Thursday, 23 September 2010

Blog Candy, Distress & 1,000 Bells

I am so thrilled at all the good things happening this week. After winning the last Stampman Challenge with my Music card, I have now been showcased with a feature about me and my art in the Inspirations Blog. I'd love you to take a peek there and share my joy!
A few years ago I missed a workshop given by my talented friends Cath and Lynne of Katyscorner and they did their own take on an unusual structure, which I think was from an Art Specially book. (I am sure they will correct me if I'm wrong). I always wanted to make one so I've figured it out myself and had a go. Don't know if I've made it correctly but it is effective and I am entering it for the next Stampman Fortnightly Challenge which is themed "Distress". I used Distress Inks on here and gave it a bit of a worn antiqued look, especially on the front cover. It has Cath's favourite quote on the front and I wish I could find that stamp for her! anyone got a spare?
Tiny distressed tags tucked into the seam stitching.

Blog Candy
In celebration of my blog makeover by Susie Jefferson of 1stfloorflat (button on my sidebar!) I am relaunching my new look blog with a candy giveaway.
Thank you so much for the thousandth time to Suzie for making my blog just how I wanted it and using my own artwork and her expertise so wonderfully. I love it!
To enter please....
1) Add a comment to this post
2)Add it to your sidebar
3)You don't have to become a follower but you'll get an extra entry if you do as a bonus.
This will run until 12th October which is just over 2 weeks away so not too long to wait
I will give 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, as I have a few more goodies than in the photo, when I find them!
Culture Fix!
This week we took a trip down to the Observatory, which is alongside Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral, to see another entry in the Biennial Arts Festival.
There are 1,000 bells hanging and a recorded dialogue and tinkling sounds but the in depth meaning of it all defeats me. It looks so effective and I enjoyed the sight but must admit that cannot see the reason.
A group of people were there filming a programme about the Biennial so we had to duck and dive to keep out of their way. One man taking photographs apologised for keeping me and I was surprised to be talking to Mike McCartney (need I add brother of the even more famous Sir Paul?). I'm pleased to say that he was chatty and charming so I took this photo. 
Later he was talking to some American tourists and he thanked them for visiting the city, adding "Thank you very much for the Aintree Iron, thank you very much, thank you very, very,very, much"!!! I just hope they knew what he was going on about!


Chris said...

I saw Mike McCartney on the news, shame you didn't get on there too, Jo! :o)

I love your artwork, it looks complicated but fab.

Congratulations too on making Inspirational - about time!

And finally, love your new look blog.

Chris x

dizzy said...

your blog is amazing Jo im loving your font name.

i had ago at one of these cards before my stamping days as i saw a picture on Caths shop website and fell in love with it so i made it for mandy looks nothing like yours yours is fab and a great idea putting the tags inside love that touch.

swooning with the near stars cool the bells look brill.

great candy huni thanks for the chance of winning them hugs jayne xxxx

Susie Jefferson said...

Thanks so much for the very kind comment - I'm so pleased YOU are pleased!

And what a generous giveaway - bet you'll be very glad I did that numbered comments thingie when it comes to picking out the winners.

Good luck everybody!

Carmel said...

I love the new look blog and the artwork is fab as always. It is so interesting to see your ideas and personal takes on things. The easy-going commentaries on your various forays out and about add a unique touch to your blog and makes me return for more. Carmel xxx

Dotpat said...

Love your blog now it is finished Jo and that is a great gieaway

Jan said...

Love this...such a unique design!

Anonymous said...

I've discovered your blog through Inspirational and i love it! Your art is awesome so i am following you,i need some inspiration!
The candy is yummy too so my fingers are crossed until then :)
Thank you for this lovely chance.
Hugs xx

She said...

Love this, my favourite colours. Great candy too. S x

hazel said...

I love your new look blog and your artwork is wonderful.
xxx Hazel.

Larisa said...

Very nice cards!! The colouring is fantastic!!!
Thanks for candy! I linked it on sidebar) Thanks for the chance to win)))

cockney blonde said...

Hi Jo, love the new look blog. Susie's done an amazing job there. Really vibrant. Also love the concertina thingy whatsit. Looks really complicated but I know you will make it seem so easy, lol.
Yummy candy too. Please put my name in the hat, pretty please, lol, x

Ukka said...

What a yummy candy!!! I have popped you in my sidebar in my log!! Oh fingers and toes and everything else crossed!!
And i follow!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Melissa Barnicoat said...

I just came across your blog vis Inspirational. Gorgeous work. Will spend soem more time looking through all your creations. Keep up the good work.

Dana C (KyStamper) said...

Your new blog is so bright and cheerful - love it!! Great blog candy, Jo.

Paul said...

Congrats on winning the Stampman challenge & I've bookmarked to look at your piece on Inspirations. How Exciting!!! As you say, a good week. I was hoping to go to Liverpool today to see these bells among other things but Nick thought it'd be too busy with the Lib conference etc so crossing fingers for next week. I agree, it prob makes no point as art but as a thing of wonder to see, it works. Okay, off to go read about you now Pxx

WendyK said...

