Friday, 6 December 2013

A Legend and a Hero

The World has lost a very special person with the death of Nelson Mandela. 
 I never had the honour of meeting him but I was privileged to participate in one of his many good works.
Caring Hearts Foundation was established by Nelson Mandela and Denis Goldberg, who was incarcerated with him for 27 years. The foundation worked for education for children in South African townships and established programmes to eradicate child rape and poverty. 

Whilst I worked in local radio, some years ago, we ran an appeal for books to give to the schools in Tembiza and my target was 50,000.  It was so successful due to the generosity of local people that we received 250,000 which provided 40 schools with libraries, when some of them previously only possessed a handful of books.
 I was invited, with my colleague, to attend a reception in Africa House in Trafalgar Square and there I was privileged to meet Dennis Goldberg who thanked us. He thanked US!!! when we were honoured to even play a small part in their amazing work. 
We had a wonderful day to remember.
He was so warm and friendly and never let go of my hand whilst we were talking and told us about some of the wonderful work they were doing in Africa. 
You can see in my, poor quality, treasured photo below.  

Nelson Mandela may be gone but he will never be lost to the World as he leaves such a legacy for us all. 
Celebrate his life!
Here's part of his legacy shining his light .....
you can hear them here...

and check out the story of the African Children's Choir here
and you can see them with Nelson Mandela.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a loving and wonderful tribute to such a GREAT man. He will never be forgotten as long as there is soccer or South Africa. He brought the world to its knees with his deeds of love and goodness. Thanks for sharing this tribute.

Lynne said...

Lovely, Jo. And I agree with you - I just hope the media in their usual frenzy and over-blown 'tributes' dont' spoil the passing of this great man. Already I have had ample sufficiency. Let him go with dignity. And I envy you your wonderful time with him.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

An amazing story, Jo...people will respond magnificently given the chance. What a wonderful project to have been part of...well done you :-)
Hugs, LLJ xx

Ann B said...

Great tribute Jo and lovely to hear it all firsthand yesterday.
Ann B

Hettie said...

Wonderful tribute Jo and well done YOU!

Kyla said...

Fabulous story and he truly showed how one person can really make such a difference.