Sunday, 26 September 2010

Tiny Toes for a Blog Award

I've been awarded a blog award by my lovely friend Dot of Trollymog Blog and I'm honoured she chose me. Thanks Dot!!. I have to add a photo to my blog that it very special to me and pass the award on to some other people.
I have three special tiny girls in my life that I wish I could see more often but they live so far away that it's never often enough. They are all so precious, beautiful, and growing so fast, that the photo I chose shows these tiny new born feet of one of them. Doesn't matter who's the owner of these tiny toes, as all three are so cute!
Hard to choose but I'd like to offer this award on to Julia of WOYWW, Paul of Artsiders, Anne(Liverpool Lou), Sam, Lisa and Alison CB. All lovely people and enthusiastic bloggers. 


Julia Dunnit said...

Wow Jo, thanks, how kind of you. Beautiful photo, just gorgeous.

sam21ski said...

Thanks Jo, much appreciated xxxx

Paul said...

Aww Jo you are so darned sweet. Thank you. And BTW the Glacier Dark sweets are sooo darned good in the car. Whenever we start a journey, within minutes, I'm opening up the glove compartment and tucking in. They last an age too. If I put on even more weight I'll know who to blame haha. Paul xx

cockney blonde said...

Ooo thanks for the award Jo. I'll have to think about a piccie now, x