Some fabulous work, and I love your new look blog. Congrats on your win as well.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Oh you namedropper! hehe; bet the Americans didn't have a clue :-/ I found this about the bells: "It is a free adaptation of an ancient legend, the story of an island temple whose most remarkable and distinctive feature was its endowment of a thousand bells. Allegedly, the sound of these bells could be heard by travellers crossing the sea even at a great distance from the island. Over the centuries, the island sank into the ocean, and so did the temple and its bells. But the island and its shrine are not completely forgotten, as shown by the unremitting attempts of a sailor to hear again the music of the sunken bells. Although their sound has long vanished into the depths of the ocean and his undertaking seems pointless, the man does not give up trying and obsessively pursues his search."
I checked out the link on the Inspirations blog Jo, so well deserved ;-) I love all the artwork featured on there, love the bag dangly and the hat as well as the card/paper art. Your 'book/card' above is fab too.
Will come back and do a link about the blog candy as it's after 1am now and I must away to bed.
Anne xx

Debby said...

I think your blog looks so inviting and amazing, love all the beautiful colors.

sequin said...

Thanks for the chance! Your wonderful candy! I hope to get lucky!
Link posted on the sidebar

sam21ski said...

Fab, fab, fab, so pleased things have turned around for you both xxxx

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Just called to visit your WOYWW post and seen this first.....Your unusual structure piece is absolutely stunning.

Off to visit your desk now.


Pat said...

Jo, I am in love with the blog! The candy isn't bad, either! haha

I don't know how to add you to a sidebar, but will try to get some help.

Great art work.
Hugs, Pat

Neet said...

Finally got around to entering Jo - sorry it has taken me so long. Good Luck and love the new blog.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Jo, have linked your candy on my blog now ;-)
Anne xx

madebyKarla said...

Love your work! Thanks for sharing about the temple of bells...very interesting! I posted about your candy on my sidebar! Thanks for the chance :)

bestia_cat said...

Thanks to your candy I found on the network your wonderful blog. You do great work.
Link posted in his blog on the right side
Thanks for the chance to win

Tuire Flemming said...

Thanks for visiting my blog I found your!
Lovely art works you have here. I´ll sure be a follower!

Nat_Peres said...

What a wonderful candy! Link on the sidebar in chronological order

Melva Bates said...

1st time I have visited your blog LOVE IT.
Melva Bates

Melva Bates said...

Love the blog. My first visit great artwork.
Melva Bates

Nikki said...

Fantastic candy thanks for the invite (WOYWW post) I've linked you in my sidebar and follow you too
fantastic projects you've got on your blog too
hugs Nikki C

Glen said...

Hi Jo. That is so generous of you to share your goodies. I LOVE LLB and would be thrilled to have some stamps by him. *Ü* Have put your linky in my sidebar. ~Glen~

Rosa-kreattiva said...

che meraviglia la tua creazione.... sono già tua fans e sono felice di partecipare non mi resta che incrociare le dita
public slidebar on
Hugs, rosa
i am old follower
blog creative:

Anonymous said...

Love the little book, absolutely gorgeous as usual. Thanks for the chance at the very generous candy, I've linked you on my side bar.


Ганима said...

Thanks for candy! I linked it on sidebar.
Thanks for the chance to win :)

Your blog is amazing!


mariella said...

great candy!!!
i've posted it in the sidebar, here

and i become a new follower!!!
bye bye


Hi, I am a follower and your candy is on my sidebar HERE! Congratulations on being featured on "Inspirational" x leigh x

lentochka said...

Nice candy! I linked it on sidebar

Thanks for the chance to win!))I am a follower.

@Helena said...

With pleasure became 135 reader of a blog and I will take part in draw the reference on lateral панеле in my blog, I invite :-)

Lizzybobs said...

Inspirational - yes you are. I can not believe you have not been snapped up by then=m before - anyway it was lovely to see you at HSNW - I went home with money - mmm that is a first - thanks for the chance to win your candy I will link you at

lv Liz

A-len-ka said...

I'm so glad I found Your blog! I'm a follower now! - on the sidebar

Lizzybobs said...

ment to say before - went to hear the bells the other day - lovely - have linked you on my blog now ((HUGS))

Glo said...

Thanks for the canyd, you are on my sidebar:

Lilang said...

Nice gift!

siskus said...

Thanks for the chance! Your wonderful candy!

Sherry said...

I love the new vibrant look of your blog - very eye catching indeed!

I'm already a follower, but have now added your blog candy button to my sidebar.

Thanks for the chance of your wonderful, generous giveaway.

Maggie's Crafts said...

Thank you for a chance to win this lovely candy!

Pop over to my blog to take part in my FIRST blog candy!



lagoon said...

Tanks for chance.

Something Special said...

What a very fun and artsy blog you have here. I glad I got in on this blog candy. I hope you will visit me, as I am having a splendid giveaway right now celebrating my followers. I am a new follower of yours.

Nаташа said...

Thanks for the chance to win great candy!!! :)

Yvonne Russell said...

As a fledgling bookmaker myself, I absolutely love your book! I enjoyed resding about the bells and meeting Paul McCartney's brother. Thanks for inviting us to join in the celebration.

I am already a follower of your blog and I have posted the candy on my sidebar at and linked back.

Thanks again.