Saturday, 11 October 2014

Flying Geese in Batiks

At last I am posting after a 3 month break from blogland. 
Many thanks to those special bloggers who drop in here now and then and who missed me and my posts and I can say that I am doing OK despite a trip to hospital and a diagnosis of a heart problem I will have to live with and manage. I feel fine but it did lower my spirits and drive for a while.
I am off to Germany to visit my family next week so will be missing again for a while, but I intend be back blogging with a vengeance very soon.

I've still been stitching and have finished a few WIPs (works in progress) whilst MIA so there are quite a few pics on here. 
This is my latest machined WIP. 
Random coloured flying geese in batik fabrics and I'm really enjoying making it.

Another small hand stitched project turned these scraps from the Folded Dreams quilt I finished in July (see it here) into........
this Clam Shell cushion
I cut the strips for the quilt top (below) one afternoon then machined it next day and it is huge. Bigger than a king sized one I think. I was quite surprised how it grew and it is such a super quick method which was shown to me by Pat, a member of my quilters group. 
Scrap strips of different lengths, in a similar colour depth were joined to contrasting squares to produce a long, continuous, length. When it was joined along the length the result was this quilt top and it was serendipity how the colours panned out. 
I loved making it and it really was a quick result. 
 Today the sun was shining so DH treated me to a quilty trip out. First we visited "Sticky Fingers", a small, but gorgeous, patchwork and quilting shop in Coppull, in the Warrington area, where the owner, Wendy was so friendly and patient in helping me to select the perfect backing and edging fabric for my hexagon quilt.
It's hand stitched and is single bed sized and will be edged in a toning turquoise.
Wendy also kindly recommended a local garden centre where we had a super lunch before driving home. There is a stunning range of fabrics in the shop and I know for sure I'll be paying many more visits there. It was a lovely, enjoyable, worthwhile visit.

We also stopped off at Black Sheep Wools (who amongst all their wool stash, now have a small quilt fabric department) where I was tempted and succumbed to some more Kaffe Fassett fabrics for my next hand stitched project to keep me happy on my travels. 
I have a personal "thing" that, each day, I must make something or I feel that the day is wasted, and these hand stitched projects help me to fulfil this so easily with results that are all so worthwhile.
Why waste time?


Helen said...

It's so good to see you back, Jo. I hadn't realised it was quite so long..(how time flies!)- hope the heart problem isn't too serious and you are ok. Have a lovely trip to Germany. The quilts are (of course!) spectacular...

Annie said...

Oh Jo, it's so good to see you back.....I've really missed you. So much has changed for me and we really need a good catch up. I love all of your latest makes Jo...sooooo much colour. They really made me smile. So thrilled to hear you're off to see that gorgeous family of yours...have a wonderful time.
Biggest hugs,
Annie x

fairy thoughts said...

Hi jo
sorry to hear you have been poorly sadly I put your continued silence to the work you had been planning at home as I remember you had planned a break. I feel bad for not contacting you before, handyman has been tidying the garden today and I was going to send you the poppy seeds... I haven't forgotten ... I've not been blogging g as much lately either but just because of lack of time
I hope you are feeling better now .... But don't over do it

sam21ski said...

WOW Jo, you have been busy, glad to have you back in blog land though and sharing all your wonderful makes xxx

Shoshi said...

How lovely to see you back, Jo, and I'm very sorry to hear about your heart problem. I had a heart attack a few weeks ago but am fine again now, but I do know what it means to feel out of kilter and down after such a shock to the system, and it can take longer to get over it than you think. I also know what it means to adjust to living with a chronic condition and making room for it in your life.

Your quilting is simply gorgeous... Lovely colours and designs! Very Kaffe Fassett! We went to the Kaffe Fassett exhibition at the American Museum in Bath (link to photos on my blog). Your quilt made from the long length reminds me very much of his "Persian Poppy" design where you make 2 enormous balls of yard from short lengths tied together, and when you knit the simple Persian Poppy pattern repeat, the colours do their own thing - serendipity as you say!

Hope you have a great time in Germany and are able to recharge your batteries with the family. Really looking forward to your return to Blogland thereafter!

Take care of yourself.
Shoshi x

pearshapedcrafting said...

Wow Jo! Absolutely gorgeous - you certainly have been busy. Such a fabulous range. You make it all sound so very easy. So glad you had a good day out-those Kaffe Fasset are wonderful! Take care, hugs, Chrisx

Cardarian said...

My dear Jo, your quilts are stunning, enjoy your visit to family and take care.
Lots of hugs,

Carol Q said...

glad to hear you're up and away again Jo. you've obviously been busy too. the batiks are right up my street - so bright and cheerful and funnily enough I was looking at the clamshell pattern the other day and wondering how difficult it would be..... I'm also collecting KF fabrics for one of his quilts. stay well x

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jo, you have been sorely missed but so glad to have you back. Sorry to hear about your heart problem but it sounds as though you are on the ball with it all. Enjoy your time in Germany :)
Gorgeous clamshell cushion and beautiful, beautiful quilts.
Lynn xx

Lee said...

Hi Jo,really missed you and your wonderful posts.Do hope the heart condition can be controlled and treated ok as you are a lovely lady.No doubt your trip to the family will cheer you up especially when you see the little one's faces.Thinking of you,take care.I of course LOVE all your wonderful creations.Big Hugs xxx

Anne said...

Hello o lovely to see you back in Blogland. beautiful work as always. Have a wonderful time in Germany. Anne x

lisa said...

Hi Jo, it's lovely to see you back. I've missed your cheery posts. Sorry to hear about your heart problem but hope they've got it well managed. You sound as though you have a very positive outlook and a trip to Germany, how fantastic, I know you'll be looking forward to that.
Take care of yourself and happy stitching.
Hugs Lisax

Twiglet said...

Good to see you back and what a lovely splash of colour you have given us in this post. We went on a little quilting workshop at Quilters Trading Post near Audlem Cheshire - fab selection of fabric if you want a ride out that way.
Hope you are keeping well - have a great time in Germany. x Jo

Carola Bartz said...

The clam shell design is definitely my favorite, it's so darn beautiful.
Enjoy your time in Germany - unfortunately their wonderful "Indian summer" weather is at its end. Time for Glühwein and hot chocolate...