Friday, 18 November 2011

Cards galore!

I spent yesterday afternoon cardmaking enjoying the new stainless steel surface on my desk, making them for my DDs Art & Craft sale. The cards are all angels and whilst they will do well for Christmas , most of them will be suitable for other occasions. 
I used some of the stock of background cards that I had made during dems at shows and I stamped and embossed the angels, most of which were from Lost Coast Designs.
All in all with last week's makes I sent around 50 cards to DD1 today! Amazing as I don't bother making any for my own use!
Thought I'd show you the super pack of 4 white mountboard birds, all with pleated wings, which I bought for less than a couple of pounds at a certain Swedish shop we all know. I'm going to decorate them and add some beads as decorations.
I also made yet another warm, pure wool hat with earflaps for my little grandee to wear in the cold German Winter. Still have to knit more for the Brighton Belles. This one looks a bit lumpy but I photographed it in a hurry over a cardboard box!
                                       Enjoy your weekend!


Cath Wilson said...

Bet they love your parcels, Jo - lovely hat and let's hope it will keep her lovely and warm. I've lived through a European winter and it's so much colder than ours! Lovely cards - can't believe you've done so many. I recognise a lot of those stamps from my own collection - love Lost Coast. Seems as if your new table top is being well broken in, lol - hope it's good to work on - would imagine it would feel quite chilly. At least it should be easy to clean. I wonder, is it REALLY stainless? You'll soon find out when you use all your inks and sprays, lol x

Annie said...

What an amazing batch of cards Jo...I actually finished off the first 24 of my Christmas cards today and have now nearly finished the Noah's Ark :-) [I hasten to add my 'to do' rail is now full!]
I love that little hat Jo. I'm sure little L will look a real poppet in that.
A x

Paul Browning said...

Fantastic cards Jo, what a beautiful variety of vivid colour & delightfully quirky images. They'll certainly brighten up a craft sale table. And I know what you mean about never making cards for yourself. Good to see you're putting your new table to use :) Px

Heavens2Betsy said...

Wow Jo,you have been extra prolific this week! I love the cards you made - those angel stamps are really funky. Can't wait to see what you make of the birds and I love the little hat too. Brilliantly creative. pen x

sam21ski said...

WOW you really were on a roll this week Jo. Love the look of your quirky cards. Love the wee little hat too, gorgeous vibrant colour.

Hope everything is okay with you, speak soon

Sam xxxx

Twiglet said...

Love those funky cards and that hat is perfect - love the colour and texture of the wool - what make is it Jo?

Ann B said...

You've been busy Jo, all those cards and knitting as well. Love those birds, can see a trip to that Swedish place is on the cards for me - would make some beautiful tree decorations.

Angie said...

Wow productive fantastic they all are ...brillant use of demo backgrounds ...and you dont make ant for yourself ?????
Such a cute hat ...maybe her Mum might like one too ...bigger ofcourse lol xx

Von said...

Wow you have been busy
Take care and have a relaxing weekend
Von x

Lee said...

Hi Jo.Can't wait to see what you create with those gorgeous birds.We don't have one of THOSE stores where i live lol.Your cards are STUNNING i love them all.You know she is going to LOVE that gorgeous hat,you are so clever.Do you have any patterns for an easy pull on hat for me lol.i have a small head and just need a basin shape one for when i take the dogs out lol.Happy Weekend.Hugs xxxxx

cockney blonde said...

Tried to send you a message yesterday from the caravan but the WiFi went down. Love all those cards you've made and the hat is simply gorgeous.
I managed to make quite a few bits over the weekend but I'll post details later, x

Neet said...

Great card making Jo - could do with you coming over here to give me a push as I am struggling with my "C" cards.
Can just picture your darling little grandee in her new hat from Joma.

hazel said...

A wonderful collection of cards Jo and a lovely little hat.
xxx Hazel.

Dotpat said...

By gum you have been busy Jo. Love the hat for grandee and love the birds too, wish we had one of those shops a bit closer to us

Susie Jefferson said...

Well, I'm totally humbled by the sight of all these cards. Haven't made one for ages, and I've a nasty feeling I'll be buying Christmas cards yet again this year. I'm feeling shamed and GUILTY! And cursing myself as I was at the well known Swedish store earlier this week and didn't spot those winged birds. Rats!

Great kudos to you - and you should be feeling not only proud of yourself, but virtuous too. I'm sure those gorgeous cards will be a total sell-out.