Friday, 24 May 2013

Flat Susan's 1st Adventure

Flat Susan rested before the start of her first adventure with an overnight stay at the Holiday Inn..... 
before flying off from Stansted to Slovenia to join me on a visit to my special friend and blogging buddy, Dolores (aka Cardarian), in Ljubljana.
I'm honoured to be the first travel companion and you can read all about Flat Susan here on the Hickydorums blog of her creator Neet and follow her travels around the world.  
On our first day we met up with Dolores's DD, Anna, who took us to the most amazing, fascinatingly different, place in their beautiful city. 
Knowing I appreciate graffiti art we were taken to METELKOVA for an alternative view of Ljubljana.
Metelkova City (full name in SloveneAvtonomni kulturni center Metelkova mesto, 'Metelkova City Autonomous Cultural Center') is an autonomous social centre in the centre of LjubljanaSlovenia. It is located on the site of former military barracks (the Slovenian headquarters of the Yugoslav National Army) and was squatted September 1993. The site consists of seven buildings and was 12,500 m².[1] The squat is named after nearby Metelko Street (Slovene:Metelkova ulica), which is named after the 19th-century Slovenian Roman Catholic priest, philologist, and unsuccessful language reformer Fran Metelko.
Flat Susan really enjoyed the experience and if you follow the flagpole you'll see her ......
 right here
The sun was so warm reflecting off this fabulous mosaic wall 
  Flat Susan enjoyed the colour and vibrance of the place and here she is in the photo below.
  Anna, Dolores and Susan with me.
Anyone can express their art in any form and there are some fabulous crazy creations....
  DH Dave and Dolores
 Most of the art uses recycled materials
Every doorway is a creation in itself.

 There are cafes, bars and hostels.
 If a tree is in the way of a building the tree  stays and the structure goes around it.
 There were musicians sitting on these structures whilst they jammed.
 Time and place to meditate
So many different styles
My favourite wall and I reckon this one would make superb scrapbook paper.
Lots more adventures to come with Dolores and Flat Susan, and next one is in Italy, so keep watching!


Annie said...

Wow...what amazing artwork Jo.
A x

Helen said...

What an amazing place!! Scrapbook paper or a quilt I wonder?!

Angie said...

I definately think that wall could inspire a quilt Jo. So much art in so many forms what an amazing place ...looking forward to the next part. xx

Redanne said...

Wow Jo, flat Susan saw some amazing things on her trip. The photos are fabulous! Hugs, Anne x

Elizabeth said...

Oh, wow! Flat Susan is clearly having a terrific time over there and that wall art is fantastic. Thanks for sharing all these fab photos. Elizabeth xx

Twiglet said...

What a visit - I bet Flat Susan had her little notebook out scribbling down ideas for when she gets back to crafting!!! x Jo

Anne said...

the art work is amazing Jo. What a wonderful time you and Flat Susan must have had.
Thanks for the email you sent me.
Anne x

Hetty said...

Flat Susan made a wonderful trip to an amazing place with lots of inspiration.

Susie Bentz said...

What an interesting place to visit - love that the tree was inside the structure. I kept wanting to get closer looks at everything in your pictures!

Bon Voyage Flat Susan!

Darnell J Knauss said...

You are a cracker-jack FS reporter, Jo! That was a fun post seeing her adventures with you and meeting Dolores, too!