Friday, 25 November 2011

Paper Star

Before I tell you about the fabulous woven vintage paper stars, below, I just want to mention a comment I received today. In almost two years of blogging I have had so many lovely comments but never any direct criticism, although I have had lots of constructive suggestions. I'm no prima donna and can accept criticism where founded but the comment, which I deleted without publishing, was a simple but direct, unnecessary, and unfounded criticism of my choice of colour with blunt advice.
I must inform the writer that, in art, birds can be ANY colour, it's called artistic licence and on this blog I can choose to do as I wish as long as it harms no one. I am sure that in Nature you will find birds in any colour too but I accept that they won't have sequins on their heads, but in art they CAN!!
I mention this because another blogger friend of mine has also received unnecessary criticism to one of her posts so I am wary that this may be some sort of ploy so, bloggers beware, and let me know if you have had anything similar.
Woven Vintage Paper Stars
These are the creation of Amanda of houserevivals blog and, if you pop over to visit, she has a fabulous easy to follow tutorial. Be sure to go to her blog and only her blog because someone has been poaching her great designs.
These are the ones I made from an old wrecked dictionary but I have not yet decided what I'm going to add in the way of bling and sparkle. I just love them so HUGE thanks to Amanda... I'm certainly going to make some more!


Von said...

They are stunning Jo and thank you for the link :)
Yes I saw the comment left on another blog quite unnecessary !!!
Von xxx

Lottie said...

Why oh why do people take the time to post a negative comment. What a waste of time and energy. Nasty nasty person - they surely can't be a happy person can they.

I am so very glad that you didn't take any notice of them.

Your art, our art, is just that - our interpretation of how we want to create something. We are not famous artists - we are just enjoying our hobby and what we are doing - so what is the point of someone wasting precious moments of their life and energy being so nasty.


Keep up the wonderful art work that you are creating - I LOVE IT.

Annie said...

We love you for who you are Jo and for the wonderful creative things you make. If folk nave nothing nice to say then they should say nothing. Never stop being you and sharing your creations with all your have a lot of those :-)
A x

Ann B said...

I had one as well Jo. This morning someone posted a moan about the photo of my Just For Fun card not being straight. Pretty sad really. It's still there on yesterday's post - is it the same person?
Love the stars

Zoechaos said...

Fantastic stars will have to follow the link thank you.

Re the comment a lot of us were criticized in the last 24 hours, I laughed at mine the English was not great and it was clear this person had not actually read the post. It is good of you to pass on the warning never thought there might be more to it than spite. XOXO Zoe

Helen said...

I can't believe someone took objection to your gorgeous bird!!
Am off now to find out how to make that beautiful paper star.

cockney blonde said...

Thanks for the heads up Jo. I too received a nasty comment which I too deleted without publishing. I take it that there has been someone else receiving one too. Maybe this person is commenting through linked blogs. Whatever, they need to get a life and put some positivity into it and leave negativity where it belongs..... x

sam21ski said...

Hey Jo, it's funny you should mention your unpublished comment, because I had one like that too something about them not liking my choice of colour - I just assumed it was a prank and moved it into my spam folder. I didn't recognise the ID or blogger name.

So then back to your fabulous paper stars - love them, they look really stable and I love them just the way they are - au naturel.

Sam xxxx

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

I love love these Jo, and yes I had a comment too, it is the same person Ann has on her blog above. Take no notice, they need to get a life. It is our interpretation, we love our art and more importantly enjoy it and enjoy seeing others too. Enjoy your weekend. Tracy x

lisa said...

I should take no notice, Jo. Having looked at Ann's comment it looks like Spam to me that's slipped though the filter. Don't let these things upset you, your art is stunning and it's yours so you can do exactly what you want with it. Your true friends love it and that's what matters.
Those stars are amazing. I'm off to check out that link right now.
Have a great weekend.
hugs Lisax

Sam said...

I think I "arrowed back" too soon so not sure if you got my comment!
I popped over to see your woyww post as I am late and glad I am late. Those stars are stunning.
As for the negative comment, it is YOUR blog and YOUR art so you do what YOU like!!

Sheree said...

Those stars are incredible Jo!!! You inspire me with every visit to your blog!
Kudos to you for catching and deleting the unfair critique of your work. I find it appalling that someone could do such a thing. You are an artist, and an incredible one at that. That person should be ashamed of themself!!
If someone disagrees with something... stay away!
I hope this will go no further for you.

Carola Bartz said...

These stars look gorgeous - and quite like a lot of work. Very beautiful.

About that comment - you did exactly the right thing. If someone doesn't have anything nice to say, they should better shut up. How sad their life must be.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Beautiful paper stars Jo. Sorry to hear about your visitor with a critical eye. It really is their loss if they can't see through the eyes of the soul and appreciate art in all its forms. penny x

Paul Browning said...

Beautiful stars Jo. And guess what. I had a comment this week too. Sounds like a new "spam" kind thing. I deleted the comment without publishing it either. Mine suggested I needed a spot of colour on my concertina book/box thing. I shrugged it off, thinking that whilst it may not be to their taste, I don't agree with their view. Had I but realised it's something everyone is getting. Good of you to highlight it. Pxxxx

judith@poppy cottage said...

Yup I got a dodgy comment from the same person, they are definitely doing the rounds. I think I'll move mine to my spam folder. I wasn't going to bother, as I thought everyone was entitled to their own opinion. But they hadn't even worked out that what they were suggesting I do would have looked odd anyway. Love these stars Jo, off to take a look at the link. Hugs, Judith xx

Neet said...

Wow, just read your comments and it seems as if the person really has been going the rounds. So many of my friends seem to have had these comments. See "Phooey" to them and just get on with life, they are certainly not worth bothering about but it is good to warn others via blogs.

Lee said...

Hi Jo,sorry to hear you had an unpleasant visitor,there is always someone who likes to spoil it for others.

i love these stars they are so pretty and unusual,what a fab idea too.Must go and have a peek at the tutorial.Hope all well with you n family.Will email as soon as i get a min Lol.Big

Dotpat said...

They look fab Jo but very fiddly. I also had one of those comments, saying my flower was very bland

Twiglet said...

Pretty little stars Jo. Sad about the comment - epecially as it sounds like someone doing the rounds of the blogs just to be negative. Takes all sorts, but guess they don't have many friends! Funny old world isn't it. x Jo

Angie said...

'You go girl' seems appropriate ... I wish I could have read the comment ...obviously not an artistic cell in her body. I have heard that there is a 'Smack Blog' which has some similarly ignorant people posting on it ...wonder if there is a connection?

As for the stars ...they are amazing ...had a quick look at the tutorial ...think I might just pop back.xx

olive said...

loving it Jo...... some folks must be jealous they cant make anything have to be negative, their turn will come.... xxx

Bridget Larsen said...

oh my gosh how rude of them, it is your blog and you can do what you want on it and art is not real life and can be interpreted in anyway. sheeesh. Your stuff is going postal tomorrow, hope you enjoy the goodies. Will let you know when your's arrives I hope its not raining when it does, its been bucketing down these last few days

Dragon said...

Yummy!!!! great decs