Tuesday, 11 February 2014

WOYWW 245 & Shawlettes

I often wonder how many people visit the hundred plus desks of WOYWW each week to have a snoop and to see what we are all crafting. 
This week my desk is all about knitting, here in my living room but it does come with me on my travels too. 
I'm giving Julia the new title of "Knitmaster" as she has been pulling the wool over our eyes for ages, as we found out just this week that she isn't Mrs Dunnit at all. All can be explained.
She is, however, still our own dear "Julia" who instigates so much fun and friendship each week, so we'll let her off. 
Incognito? WOYWW? Crafting messes around the World? All will be revealed if you get over to her place PDQ. 
The STAMPING GROUND is the place to go.

 Here's my little coffee table festooned with left over balls of yarn. Not just any yarn but Noro (silk, mohair, lambs wool mix from Japan) which I love to knit, and recently I've been making  "shawlettes" (very wearable, warm, long triangular scarves). The Noro yarn is random dyed but sometimes there are colours in the balls that I don't really want to include so I wind it off until I arrive at a shade I do prefer. 
I am not a fan of yellow, orange, or brown, so I ended up with quite a stash of small balls in shades of these colours. I decided that someone might like a scarf in this colour palette so I am knitting them up to see how it goes. There will be so many ends to weave in but I think it will be well worth it as it is quite an expensive, quality, yarn. 
Easy to knit as they are all in garter stitch. 
 Here's one below that I made for DD2, in her favourite shades of blues and greens, with wooden beads on tassels at each of the corners. They help it to drape easily around the neck and look that little bit stylish and individual.
For this one I just started at the bottom front point and increased on every row at the second stitch, then at the next to last stitch. 
and one for me in my preferred colours.(I know... big spot on my chin!)
 I can personally recommend Noro yarn as I have used it for quite a few years and all the garments I've made have washed and worn really well. After a few washes the yarn really becomes extra soft so it it really cosy to wear.
This scarf increased in a different way in the middle of every row giving a lacy ladder down the front. I've got the pattern for this somewhere but I must admit that the other method of increasing is much simpler and far easier.
That's the status quo for today so be warned that I'll be off around the world, snooping to see as many of your desks as possible.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Personally, I like the look of that latest scarf. It's a very wintery blend.

Poor Julia. She's never going to live down admitting she's not a Dunnit, is she? Happy WOYWW from #1.

Belinda Basson said...

Yip! There is always somebody out there who likes what we don't! Thank goodness! Love the design of this scarf. #32

Neet said...

Super scarves Jo, and I made one last year but still want to know how to finish it off around the edges with some crochet. Then I have the one that matches my super duper hat which I just love and which I will be wearing as soon as I get out and about. Yes, it went to America with me, but the weather was such that it never came out.
Enjoy your knitting.
Hugs, Neet xx

Helen said...

What pretty scarves and a lovely portable craft!! Thanks for the tip about mounting stamps - or at least keeping the scissors non stick!! Helen 12

Claire said...

Ooh, those look so cosy! And such beautiful colours... love the chunky beads!

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Nori yarn is soooo gorgeous..it's pricey but if you get w product that washes well and lasts ages then it's worth it! I'm a blues and purples gal myself, though years ago I had my Colours done and all I got we're the sludgey greens and autumnal colours. I don't think I possess a single item of clothing in those colours, just don't like them.
We are not flooded in Burbage, thankfully, but all the fields are like lakes and the roads are falling apart. Those poor folk in Somerset....I feel for them.
Hope you are well!
Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

Annie said...

Such gorgeous colours in that wool Jo....and I have to say I'm with you on fav colours. Give me pink, turquoise and blues any day :-)
I'm also with you on the big spot on the chin but I also have cold sores on my lip too....think I've just been rather run down with these colds I've had. :-( Thankfully I can report that I feel rather better this week and I'm sure the weekend with the family will help to bounce me back too :-)
Annie x # 50

Mrs.D said...

