Thursday, 14 July 2011

Stampboard Tiles and the Big Pong

I've had such a mixed week and a crazy busy one at that. We travelled down to the South Coast to spend time with family in Brighton and enjoyed the simple joys of taking our grandees out and about and babysitting for DD1. We then moved further along the coast to visit her DHs parents who have become good friends. 
We enjoyed a perfect Sunday roast with them in a pub restaurant near Hastings.... so good that I saved a choice piece of the crispy pork crackling as a last morsel to savour, only to get it jammed in my teeth at the front and broke a chunk off a front tooth. You really don't need to see me smile...treatment and the pain of a dental bill to come soon!
We travelled quite late bringing the family back for a Northern visit, arriving home to a dreadful pong as the front door was opened. Investigation proved that our large 8 or 9 cubic foot freezer door had sprung open somehow and the contents were ooozing through the drawers and front flaps of the shelves.... fish, meat. veg, fruit etc. All had festered away in the warmth of the good weather during the time we were away. Tired after a 6 hour journey, we plopped the children into their beds, then wallowed bravely in it all, bagging and binning it before the big clean up and sanitisation of every surface it had dripped on to. UGH and double ugh!

Much needed craft therapy!!!
 Some more little stampboard tiles with which I am really enjoying playing about. Colouring, stamping then etching before adding a few ribbons, charms and trims. Handy little idea as keepsakes.

I made an ATC for a swap at Vicky Stampers and did the wrong subject, "Blooming Summer"..... ended up having to make the correct one "Up up and Away"... you'll guess which is which!

I returned to a good surprise too and not just the pong... another fab belated birthday gift from Liverpool Lou. It's beautifully made with a lovely paint technique, swathed in sequinned lace and I love the coiled wire discs on her boobs.... amazing. Thanks so much Annie for spending time to make me this treasure. 
To cap it all, yesterday, DD1 returned to Brighton by train with pram, heavy bag, 4 year old and 17 month old and a tummy upset.... don't know how she made it, but she did..... true grit!
Life is now calm, quiet, tidy and I miss them all so much already!


Angie said...

Anne's dummy is stunning and I love BOTH your atc's ...they are perfect for each subject. I hope the little ones dont get the bug.

okienurse said...

Seems like a time of calamities mixed in with the happy things. I have had the freezer issue myself and I give you my sympathy having to deal with that. Love the ATC and the tiles you made. Nice gift! vickie

Wipso said...

Poor you. It never rains but it pours. What a mess to be greeted with.
Really love all your wonderful crafting esp those beautiful tiles.
A x

Diane said...

Ughhh! What a mess to come home to, Jo! Glad you were able to craft to get over it and all your projects are wonderful!
Diane x

Paul Browning said...

I'm wincing at the thought of cracking a tooth. I can sympathise, I'd hate that to happen. Not sure I'd have the same humour and grit as yourself if I came home tired from a day's travelling to find the contents of the fridge smelling out the place etc. However, the crafting therapy afterwards certainly looks rewarding. Both ATCs are absolute gems. In some ways, its good that you made a mistake about the theme as your Summer creation is gorgeous especially the texture under the word Summer. Enjoy the peace & quiet, whilst you can. It doesn't always last. Pxx

Von said...

What a tale of woe Jo :( but pleased you found solace in crafting :)
have a chill out weekend
Von x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This has been a WEEK! Sorry to read that the tooth was just the first of a host of problems you had to deal with. The ooze of the freezer made me think about the time my neighbor left her freezer ajar over vacation and I had to help her clean it afterward. I know what a mess that had to have been. And such a waste, too. Now it seems like your DD has taken over the pain. Hope by now all is well in both households and you are smiling again (literally AND figuratively).

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OMG, I just now saw the e-mail me icon on your sidebar. Not so nice to realize I look for something and skip over it unless it is right in front of me. So much for skipping over things. And to think I almost forgot to say how great Anne's coils look along with the lace and paint. This was a great piece she made for you.

lisa said...

Ohhhh not nice, Jo. Why do these things always happen at the wrong moment. It sounds like you've been having a real time of it although I'm glad there were nice bits thrown in too!!
Your ATC's are gorgeous, I love them both. I need to take lessons from you, i always struggle with them and I love your pressy too, especially the coiled wire, that made me laugh.
Hope you have a restful weekend.
Hugs Lisax

Dotpat said...

Love your stamp board pieces Jo, I must have a go. Sorry about your freezer what a shocker to come home too

cockney blonde said...

Oh Jo, poor you with the tooth and the freezer. Love the stampbord pieces and Lou's artwork is fab, lucky you.
See you soon, x

dizzy said...

so glad you had fun and spent so much time together but what a welcome home yuk but at least your belated prezzie was a nice surprise to cheer you up hugs jayne xxx

Ann B said...

Oh b*gg*r! Don't know which is worse, pong or broken tooth, both equally bad in my book. Love the Stampboard pieces though, my favourite stamping surface and one I don't use nearly enough.