Thursday, 30 May 2013

Ljubljana with Flat Susan

More Adventures for Flat Susan 
Here she is on her way up the funicular to the castle in Ljubljana. I must admit we held her ever so tight, and her legs shook, as she was a wee bit scared of heights!
She was happier at the top where we sat in the sun, enjoyed cake and coffee then later an ice cream. Dolores missed the treats (just look at those cakes!) as she had to go into work that day.

Here she is on the ramparts with me and I'm wearing the lovely top Dolores bought me in Italy, for my June birthday. She kindly allowed me to wear whilst I was there. Thanks so much Dolores, I love it!!

The market was just near the bottom of the funicular and was interestingly different to ours in England.
We bought delicious dark cherries from the lovely man who'd had picked them and in the bag there were lots of "twins" like this one. 
It was amazing to see vegetables in such bright colours...look at those pink speckled beans!?

The inside market sold cheeses, meats and bread away from the outside heat.
There was also a stall selling glasses of wine and these were often in shopping centres. Never short of customers.
I love the door of this church...

This is the portal of a bank!
The fantastic doorway of the parliament building
There seems to be a tradition to throw training shoes high up in certain places onto cables. WHY?
A beautiful yet a quaint capital city with so much to see and do and a lovely atmosphere. It's so vibrant and sophisticated and it's hard to believe only 2 million people live in the whole of Slovenia!
Still to come the trips to the caves and the lakes. Flat Susan was having so much fun!


Twiglet said...

Susan was having such a lot of fun - hope she let you have a glass or two of that wine! Fab photos Jo.

Helen said...

oh Jo I am glad Susan made her trip up high...what gorgeous photos - I love the brightly coloured market stalls. I still remember the one in Barcelona I saw. Look forward to the next instalment.

Ann B said...

Beautiful photos Jo,love the Art Nouveau bank portal. Your top is so pretty as well, mind you if you wore it here at present you are likely to develop hypothermia.

Thanks for your postcard and the update. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday, get the woolies out though.

Ann B

tilly said...

wow to Slovakia..... what a fab holiday for flat Susan....she will be right miffed when she comes to sit in my garden and do the washing up!!
What superb doorways and fun sights to see.
Thank you so much for my ATC, my very first one and I shall treasure it!
Tilly x

Annie said...

Such gorgeous pics Jo. Thanks so much for sharing them.
Annie x

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Jo I don't know where to start fantastic photos and the sun was shining. the architecture looks amazing especially the bank.
thanks for sharing

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Super pics Jo thanks so much for sharing and do love Delores top indeedy!! and re the shoes they do that here too sometimes not that many - just a pair here usually, is supposedly (have been told but not sure whether to believe it) somewhere you can buy drugs..??
Not sure you want to hear that as i did not.. take care, travel safe, God bless you and those you love and big blog hugs dear friend, Shaz in oz.x

Tinkertaylor said...

This looks a fab place to visit. I love markets so colourful. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your visit.

Neet said...

What a fabulous time you look to have had - and thanks for such great photos.
Hugs, Neet xx

Susie Bentz said...

Your birthday shirt is absolutely gorgeous! The doors there are stunning. I am loving this peek at the world as FS travels about. Thanks for sharing!