Jo, those beautiful colours. Shame you are not a fan of autumn colours, I love them, but the blues are gorgeous too.
Where do I find the pattern for the scarf? Would love one of them.
Chris #48

Paul Browning said...

Wow Jo, these are stunning. Such beautiful colours. I admire anyone who can knit and make such wonderful garments. I envy at how portable the hobby is too :) It would be a great way to pass the time on long car journeys. Pxx

Julia Dunnit said...

OOh Jo, I haven't used it because I don't knit and I haven't quite got to the point of crochet that deserves such lovely yarn, but I do stroke the Noro in the wool shop. I must say, in your hands it really is gorgeous. Isee some lovely bright medallions on your table top too, no doubt there's a plan!
I visited all the desks last week, but I don't always, and it takes me till at least Friday night at best!

Redanne said...

Hi Jo, sadly I do not have time to do WOYWW any more but did visit all desks a couple of times, it takes forever, but it is fun! Your shawls are gorgeous, love the way you added tassels to your DDs one and the colours of yours are beautiful. Hugs, Anne xx

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh such pretty yarn and I love the items you have created. Missing in action last week, but peeped about and love the blocks you shared. You've fun things to keep you busy.I could be a yarn hoarder...just love to visit that dept and if there is a sale...........I weeken..Enjoy WOYWW and the weekend. #53

Lynn Holland said...

Lots of lovely work Jo and I see lots of tea drinking too xx

MaggieC said...

I have a couple of those scarves almost finished, but I might add a bit more crochet round the edge to expand them a little. I love the purple-ish and the autumn colours. The pencil boxes have not arrived yet, but I am not sure what the transport links are like coming from that direction. I still have to be convinced about the big glue runner. It just seems rather cumbersome to me. Hope you have a good week. xx Maggie #15

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I'm not a knitter (unless you count very long scarves, Dr. Who Style, in plain stitch) but that wool is just beautiful in all it's variegated shades. Thank you for your kind comment on my cards xx

Fiona #42

Ann B said...

Big fan of your Noro scarves Jo and we need them at this time of the year. Had mine on this morning when I took Sorrel to the park. Have you battened down the hatches ready for the big blow forecast for this afternoon?
Happy Wednesday
Ann B

Twiglet said...

I love the Autumn colours Jo - I think everyone will be glad of their snuggly scarves in this awful weather. Keep cosy and happy knitting! x Jo

Jackie said...

My first thought after reading your post was I would like to be there those cups look like she had tea and coffee!!!! And all that lovely wool!!!! All looks very inviting I must. say
Jackie 22

Carole said...

Oh such lovely scarves...sure to be worn and appreciated. Happy Trails Carole #68

glitterandglue said...

Those scarfettes are gorgeous, Jo. They look so simple to knit, too. How many stitches do you end up with at the long side? Double knitting? 4 ply?
I've also just found your last post - Mrs D and I were also at the show last Thursday - it was great. I, too, loved that machine embroidered picture - thought it was fabulous. Wish I'd realised you were there - I'd have loved to meet you.
Have a great week.
Margaret #74

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scarves Jo. Interesting you like Noro so much, every time I see it I'm reminded of all the knitters who tell me it's really scratchy! I have to admit to having been completely put off trying it! I'm not playing this week as I'm full up with cold and can't be bothered to do anything!!


CraftygasheadZo said...

Loving your scarves, gorgeous colours and such a great way to use up yarn. Makes me want to get my needles out though I'm not sure my hands can knit anymore. Will have to try! Enjoy your day. Take care Zo xx 71

Anne said...

Oooohhhh love your shawlettes!!! Gorgeous colours. Anne x #78

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Jo
No she really 'did it' when she let the cat put of the dunnit bag didn't she ha ha. Love then pro yarn I have seen it at shows etc but never been brave enough to buy it due to the price but this project does it proud love your rejected autumnal colours although must admit to looking forward to some lovely spring shade very very soon
Have a great week

Krisha said...

