Tuesday, 28 September 2010

WOYWW 69 & Superlambanana

My lovely blogging friend Doone, who is a regular WOYWWer, has just had a really sad loss in her life and so my thoughts are with her and her family and I dedicate this post to her. Please keep her in your thoughts too if you know her, or even if you don't!
Here I am a long way from home, still crafting, but most of all I must admit that I'm still making a mess. This is the dining table in the place we are visiting on the south Coast of England and through the window and the morning mist, that is the SEA! Yeah! It's a great spot and the weather has been lovely. We've had our grandees visiting so I've been able to craft whilst they snooze. Amazing what can be stashed into two A4 plastic boxes and here's proof what mess just that much stash can make with the help of ME!!
If you 'd like to be part of all this and want to snoop on lots more desks then go over to Julia's blog at Stamping Ground to find out all about this chance to be a crafty voyeur!
BTW....Don't miss my Blog Candy to celebrate my blog makeover, (on my side bar)
I've been making hundreds of fan images for a Make and Takes at Japan Day which is coming up in a couple of weeks.
I found a great little craft shop in the town of Seaford, lovely people and, of course, I managed to be tempted by some of the lovely stash.
We've enjoyed some spectacular sunsets. Nature's Canvas!
Recently Doone asked me about the Superlambananas and what had happened to them since the end of Liverpool being European Capital of Culture. They are now all over the world, having been auctioned to raise money for local charities. There are, however, quite a few around the city which were bought by local businesses and this is one of my favourites outside the 60 Hope Street Restaurant.
This one's for you Doone!


Ohhh Snap said...

My thoughts are with Doone and her family for their sad loss although I don't know her. And it's a lovely post to dedicate to her.

Love the fans and the lily of the valley stamps. And what a great workdesk overlooking the sea. I am old, but there are so many things I do not know lol. Like Superlambananas, only now I know about them and they are lovely :D. TFS!

Pat said...

I love the things you found at the shop! that is a great deal!

The sunset makes me want to head to the coast!

Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Pat

Neet said...

Great photos Jo - love the view - and those fans - my you have been busy. Are you really on holiday or what?

lisa said...

Hi Jo

I've just been having a catch up with you. I hadn't realised I'd missed so many posts. Must have been dozing this week!!
There are some wonderful photos. We really must try and get a trip to Liverpool, you seem to have photo opportunities on every corner.
Your art work is beautiful as always. I love the ATC's.
I'd forgotten you were getting away this week. What a lovely view you have from the window. I hope you are enjoying catching up with the family, although I know you will be and I can see you are managing plenty of crafting too.
Enjoy your break and the sea air.
Hugs Lisax

Dotpat said...

You are just like me Jo can make a mess were ever you go, he he.
Fab post and enjoyed reading it as usual

minnie_mac said...

Amazing indeed what you can get into these boxes !

Enjoy your time in Sussex-by-the -sea.


dizzy said...

I dont know you Doone but my heart goes out to you at this very sad time you are in my prayers and hope your pain heals very soon.

Jo your fans look superb loving your mess though i do feel its tidy for you lol.hugs jayne xxxx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Not sure how I missed you this week, but I came looking for your e-mail, which I could not find. I love those banana jobbies. Never heard of them before, but sure like the one you showed. Love that sunset, too.

I wanted to send you an e-mail telling you I got your package today. Just a few minutes ago, in fact. I haven't opened it yet, but wanted you to know it is here. Thanks SO much, dear friend. Now I'm off to open it. What fun it will be and so welcome now that I am in an art slump. Thank you again.

Tinkertaylor said...

Just catching up on my blog reading loving the new look. Gorgeous sunset. Heartfelt thoughts to your friend

madebyKarla said...

Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Love the new stash!
Karla #11

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Check out my blog post that I'm going to post today (Oct 2). Also, I don't think you linked to WOYWW this week.

oneoff said...

Good to see a holiday desk too, and some holiday craft stash. What a lot of fans! Thanks also for the Superlambananas pics; I haven't seen them before. I seem to be following the Cow Parades around the world; I've bumped into stray cows in Edinburgh and Ghent as well as the full parades.

Lizzybobs said...

loving all those fans !!!!! sending you love and ((HUGS)) see you next week - I have been saving - loving that stash xx ;o) thanks for sharing with us this week xx

Morti said...

That's an awful lot of fans to stamp and cut out - you'll have to share with us what happens to them next.....

Spyder said...

sorry I missed you last week, blogger wasn't nice! sometimes I just miss pressing the button, and I type, look up and everything's gone! Great desk once again and I do love those
Superlambananas! .....now it won't post....one more try!...no....one more go!!!!