are all holding gingko leaves.


Helen said...

Beautiful deco pages, Jo - I'm sure Linda will love them. I was really interested to read about the Pillar of Friendship too - I hadn't seen it so it was great to see your photos.

Helen x