Thursday, 11 December 2014

Canterbury Cathedral & More Craft Makes

I made several of these cute, heart shaped, Christmas Pudding decorations whilst I was staying in Canterbury. So simple to make. The idea came from pinterest but as usual I varied it to suit the materials I already had to hand.
I crocheted several of the friendship bracelets I had made last year. They are so popular with my little grandies, and their friends, that I had requests for more.
Another felt snowflake decoration with a bit of rather uneven embroidery due to the fact that I often stitch in the car.
One of the highlights of the Canterbury trip was our visit to the Cathedral and as I passed through the ancient gateway it amused me to see the pigeons hopping and fluttering around the statues whilst some of the little angels looked as if they were going to join them in flight.

The cathedral was well prepared for Christmas with huge trees, inside and outside, sparking with tiny lights, and a nativity scene with life sized figures. The atmosphere was set perfectly for the season with a background of beautiful Christmas music and carols.

St Michael's Chapel 
The old fading standards hung from the beautiful mitred ceiling.
I loved this view of the old Weavers' House as I looked over a bridge in the city centre.


Annie said...

Yet more fab crafting Jo and thanks for sharing those lovely photos.
Annie x

tilly said...

the girls will love these new bracelets and your puddings are lovely, the tree inside looks beautiful, bringing it's message of peace to all
PS hope you have a wonderful Christmas x

Helen said...

I haven't been to Canterbury since I was a little girl... loved seeing your photos, and how pretty it looks ready for Christmas! I know there is a tv programme soon about the girls choir which I'm really looking forward too.

Elizabeth said...

Lovely post with beautiful photos, Jo. Your little puddings are delightful and I can see you've been really busy crocheting those fab bracelets. The cathedral is a stunning building - love the architecture. You clearly had a lovely time there. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love your Christmas makes although I don't see wobbly sewing(you haven't seen mine he!he!)
Your photos of the cathedral have made me really want to go - it does look amazing!Will speak soon! Chrisx

Anne said...

Love the pudding hearts, bracelets and snowflake. I have never been to Canterbury. Thank you for sharing. Anne x

Hettie said...

I love those pudding hearts Jo. You photos of the cathedral are beautiful.