Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Paper Cut Trees & Baubles

Here's another paper cut, as promised, and there are still a couple more to come over the next few days. There are two sizes of the tree and this below is the smaller of them. I've been experimenting with the idea and here it's cut out of old dictionary paper. Multi layers in fact. I cut out 3 sets of 10 sheets machined together then when completed I stuck them with a thin line of Glossy Accents along the stitch line. 
They also look lovely (and I think I prefer them) cut from white copy paper and glitter can be added for a bit of bling.
It took about 15 minutes to cut out one set of tree pages and I find it gets easier and quicker with each set as you find short cuts to manoeuvre the scissors round the shapes.

Here's yesterday's bauble cut out of old dictionary pages.
Opened out
Free Template
ready to print off and the template scan for the baubles is in on yesterday's post.
Showing the pages machined together with a strong needle and a big stitch.
The plain white page is carefully torn away from the stitching once the cutting is complete.
 It  was easier to punch holes with my cropodile so I could get my scissors in to cut out the small shapes
I met up with my lovely crafting friend Olive yesterday and we went into Liverpool to visit the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the Tate. First we popped in so Olive could see the Lily Savage costumes, the Peter Blake litho prints and the Magritte Exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery, which I visited last week but it was all certainly worth another look.
Here's Olive blending in nicely!
 Looks like Olive is wearing the feathers which are on the model at the back! She reckons she would wear either of these two outfits, mini skirts, leopard print and all!
 Some of the Magritte illustrations. We especially loved seeing the cabinet full of his art equipment.
We walked over to the Tate down by the river and whilst we enjoyed the Alice exhibition, neither of us could say we were bowled over by it. Lots of little things captivated our interest but generally it was all too surreal the way so many artists had been influenced by the story and resultantly produced such extreme and often disturbing contemporary art so far removed from the original story by Lewis Caroll and the illustrations by Tenniel. 
Still we had such good day out until we came out of the Tate to black skies, gale force wind and driving rain which completely soaked us on the way back to the town centre. The rain went through all my clothes and ran down my back and I certainly didn't enjoy the bus trip home to a welcome hot bath.


Cath Wilson said...

Wow! You're so patient - they look great! Love the photos and I can just imagine Olive wearing those outfits, lol x

Annie said...

I really love your trees and baubles Jo but am seriously debating whether my arthritic hands would manage all that cutting out now. I might have a go to see :-) [you never quite know what you can do if you don't try do you?]
A x

bebebubu said...

Wow looks so completed. I love your deco

Heavens2Betsy said...

Fabulous papercut decorations Jo - they are so effective. I'm not sure I'd have the patience but I'd love to try. The exhibition sure looks like fun too - I love Olive in the feathers! pen x

Angie said...

I was awol for woyww but had to drop by to say that I am captivated by all your recent creations ...and the baubles are just as amazing too the cropadile tip.
Glad you had a good day at the Tate ...sorry the Alice thingy was a little disappointing.

sandra de said...

Gorgeous absolutely gorgeous decorations. Thanks for the template. You must have the patience of Job!!

Ann B said...

Love the paper-cuts Jo and they look great on the pages. Glad you and Olive had a good day, sounds like you crammed a lot in. The reviews of the Alice exhibition were a bit mixed - most said it was disappointing, which is a shame as I know you were looking forward to it.

Lee said...

Oh Jo these are AMAZING,thanks so much for sharing they really are soooo effective and imaginative,i LOVE them.Will have to wait to make some for next year LOL,as no printer, am going to buy one.

Great pics,sounds like you enjoyed yourselves until the soaking,hope you do not have the sniffles.Hugs xxx

minnie_mac said...

Sounds like a fab day out - apart from the soaking at the end ! Really love these paper decorations. Will try it out when I get my cards, calendars and memo books finished !


Jingle said...

LOVE the paper tree!!!!

lisa said...

These paper ornaments are just amazing, Jo. I love them.
Your day out with your friend sounds lovely, apart from the weather. I think Winter is upon us now.
Hugs Lisax

Shoshi said...

Glad you had such a lovely day out with your friend, Jo. Always fun to go to an art exhibition! Those paper cutouts are amazing. I like the vintage look of the old printed pages. Hugs, Shoshi

hazel said...

Wonderful decorations Jo. Glad you had a lovely day out with your friend.
xxx Hazel. said...

Super cool! TFS