They are ALL so pretty and look so warm and cozy.

I don't always make ALL the desks for WOYWW. I post Tues. night (here in USA) then get up and return all my visitors, then roll down my dashboard and check all the blogs I follow, and THEN I go back and try to make it even deeper into the list. By then I have had almost a pot of coffee, and it is time for lunch and I'm still in my PJs LOL
Krisha #34

Tertia said...

Oh my that scarf is gorgeous! I love the colours.
Happy WOYWW!
Tertia #25

Shaz Brooks said...

Hiya Jo. Those are glorious scarves- the colour blends are amazing.Loving the one you made for DD2- strikingly individual. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz # 43 xx

Karen Ives said...

How lovely you scarves are, perfect to cheer up these drab days.
Karen #44

pearshapedcrafting said...

They all look beautiful Jo but love the colours in yours. Stay warm! Chris83 btw I get teenage spots too!!

StampinCarol said...

WOW! Your scarves are fabulous!!!
Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #14

Caro said...

You really do make me wish I could knit...those shawls are all stunning! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#56)

Deb said...

All beautiful scarfs I love that you are so careful not to add the colours you don't like but I do like the leftover scarf colours too!
That wool looks lovely, I am sure it must be super soft!

Lisa-Jane said...

See I'm frightened to teach myself to knit because I'd end up wanting to use expensive yarn like that and I can't afford another addiction! #45

Ali H said...

Great colours on the scarves - the autumnal coloured on is lovely too ! Love the beads & tassels ! Ali#36

Nikki C said...

Those are some warm looking knits I love those colours you've blended together :) hugs Nikki 4

Carola Bartz said...

The scarves look lovely!!! I love to knit and this would be just a project to my liking. I'm knitting infinity scarves at the moment.
Yellow, orange and brown? I take it!

Anonymous said...

Love the colours. I do love Noro yarn, but can;t stand the scratch. Makes my MIL crazy cause she is ALL about the natural fibers and I hate anything itchy or tickly. She keeps trying to give me things that are lovely, probably expensive, and they just collect dust in the closet. I love 100% cotton yarns (or a cotton acrylic blend) for wearing or snuggling up in. I have to remind myself of this when I see Noro, however, cause it is always SOOOOOO tempting. I did make a felted bag from some and that satisfied my craving, for a time....
:) I love that neck wrap, tho', so maybe next year I'll make one.

Romantic day out with DH kept me from WOYWW so here I am today!

Mary Anne (27)

mamapez5 said...

Shawlettes - Now that's a nice word! I love the look of these and I am sure they are really cosy to wear. They wouldn't do for me as wool makes me itch and mohair is definite'No go' area. (I had been seeing my now-husband for months before I had the courage to tell him that his favourite lambs wool jumper was making it very difficult for me to sit next to him!).
By sheer chance, I am dressed all in gold, orange and brown today. It's a good colour combo for me, so I like the shawl you are working on now.
I have bowed out of the Wednesday hop for a while to concentrate on other things, but I'll still drop in on any blog that catches my eye on my bloglovin' list. Kate x

Anonymous said...

Advert in a magazine? I like it. Maybe I should submit pictures of my craft room! I'm totally dying to mess it up! BTW, I love your work. Thanks for stopping by my blog! #23

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Jo,

I love knitting with Noro also. I made a pair of fingerless gloves with it and they don't even look like they came from the same ball of yarn! I'm glad to hear how nicely it washes up as I haven't done that yet.

So you weave in your ends but do you knot them also? I found a new method of grafting (kind of) that produces a very small knot that I've done on a baby blanket that I'm currently knitting. I guess the real test will be when I block it.

Happy belated WOYWW
Kay (86)

Hetty said...

Loving your scarf, looks so nice and comfortable. BTW will I see you in April at the Dutch stamp show?